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Part 33: Chapter 32: Fuero Key

Chapter 32: Fuero Key

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
We returned to the Infelsphere, Luca and I. The Hymn Crystal Metafalica loomed in the sky, almost in reach.


You've finally come this far. Congratulations! Now that you reached here, there's nothing to fear.
Huh? Really...?
I was quite nervous to see what was going to happen this time.
Err? Weren't you told by the guide on the fourth level? You will finish and acknowledge each other on this level.
You two have gotten to know each other, have come to respect each other, and together, have come this far.
And finally, this is your last level.
Here, you will approve of each other... In other words, this level's goal is for you to convey your "thank you"s.
...Thank yous?
That's right.
Up to the fourth level, you two threw out all of your emotions inside, and should now be in a very relaxed mood.
And now, you're in the condition to truly feel thankful and be able to acknowledge each others' actions.
Anyway, I want you two to find that on this level. I'm sure you'll find many things.

Ooh, how pretty!
Isn't it? I hope the Metafalica you two will create becomes a beautiful place like this too.
Soope! By the way, is there a guide for us on this level?
Oh, I'm your guide for the fifth level.
I see, you're the guide. So what are we supposed to do here?
Hmm... Let's see. How about the two of you go on a stroll in the garden?
That's... it?
I didn't think we could relax so much. Come to think of it, we've never walked like this together, Lady Cloche.
Well yes... A lot has been going on. It's quite nice being able to walk with you like this once in a while.
Yup! It feels really fun!
Ahh... This scenery is so nice... It's so much prettier than the flower garden I show in my Therapy world.
There's a garden inside your mind too, hmm? I'm sure your clients are... very comfortable.
Ahh! ...Lady Cloche.... I-I'm sorry...
Hm? About what?
I didn't mean to slip about Therapy...

I didn't know anything about Dive Therapy. And yet, I denied you... just because it was the law.
Oh no, but... That one time. You acknowledged me. And...

Croix, can you please go to the Fancy Shop and buy me a doll!?
A doll!? ...Why?
Cuz I need it! I don't care what it is, just hurry!

I know it's restricted by law. And I know it must have been hard for you to pretend you saw nothing.
And still, you did it for me. That's what really made me happy.
Is that so...? Actually, that time, I also... felt I could respect you.
I thought Dive Therapy was a job to give pleasure. But you were different. You were desperate to save a life.
Until then, I had you misunderstood. But, after I saw your serious look... I decided I wanted to cooperate with you.
...I never knew that. It makes me feel so happy inside... hehe.
At first, I thought you simply smiled and sucked up to everyone.
But that wasn't it... When it came to truly important matters, you had the courage to risk danger.
And that goes for that time...

I hope you're prepared... I doubt you can run away carrying that girl...
Or will you abandon her and run off on your own?
...What's this?
I... might not even have a tenth of Lady Cloche's courage...
I've run away from a lot of things...
But I'm not going to run away this time...
I'm... I'm going to protect Lady Cloche!

You reminded me of it. You gave me a great amount of courage...
I-I didn't do anything that great! I just always put all my effort into everything I do...
But, I'm surprised...
I thought we both kinda hated each other and thought of each other as a pain in the neck, but maybe that wasn't so.
...Maybe. We both really helped each other out a lot.
Come to think of it, if I hadn't been allowed to stay at your place, I might not even be alive today.
Th-that time was... also for Croix... I'm sorry... I hate ulterior motives.
But, I'm sure you knew. And when I went to Enna Palace, you came for me...
When I found out later that it was you who pushed for it... I was surprised that you were worried for me.
Stirring up these memories, it seems we helped each other out many times. We weren't very honest about it, but...
Hehehe... you're right. I don't think I ever really thanked you for it properly...
...That goes for us both.
So! I thank you for all of it at once!

Whenever I felt sad or alone, you were the one who came to me.
When I was upset about my mom, and when I was depressed during the birthday celebration.
Inside, I was really happy... And so, thank you!
I... need to thank you too... Thank you, Luca.
What? I-I didn't do anything.
No, you protected me many times.
Whenever I was overcome by the insecurities as a maiden, you were the one who would ease my worries.
I'm sorry I was always out of control. But whenever you came... It really made me feel calm inside.
I was very... happy...
...Hehe. Th-this feels kinda embarrassing!
Oh, look! The garden ends over there! Let's go see what it's like at the edge!
Alright! Then it's a race! Go!
He-y! That's not fair! Waaaiit!

I continue to maintain that it's not my fault Luca is slow.

