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Part 61: Last Night- Page 59

Old Grey Guy posted:

Yeah, let's see how the hubbs reacts to the cult robe. Go home

Be it ever so cursed with unspeakable horror, there's no place like home.


Chilly Avenue
The ground begins to rise sharply as the road climbs up into the hills south of town.

Scenic View

Outside the House

The front door stands open to the north.

The Verlac mansion looms before you, casting an air of menace over the clearing.

Seems like Miranda is forgetting something.

>look at sky
The clouds overhead are a boiling, flickering mass of blackness; flashing here and there with violent bursts of sheet lightning. The chaos seems to center on the whirling hole over the lighthouse, all of the storm's fury gradually spiraling closer and closer toward its center. The sight of that horrible, whirling hole makes you shudder, involuntarily recalling that hideous entity that lurks behind those clouds.

Oh yeah. Armageddon.

Well, it'll work itself out. Let's go back to bed.


The front door stands open to the south.

Your luggage is still here, spread out all over the foyer.

Upstairs Landing
Master Bedroom

Home sweet Hell.

>take off robe
You take off the hooded robe.

>look in dressing mirror

You look good, considering you're smeared with smelly fish oil, covered in grimy ash, filthy from splashing around in the sewers and soaking wet. A bit rattled by recent events, perhaps, but well-poised and collected, all the same.

Kacie posted:

Weren't we trying sneak in and swap in a smudged glass lens in the lighthouse?
Uh.. Well, okay, yeah. There's that, too.

I mean, Miranda COULD try and sleep, too.

It's too early to be thinking about sleep.

Except it's too early to think about sleep, guys. That was a terrible suggestion. We should be trying to sabatage the light house!

Let's get there right now!

>put on coat
You put on the trenchcoat.

Michael will be out of the shower any minute now. He'll be awfully suspicious if he finds his wallet inexplicably missing.


Is... Is Michael in the shower right now?



There's no one in the shower right now.


Master Bedroom

So... We can go, right?

Michael will be out of the shower any minute now. He'll be awfully suspicious if he finds his wallet inexplicably missing.

You hear nothing unexpected.

Well, game, I half expected to hear Mike in the shower. Is he in the shower or isn't he?


Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is a picture-postcard of rustic New England charm. Faded sketches of rural landscapes adorn the walls; a beautifully carved dressing mirror stands in one corner; an old-fashioned accordion radiator gurgles quietly beneath the window. The most striking feature, an enormous, antique, four-poster bed, must be the largest piece of furniture in the house. Doorways lead west and south.

Uh.. Okay, game. Let's just get rid of the damn wallet, then.

>take wallet

>drop wallet

The sight of Michael's wallet lying out gives you pause. If he finds it like that, he might think you've been rummaging through his pockets. Of course, you have been rummaging through his pockets, but do you really want him to know about it?

. . .

>take wallet

Fine, let's put the wallet back into the imaginary pants.

>put wallet in pants
Those can't contain things.

. . .

You are fucking kidding me.