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Part 44: Bonus Page 1

Grimwit posted:

Please forgive my neglect.

I...uh... I locked myself out of my house.
I wish I were kidding.

Anyway, schedule should return to normal tomorrow, then Miranda will run the fuck away.

pkfan2004 posted:

Hmm. Try putting the newspaper under the door and pushing the key onto the paper with a pen pushed into the keyhole?

Seems like it should work.

>Put Newspaper under the door.
You cannot see any such thing.

You are wearing Beach-Bum Clothes, Glasses, your wedding ring, a walkman (playing Big Finish Production's Dr.Who); in addition, you have in your hands , a bottle of water, a diamond, no tea.

>Look at no-tea
It's the same kind of tea expert tea drinker's don't drink.

No Gravitas posted:

Get on the doorstep and play your flute.

>Enter Porch
You step under the awning above your front door, shamelessly simulating it in text-adventure format.

>Play flute
What, in public? Have you no decency?

Striking Yak posted:

Trade some jewellery to a homeless man in exchange for a spare key!

>Look at self
It makes you scowl at the angry moon. You're sick of yourself; You're a bum. What have you become? A drunken maroon run aground in this rotten town.

>Give self diamond
You hand yourself the diamond. You look at it greedily, giving over the keys to your front door in trade.

>Unlock door

>Enter house
You finally escape the heat and buzzing insect, but you'll never escape the voices in your head.

Your Score has just increased by pi.

It worked, guys! Thanks!

Miranda's story continues tomorrow.