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Original Thread: Quit Your Jibber Jabber and get out of theWater! Let's Play Aquaria!


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What is this?
Aquaria was released by indie developer Bit Blot in 2007. The game is 2D, nonlinear, exploration, underwater action adventure that is hard to define in terms of genre. The way I explain it to people is "Think Metroid and Cave Story underwater."
The main character is Naija, a fish girl who wakes up one day and realizes that she is alone. This leads to her going out on an adventure to discover her past and the secrets of the world of Aquaria.

What's this LP going to be like?
I will be doing 100%, getting all treasures and secrets and the like. I'll show off as much as I can in the game  including both endings.  That said, I prefer that spoilers not be posted in the thread, as this game has a very deep atmosphere and spoiling it would be bad. Updates will be subtitled videos, about once a week, although events in the near future may conspire against me.

Thread Participation?
Kind of. See, in the world of Aquaria, there is writings on the walls in the Aquarian language. While it is a simple matter of renaming some of the assets in the game files to automatically translate them, it spoils some of the surprises the game has. However, I believe you goons would enjoy translating them, so I'll give you a few letters and see if you can do it yourself.

Squiggly writings

Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the minor errors in the first videos (specifically "sheild" and "hopeful")


Intro: Confused yet?Viddler
Chapter 1: Getting our feet wetViddler
Chapter 2: Opening NotesViddler
Chapter 3: Energy TempleViddler
Chapter 4: Into Open WatersViddler
Chapter 5: MithalasViddler
Chapter 6: The CathedralViddler
Chapter 7: The Fall of MithalasViddler
Chapter 8: The Kelp Forest Viddler
Chapter 9: Heart of ForestViddler
Chapter 10: Bits and BobsViddler
Chapter 11: The VeilViddler
Chapter 12: The Arnassi RuinsViddler
Chapter 13: Backtracking Ahoy!Viddler
Chapter 14: The Sun TempleViddler
Chapter 15: Platforming!Viddler
Chapter 16: Bosses!Viddler
Chapter 17: The AbyssViddler
Chapter 18: The Frozen VeilViddler
Chapter 19: Crawling Out of the DarknessViddler
Chapter 20: Cooking with NaijaViddler
Chapter 21: The Sunken CityViddler
Chapter 22: The Body Part 1Viddler
Chapter 23: The Body Part 2Viddler
Chapter 24: The EndViddler
Chapter 25: EpilogueViddler
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