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Part 63: Last Night- Page 61

Alright, back to Town Square, Miranda must head up to the Light house. But, when she tries...


Whateley Bridge

The creature lurches toward you, its hooved feet thumping heavily on the old stone bridge.


Step one: Don't look at the creature!

Elric posted:

Run away?

No Gravitas posted:

Yes, run in the opposite direction of the monster.

Old Grey Guy posted:

Yeah, run, or better: RUN!

Step Two: Run the fuck away!

Mind reeling, you flee from the monstrous aberration on the bridge.

Town Square

The poor old man's mutilated corpse hangs from the top of the obelisk.

There MUST be something in Miranda's Hammer Space coat to help! Otherwise, why has she been stealing everything?


In Coat

SimonChris posted:

>attack monster

It can't hurt to try .

Of course! Beat the Hell out of it! Why didn't Miranda think of that before!

>take hook
(slipping the cell key into the pocket of your trenchcoat to get a hand free)

The cold wind blows harder, tugging at the hem of your trenchcoat.


Whateley Bridge

The hideous aberration looms before you, blotting out much of the night sky.

The creature lurches toward you, its hooved feet thumping heavily on the old stone bridge.

You can take Miranda's Life...!

But you will never take...!


>attack monster with hook
With an agility you would not have suspected in something that big, the creature easily sidesteps your attack. Squawling like a hungry infant, it turns on you, lashing out with its tentacles; the ropy tendrils wrap tightly around your neck and start to squeeze; and the rasping, slobbering face of the boy presses against you, and starts to bite...

*** You have died ***

In that game you scored 60 out of a possible 100 points; you are hopelessly enmeshed in the tentacles of an ancient and sinister plot.

Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE a saved game, UNDO your last move, give the FULL score for that game or QUIT?


Nope. One last guess, folks.