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Part 26: Chapter 25: EXEC_HARMONIUS_FUSION


Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
While we were on the way to Lakra, things took a definite upturn.


Lady Cloche! Are you alright? Oh, I'm so glad. I thought you were gone for good.
You... saved me... back there.
No, you don't need to thank me...
There was a part of me that still wanted to run away again.
Such... a Luca... kind... of answer...
I... kind of had this feeling... Could it be...?
We're here, Lady Cloche. Can you move?

I'm so glad you're okay... I'm really glad...
What's wrong with Lady Cloche?
When the Song began, she suddenly collapsed. Soope, too...
...What!? Could it be that Lady Cloche is...?
Huh? What? What were you going to say!?
I'll explain later. First, let's go to Lakra's chamber.

What I didn't say, couldn't say was that it meant Lady Cloche had to be an I.P.D. This is really just too much. Anyway, while we were walking down there Jacqli and I had a talk about what had just happened.

I thought you were going to complain to me.
About what?
About Cocona...
That was what she wanted. It wasn't your fault.
So, there's no reason for blaming you.
Despite the fact that I first suggested it to her?
But, it was her own will that made her do that.
Besides, she hasn't died. There is still a chance for her to survive, right?
So... even if I wanted to, I couldn't blame you for that yet.
If she never wakes up again, then I'll think about what I should do about it.
I see... Do as you like.

I really don't get her at all. She does her best to act like she doesn't really care about any of us but without her knowledge and effort Metafalss would have been destroyed. I just want to understand why it is that she's helping us.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I'm wondering why I didn't just abandon this place. I mean I could have just given up and taken my search elsewhere, it would have been much easier. Maybe these guys are getting to me. It turns out things had gone very wrong at Lakra when Hibernation failed.


You shouldn't have come here...
Are you okay!?
It's dangerous... Step away from this place...
Croix! Watch out!

The heart of the Infel Pira spewed forth a being of nightmare.

...What is this!?
They suddenly began spawning out of Infel Pira's memory.
They took Sonia...
Lakra's real name.
Well well well, this is some big trouble we've got here.
Jacqli...!? You look pretty... calm.
Well, it's not much to be surprised about. It's an everyday occurrence.
Like hell it is!
I'd say it's all the grimy parts of Infel Pira that flowed out.
Right. It exists not just within Infel Pira, but in all the crucibles of human minds.
People's fear, hatred, sadness... The negative emotions just build up continuously.
And it slowly begins to cause defects all over the place.
Does that mean... I.P.D. outbreaks are really...?

It's actually sort of refreshing when people can put two and two together without me having to spell things out.

The destruction of Infel Pira, and the Goddess' wrath, made the I.P.D.s feel insecure.
As a result, all this fear, anger, and worry built up. It's not that strange.

So Jacqli, what can we do?
We'll just have to purge this one.
...I see.
We're going to fight... That?
You don't need to be too afraid of this one.
At this level, it's probably all of the hatred that's gathered here.
Jacqli... have you no fear!?
Nonsense... I'm just saying this one is still cute, compared to others.
If it were me... I wouldn't make such an immature one.
What's that mean...!? You talk as if you've made it before or something...
Who are you...

Truly the most tiresome question in the history of tiresome questions.

It's okay. I know its feelings only too well.
I can create a Song that works really well for emotions like this.
When you think you're ready, talk to me. I can start singing any time.
Oh, yeah... alright.

Oh, I had just the song alright. A song I've kept inside for a long time...

Click Here for English Lyrics Version! (A MUST WATCH)

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
You really should watch the video version with English lyrics. Knowing what Jacqli's singing about completely changes the tenor of the song.


Alright... Then, let's begin.

...It's panicking!?
It's reacting to the Song!
Here it comes!

Boss Battle: Zodom
So, while she can still sort of walk and talk, Cloche is in no condition to fight, meaning we're out of luck as far as Replakia goes for this fight (not that we'd use it anyway, since it'd override EXEC_HARMONIUS_FUSION). Zodom has the potential to be a very difficult boss. He has four main attacks. Dead Time reduces our action time in our next Player Phase. Curse Spiral can inflict very nasty status effects on you that are pretty important to remove. Scissors is a pretty standard multi-hit combo. His real signature move, though, is Night Carnival. Zodom's bits and pieces fly off and attack in a huge combo of varying tempo. There are several variants of the attack, and if you aren't diligent about blocking or have the Pain status from Curse Spiral you can easily lose a Vanguard to it. If you're up to date on your Dives your best bet is to use Moody Girl, because Deadly Deathlene can dish out some serious pain.

Such a weak little thing could never stand against the power of my greatest work.


Sonia! Why did it have to be like this?
Sonia... I couldn't protect you. I couldn't save you.

A stuffed toy fell out of thin air.

Look! Come!
This doll has some letters sewn on it...
"Well done, the world will change."
...What is this?
Maybe it's a message from the big boss. To us.
Big boss...?
It's just an expression. Don't take it too seriously. Then again, it might not be.

