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Part 28: Day Two- Page 28

No Gravitas posted:

Someone water the plant, please?

insanityv2 posted:

With what? The stale coffee.

*sigh* Alright, Miranda needs to go for a walk.
-->Walking Music<--

Asylum Courtyard
Dark Corner
Town Square
Chilly Avenue
The ground begins to rise sharply as the road climbs up into the hills south of town.
Scenic View

Outside the House
The Verlac mansion looms before you, casting an air of menace over the clearing.
A flurry of dead leaves goes skittering along the ground, swirling past you in the wind.

>unlock door
(first taking the keyring)
You unlock the front door.

(opening the front door first)

Dining Room
>take cup
Outside the House
>close door
You close the front door.
Scenic View
Chilly Avenue
Town Square
Dark Corner
Asylum Courtyard

Waiting Room

An orderly sits by the gate, leisurely perusing a pornographic magazine.

A large key dangles from the orderly's belt.

Honestly, the plant should be named "Chuck." (bonus points if you catch that reference)
Here you go, Chuck.

>pour coffee into plant
You dump the cold, murky coffee onto the plant, figuring anything must be an improvement.

Holy crap, I can't believe that worked.

>put cup in coat
You slip the styrofoam cup into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

I mean... Really. I've never tried that.

Ghostwoods posted:

Can we ask Chuck about skull and about the totally-not-the-lament configuration puzzle box?

Maybe we should offer him the hipflask, see if we can get him to pass out so we can steal his key.

The hope is that Chuck figures out the puzzle and Cinobites drag him into hell.
I like this plan.

>show skull to orderly
(first taking the animal's skull)
He glances at the animal's skull without anything remotely resembling interest, and returns to his magazine without a word.

I guess he's seen worse.

>put skull in coat
You slip the animal's skull into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

>show flask to orderly
(first taking the flask)
The orderly looks at you contemptuously. "I never drink on the job," he says. "What do you think I am, some kind of fuckin' idiot?"

You pointedly look the other way as the orderly takes another tweak at the pimple on his neck.

This guy's a real catch.
And Ladies! He's Single!

>put flask in coat
You slip the flask into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

Zoe posted:

First, burn the magazine.

Once you have his attention, ask him about the gate. Or just try examining the gate or opening it yourself, see if that gets a reaction.

>ask orderly about gate
The orderly shakes his head. "Nobody's allowed in outside of visiting hours, and even then you gotta have a reason." He jerks a pudgy thumb in the direction of the southern hallway. "Unless you got relatives in there, you ain't seein' nobody."


>take matches

>strike match
One of the matches starts to burn.

Airy strains of vacuous elevator music waft through the room from invisible speakers.

>burn magazine
"Hey, you fuckin' mind?" snaps the orderly, snatching it away from you.

>burn orderly
Petty arson isn't going to solve your problems.

Ouch! You drop the match as it burns down to your fingers.

>I tried.
I only understood you as far as wanting to inventory.


Maybe there's other ways to distract him.

>show orderly boobs
You can't see any such thing.

Oh, of course! Because the girls are holstered.

>take off clothes
You'll have to take off your trenchcoat first.

Fair enough.

>take off coat
You take off the trenchcoat.

>take off clothes
You've never been big on that "natural" look. If you decide you need to take a bath or go to bed, you can disrobe then; otherwise, keep 'em on.

So much for THAT distraction.
Frankly, I'm wouldn't want to show Chuck here anything anyway.

>wear coat
You put on the trenchcoat.

>show box to Orderly
Which do you mean, the puzzle box or the jewelry box?

(first taking the puzzle box)
He glances at the puzzle box without anything remotely resembling interest, and returns to his magazine without a word.

>put puzzle box in coat
You slip the puzzle box into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

Could be as easy as just stealing the damn key.

>take key
(the cell key)
The orderly slaps your hand away. "Nice try, lady, " he sneers, "but I got eyes in the back of my head; I'm like a fuckin' hawk."


Right. I think, for now, we've taken this about as far as it will go.
Where to next, goons?
1. The Lighthouse?
2. The Mill?
3. South of Verlac Manor?
4. Some other place we've already been?

YOU decide!
Decide in bold.

Edit: I just happened upon a podcast talking about the history of Danvers State Hospital, which Danvers Asylum was based on.
Thought you lot might be interested in some story telling.


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