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Part 57: Last Night- Page 55

Alright, I'm gonna level with you.
We're stuck in an unwinable state.
As it stands now, we cannot leave the hospital and not because of something we didn't get or didn't do before "The Last Night."

Um... It's actually my fault. I'm sorry.

I'll explain next update.
Also, I have saved. Remain calm.

Decoy Badger posted:

See if we can cut ourselves free with the shard.

Why not? We have the glass shard.

>cut jacket with glass
You try sawing through the jacket with the glass shard in your mouth, but it's a lot like trying to kiss your own elbow; you simply don't have the flexibility.

Shoot. Miranda's neck is long, but not THAT long.

LoonShia posted:

No, I think this is perfectly safe, ask the nice man to cut open the straight jacket with the glass.

Zoe posted:

This because we obviously can't just keep running around with a jagged shard of glass in our mouth. That's unsafe.

Can't think of a reason not to give the cannibal mental patient a sharp object and ask him to cut us with it.

>give glass to madman
The madman ignores the shard of glass completely.

>ask madman about jacket
You can't think of anything to say about that for the moment.

>ask madman about glass
You can't think of anything to say about that for the moment.

Huh. Well, I'm out of ideas.



Something about the observation window in the western cell door catches your eye; it looks like it has blood on it.

The madman lurches after you.

Miranda seems to know where to go, however.



The madman follows you at a wary distance.



The madman follows you at a wary distance.

You can't go that way.

The madman keeps a wary distance, giggling quietly to himself

And Miranda just bumps into the wall. Good job, Miranda.

>look at window
Which do you mean, the observation window or the broken window?

Building maintenance is obviously not a big priority at this institution. The wall around the window casement is cracked in several places -- some of the cracks are quite large. The window pane itself is broken in, probably by a misguided bird sometime in the recent past.

I don't get it. What about the window?

>look at cracks
A jagged network of cracks has spread out around the bottom edge of the window as the wall slowly settles. One crack is nearly a quarter-inch wide.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

>put glass into crack
(the shard of glass into the crack)
You wedge the shard of glass into the crack, its sharp edge pointing outward.

I'm going to put this in the "Pixel Hunt" category. Not as bad as searching through the thicket outside the mill, but this took me FOREVER to figure out my first time through, before I found any walk-throughs.

>cut jacket with glass
(the shard of glass)
Carefully, you lean back against the wall and start shrugging your shoulders against the jutting glass shard. After what seems like an eternity, you feel the straps begin to fray and loosen, until suddenly the strait jacket grows slack and slips free. You shake the horrible garment off in disgust, giving it a vicious kick for good measure as you gingerly rub feeling back into your arms.

Your score has just gone up by two points.

>take glass
(the shard of glass)


A grim hallway of concrete and industrial green tiles. This is the north end; the hallway runs south from here. Doors lead east and west, and a narrow, barred window to the north looks out onto the dark corner outside.

A dangerous madman hops about nearby, eyeing you hungrily.

You can also see a strait jacket here.

A sudden flash of lightning from outside momentarily etches the room in sharp black and white contrast.

>look at west door
The closet door is closed.

*** ka-WHAM!!! ***

A monstrous clap of thunder rolls across the sky, shaking the whole town to its foundations.

Right, let's see what in this closet.

>open door
Which do you mean, the cell door or the closet?

You open the closet, revealing your trenchcoat, a silver locket, a gold locket, a hooded robe and a lantern.

Not sure why they would store Miranda's gear up here and not in the admin office, but why knock good luck?

>wear coat
(first taking the trenchcoat)
You put on the trenchcoat.

>wear gold locket
(first taking the gold locket)
You put on the gold locket.

>wear silver locket
(first taking the silver locket)
You put on the silver locket.

>take robe

>take lantern

>look at lantern
It's an old-fashioned hurricane lamp, with a tall glass chimney to protect it from the wind.

I can't remember if this lantern went out when Miranda was in the Mill or if Michael turned it off before storing it away.

>put glass into coat
Which do you mean, the lantern, the shard of glass, the observation window or the broken window?

You slip the shard of glass into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

There's another place I'd like to check before we try and get out of here.



The madman lurches after you.



Something about the observation window in the western cell door catches your eye; it looks like it has blood on it.

The madman hops awkwardly toward you, giggling and dripping saliva from his blood-smeared chin.

Look, Madman. Can I call you Madman? If you're gonna be following us, why not make yourself useful and carry something or something!

>look at window
Which do you mean, the west observation window or the east observation window?

The thick, reinforced glass of the tiny observation window is shattered, with only the criss-crossing reinforcement wire holding it together. It bulges outward slightly, as well. An ugly brown smear of dried blood obscures the inner surface of the glass. With mounting disgust, you notice several strands of dark hair still stuck to the congealed stain.

This room has something we need. And it's something I'm pretty sure changed with the new version of the game.

>open west door
The door is latched with a simple sliding bolt.

>unlock west door
You unlock the west cell door.

See, in the version of Anchorhead I played, there was this hair pin...

(opening the west cell door first)

Padded Cell
Another padded cell, much like the rest. There is a door in the east wall.

The padding in this room seems a bit worse for the wear; murky bloodstains spatter the canvas near the door, and there is a large tear down in the corner of the cell, with bits of stuffing leaking out.

The madman lurches after you.

The madman, finally overwhelmed by the urgings of his dark appetites, lets out a gibbering shriek and pounces on you. The attack is so fast and so brutal, you haven't even enough time to raise your hands in defense before he tears your throat out with his teeth.

*** You have died ***

In that game you scored 54 out of a possible 100 points; you are hopelessly enmeshed in the tentacles of an ancient and sinister plot.

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