Chester decided to try something stupid.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!
You're so stupid! What good comes from dying!?
I don't have the right to live anymore...
Maybe it'll be over for you, but what about me!?
I liked you forever and ever and ever... What happens to me?
Do you hate me?
I can only see you as a little sister. But you're one of the most important people to me.
Then why!? Why are you trying to leave me alone!?
Why are you leaving your important person alone?
Chester, I beg you, too. We need your knowledge and cooperation.
It's not over yet.
There has to be something we can do to help Miss Sonia and the I.P.D.s.
I actually felt it for the first time today.
When I saw Lady Cloche and Cocona passed out...
The feeling of a parent whose child broke out with I.P.D...
The emotions of someone whose precious person broke out in I.P.D.

Knight: We don't have a choice, ma'am.
You should know...
How dangerous an I.P.D. infected Reyvateil is.
Auntie: I understand! But... but this child is my precious daughter!
Knight: We know how you feel, but she alone destroyed 3 towers, killing 5 people.
It just can't be helped...
Auntie: ......
Knight: Take her away.
Auntie: Sasha!

I've created irreversible scars in hundreds, thousands of people's hearts.
I don't know how much I can do. But I don't want to keep running away.
I might not have the right to say this...
But I realized the feeling of losing someone important this time...
So please, I don't care what you've done. Help us with the information you have.
I understand you're feeling very hurt about Miss Sonia right now.
But I, and everyone in this world are feeling that same pain right now.
So please... if you have the heart to feel for the people of this world, then cooperate with us.
I want to save Lady Cloche, Cocona, and the I.P.D.s...
In all honesty, for me, Hibernation was solely for Sonia.
...Huh!? What do you mean?
The more I look at this situation, the more I feel like a sinner. I didn't expect all this.

It turned out Chester knew quite a bit about what was going on and how to help the I.P.D.s.

But if you don't mind that, I'll do what I can.
Thank you. It helps...
Revealing this to anyone is against the treaty. I can't complain if the Goddess kills me.
But even if She does, I can think of it as a delay in my suicide from just a moment ago.
This system is called Implant.
There is a Song called Implanter, which executes and controls it.
...A Song!? So it's a Hymn?
Yes. Singing the Song can recover the data prior to the initialization.
This means, all I.P.D.s will regain their previous conditions.
So we can think of it as restoring backup data?
Yes, that's right.
Where is this Hymn Crystal?
The Hymn Crystal Implanter is within the Kanakana Pier...
But where it's stored... I do not know.
That's fine. Telling us that much is more than enough.

I'd say it'd be best if I do with you, but...
No, please stay here... By Miss Sonia's side.
I'm sorry. Thank you...
I would love to see the future you are trying to create...
Chester... thanks.


...Hey Shuny, are you maybe, Enja?
How did you know!?
An old habit... Whenever you're worried about me, you always look past me when you say it.
So you are Enja.
Don't use that name anymore. I'm Shun now.
Okay... Thanks, Shuny.
It's like... I feel so nostalgic all of a sudden.
I don't think this qualifies as nostalgia anymore... after how many years?
You're right.
Frelia... Are you okay?

Your head?
No... my entire body. It feels like I don't have any strength...
It's like... I feel like someone's groping the inside of my heart...
What's wrong!?
The B-Neu area of the Conductor Ring... I can't feel that area...
B-Neu...? That's where Kanakana Pier is.
Yes. The place where I slept until now.
Could it be... an invasion by an outsider?
No. That can't be...
Oh, yeah. Sorry...
Let's go, Frelia.

I'm not sure where else we're going to go in Kanakana Pier that we didn't cover last time honestly. Not like we have any other leads though.

Okay. I'll move them to the bed upstairs.
Hey, are you okay?
Yup, I'll be fine.
Kanakana Pier, huh...
That place really held so many secrets... I never knew.
Huh? Who can it be?

Ms. Reisha!?
Luca! Oh, I'm glad you're alright!
Why... are you here?
I saw you on the billboard broadcast... They said you were going to be executed, so I panicked...
...Oh, I see.
But, I'm glad you're fine. I am so relieved...
I'm perfectly alright!
...Yes, I see. Is Lady Cloche...?
She's fine, too! So...
I'm happy I got to see you. I guess I'll be going home now...
Ms. Reisha!?
Are you sure?

Well then.
Ms. Reisha!

...Is something wrong?
N-no, nothing. I was just thinking, and then you scared me.
...About Ms. Reisha?
N-nooo! It wasn't... Not even close...
We're going to head out to Kanakana Pier tomorrow. Get ready for it.
...... Hey, Croix.
Can I... stay here?
What's wrong?
Well I mean, who's going to take care of Lady Cloche and Cocona?
Oh, you're right...
I want to stay here this time.


While we were packing up I decided to mess with Croix a bit.

That monster, Zodom, right? He was pretty cute.
I like the design of it. Maybe I want one of those toys in my room.
Oh, you didn't like it? I just tried to be girlie like Luca for you.
Oh, no... I just didn't know how to react to it...
First of all, what makes you think the design of that monster is cute at all?
There are various types of cuteness.
There are cute things that you can tell why they are cute and those you can't.
Zodom is categorized as the latter. Don't think of it, just feel.
There's something I can tell you for sure: I never can.
...You give up so easily. You're gutless.
I'd rather be a gutless man than think it's cute.

We'll just have to wait and see as to whether we can repair what has been done.

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