Is this, the world we live in...!?
I wonder how big it is...
The place we live in... We probably can't even see it from here... The size of a pea at most...
The size might be different, but we... We're going to make a "world" just like this.
Oh yeah... Metafalica is a Song to create a world...
That's right. Metafalica is different from other Song Magic and hymnos.
It's not a Song just to make a lump of rock. It gives birth to trees, animals, the circle of life, everything.
That's amazing... It can make all that.
But it's mysterious how it can even create life and the environments of the cycle of life...
We're attempting to make something pretty crazy.
Yup. That's why it's impossible to do it alone. You need many peoples' thoughts, and then finally, it can be made.
For that, you both needed to communicate your minds. And not just superficially, but at the very depth of your hearts.
That's why one of the Metafalica is so strictly managed...
That's correct. By the way, did you enjoy talking with each other on your stroll in the garden?
Yes, very much so!
I'm glad! Then I can feel relieved about giving you this.

Congratulations! Your first Mindgem for the fifth level. You need to gather 2 on this level, so you need one more.
Good luck! Well, see you again!
Just one more... huh...
I'm impressed we actually made it this far.
...I really think so too...
Hehehe... One more. We have to do our best!

We had no idea what would await us in this final area.

Wh-what is this!? What's going on?
Welcome, to your childhood memories!
Childhood memories?
Yes. For the last theme, we usually trace back from your encounter, to your early childhood, but...
You two used to live with each other as sisters when you were young, so I thought we should recap those memories.
I'm sure you both don't remember anything from when you were that young.
Well then, go have fun!
But, um, what are we supposed to do...?
Wait... something... I'm starting to see something inside my mind...
You're right! I feel like... I'm going back to when I was a child...
It feels so good... I'm starting to feel sleepy...
Me too......

Hey! Lekya, Leyka! You can't fall asleep there! You're going to catch a cold!
...Myeh? Sis...
You always fall asleep so fast. And you're so lazy!
Hehe, because... I feel the happiest when I'm sleeping.
No no no! When you fall asleep, I'm left alone, so no!
Oh oh, then let's make a flower crown together! And then we'll pretend to be Holy Maidens!
Okay, let's play.

Aww... I'm not done yet-...
Yayy! I win!
*sniff *... I'm not even half way done yet though... *sob *...
Heey! Leyka, don't cry! I'll give you my crown! Here!
It looks kinda weird.
Don't complain, I gave it to you! Put it on and let's go home! Mommy's probably making dinner for us!
We need to help Mommy!
I want to help too!
Okay! Then let's go-!
...Sis? There's someone over there.
Huh? You're right. I wonder who it is...
She's coming over here...

And that's when things started to go horribly wrong...

Yes, I'm Goro. Luca's mind guardian...
...N-no......Y-you're lying... You're not Goro...
Wh-who are you!?
I said, I'm Goro!
No! No no no! You're not Goro! You're not my mind guardian either!
Don't come into my mind! Don't invade my heart!
S-sis! Are you okay!? Sis!
Who are you!? Are you really Goro?
Well, that was a quick rejection.
I see when the mind is connected, the rejection comes directly from inside your soul.
You are...!?
Hello for the first time outside your soulspace. My name is Infel...
Infel... Isn't that the maiden from a long time ago!?
I see you know your history. And this is...
I'm Nenesha.

You know this really for me started to put into perspective why Infel and Nenesha failed at Metafalica before...

H-how... but, why...!?
Are you trying to prevent us from creating Metafalica? Is that why you're in Luca...?
No. I wan't thinking that. Go ahead, create Metafalica all you want.
We're here for a different purpose. It just happened to take place at the same time you were in the fifth level.
The Heart of Gaea was found, and through Hibernation, Nenesha and I connected... And so...
The key will be released now. Our goal is to release the "Key" inside her mind.
Release the key!? What do you mean!?
That girl, the 33rd Maiden of Fuero, has the key to bring Nenesha back to this world implanted in her heart.
Yup! The key, known as D-cellophane!
And so, we're going to borrow her body for a bit to go undo Nenesha's seal.
H-how dare you do such a thing! Return Luca back to normal!
Hey hey, Infel's the same way. Why is the Maiden of Aqua always so... Strong-willed and angry all the time?
Oh leave me alone, Nenesha.
Either way, this 33rd Maiden of Fuero has a very important role in our plans for now.
Please understand and cooperate with us.
You are kind of annoying. I mean, I've known that for a while now, but...
Just to make things easier, I'm going to shut down this world.

They failed at Metafalica because they're pretty terrible people. The Infelsphere went dark, and I snapped awake. Luca, though...


Hey! Luca!?
Luca! Wake up! Open your eyes!
Hmm... Luca's not waking up!
I don't know why...
While we were following our past memories in the Infelsphere, Goro appeared and...
Goro!? That should be Luca's mind guardian...
But Luca said it wans't... And Goro said she's the previous maiden, Nenesha...
Nenesha!? Why is the maiden from 400 years ago in Luca?
Hmm... I'm pretty sure they broke into our Infelsphere from outside, but...

I'm sorry. If only I was stronger...
It's not your fault.
So she suddenly became confused in the Infelsphere?
You should have this analyzed. Let's look for a Dive Shop that'll cooperate with us.
Then let's go to Rakshek! A lot of Luca's friends are there.
I'm sure they'll help.
...You're going to get bashed again.
If it increases our chances to save Luca, I don't care.
Alright, let's go.
Please... Please save Luca...
It'll be alright, Ms. Reisha. As soon as we find out, we'll be back.
Luca... Why did this happen to you?

Shortly after...

That was close. I should keep a close eye out here for a while...

Jacqli wanted to talk to me on the way there, an oddity to say the least.

Well, yeah. I feel like I have something.
Anyway, why did you decide to go to Rakshek despite the risk of being bashed?
You felt you were in danger, right?
You told us you would go there anyway. I thought you were out of it then.
...That was not the case. I only felt like I was in danger at the beginning.
The people in Rakshek are the people Luca cares for.
She told me they were all nice.
But, those nice people hated you so much.
That was only natural. They're human.
Then, they might still hate you a lot, right?
Yeah, you're right...
...But Luca really loves them. There must be a reason for that.
I have been endangered by them once, but I want to give them another chance...
You are out of it, but I like your boldness.
I'll take that as a compliment.

We rushed back to Rakshek, there was no time to wait. We just had to hope something could be done...

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We were all frightened when Luca collapsed. We rushed back to Rakshek as fast as we could.

Gen: What!? What's going on!?
She fell into a coma after finishing a Dive...
Nana: Luca did!?
Gen: What!? That's a big problem!
I'll start the scan now. We need to check her mental condition.
Nana: I-I'm going to go call for help!
Mrs. Lahr: Luca dear!
Nana: Hang in there!
Gen: As a result of the scan, I found out something horrible.
There's someone inside Luca, eating up her life energy at a rapid rate.
Her life energy!?
Gen: At this rate, she'll have to constantly be given life extending agents to save her.
It's as if there's another Reyvateil inside her.
Why don't we go into her Cosmosphere and get rid of the source of this evil?
Gen: That would be the best idea... But I won't suggest going in directly.
We don't know what's going on. You could even die from shock the moment you enter.
I'd suggest at least a proxy in between. But can anyone do it?
Mrs. Lahr: This is troublesome... In this area, only Luca...

Gen: Nana!?
Mrs. Lahr: Nana dear, I thought... Proxies are...
Nana: ...I'll be okay. It's been a long time... I'm sure it'll be fine...
Croix. We're doing a Proxy Dive.
First, I'm going to bring you and Luca into my soulspace.
With the virtual Dive machines there, you will Dive into Luca. Got it?
Nana: ...Well... Let's begin!
Nana: ...I'm doing it for Luca.

Inside Nana's Soulspace, Luca was waiting. There was something odd, though.

Nana: That's reassuring. Seeing her here means that her psyche's still intact, and she's not dead yet.
I am destined to create a world where no one will have to suffer sadness...
...Huh!? What are you saying?
You're in my way. I need to reconstruct this world...
Wait! Hey... Luca!?
Nana: This isn't good! I know I haven't prepared you yet, but let's get started!
What are you doing? Don't get in my way...
Alright, Nana! Let me Dive into Luca's Cosmosphere!
Nana: ...A-alright.

At least I didn't die the moment I came in.
Goro! I'm glad you're still okay. Luca's in trouble. Tell me what happened.
Goro? Who could that be? What a strange name... Hehehe...
...Huh!? What do you mean!? You're not Goro!?
...! Could it be...

I'd wondered what Luca had meant earlier. Could the Goro I'd seen have always been a fake?

Yup, Goro.
...Sounds like a penguin's name.
Hmm... You may have seen her in my Cosmosphere.

Nenesha!? Isn't that the Maiden of Fuero from 400 years ago?
...400 years? I see. It's been that long...
I can't remember how many generations I've been through with D-Cellophane...
Did Luca collapse because of you!?
When my seal broke, a lot of H-waves were consumed in a split second. That could have done it.
Why did you do that!?
It's not like I did it on purpose. It's just how nature works.
Are you really Nenesha from 400 years ago? If so, why are you in Luca's Cosmosphere!?
It doesn't matter if it was Luca or whoever. I reside in D-Cellophane.
And sure, I might not be the "real Nenesha." Because the real one is somewhere else.
I should say, more exactly that I'm a key to Nenesha. That's more correct.
Nenesha's key!?
Yes, key... Well, no, hmm... "alarm clock" might be closer!
...An alarm clock!?

Get it? That's why... I'm in a hurry.
Wait, hold on! What's going to happen to Luca!? After you wake up, what happens to her?
I don't know who you are, but you might get in my way. I think I'll make you die from a Critical Down.
What did you-
Goodbye! Yah!

So turns out a Proxy Dive was a really good idea.

...!? What's wrong?
Nana: Croix! Can you hear me!? Destroy that thing! It's the culprit who's eating away the life energy!
Stop it! Hey! Stop it!

And the Cosmosphere exploded. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen once but I've seen it a worrying amount of times.

...Huh? Where... am I?
Nana: Croix... Croix, are you there?
...Nana? Where are you?
Nana: I'm in a different layer close by, so you can't see me, and I can't see you.
I don't really get it but, alright. What happened?
Nana: ...Sorry. I messed up with the Proxy...
What does that mean!?
Nana: I suck. I thought I could do this for Luca... But fear took over and I couldn't move...
So what happened?
Nana: ......
...Sorry. I'll confess.
I caught you right before the explosion but I messed up the address and sent you to a weird space.
I'm searching for you right now, but it's like looking for a diamond ring in the desert...
So... I can't go back?
Nana: Hold on just a bit longer... I'm looking for you right now...
Nana: I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have done it after all.
Thanks for trying. I appreciate it. Proxy Dives are pretty hard, right?

You're scared of them?
Nana: When I first started, I failed at a Proxy Dive and almost died...
I was still young, and thought my rank might go up if I did it, and then I might get paid more...
So, I was careless... and I misjudged it. I ended up having to tear apart my mind to save the customer.
Ever since, I've been too scared to do Proxies.
The moment I hear Proxy Dive, I get so nervous that I can't let anyone in...
But when I heard Luca fell into a coma, I tried my best, telling myself it's for Luca.
I tried my best... but I failed again.
You had such a painful experience... but you still did it for Luca...?
Nana: Yeah... because I wanted to heal her. I wanted to see her energetic smile again.
Nana: Croix, this isn't getting us anywhere. So, I'm going to take the last resort.
Last resort!?
Nana: Yeah. The Diver and the patient will be saved for sure.
But what about you!?
Nana: ...I don't know.
You can't do that!

You mean... you're going to do the same thing as last time?
Nana: No matter how many times I try, I guess some things never work out... I envy Luca's talent.
Hey Croix, I have a favor to ask you.
Please protect Luca... And, Metafalica... make the green land come true.
Nana: I don't mind risking myself for that.
The people of Rakshek were saying horrible things, but they're still hoping. They all wish for land!
So please... get out of here and create that land with Luca...
Nana: Well then, here we go!
W-wait a minute!
Nana: Taahh!

Nana was alive... barely.

Where's Nana!?
She was taken to the hospital just a second ago.
I'm sorry. Because of me... Nana and you...
Luca... Are you alright?
Yeah... I'm fine...
We have to create Metafalica. Together, we have to.
I made a promise to Nana that when I leave her soulspace, we'd create Metafalica...
Nana said she wouldn't mind risking herself for that...
Because Metafalica is everyone's desire... So for that, she...
Nana... *sob *

As always, Jacqli was there to keep us moving.

It's not like she died. I'm sure she'll recover.
...Yeah, you're right.

We're going back to Luca's house to give Ms. Reisha the good news. I'm sure she'll be happy.


Why, hello, Miss Reisha. It's been quite a while since we last met.
What are you here for?
Oh no, I don't plan to cause any harm.
I have no business with you. We don't have I.P.D.s in this house anymore.
Please go away.
Oh, are you sure? I was worried because I heard your daughter was in a coma.
How do you know that!? Were you the one who...
Oh no no, that's a terribly false accusation.
Rather, I came because I wanted to cooperate in helping your daughter.
...You? I would never believe that!
I know, it can't be helped. Honestly speaking, it merits us, too.
The maiden's sleep means this world's power source has stopped.
This means that the entire world may be at risk as well.
...What!? The entire world...
Now will you please listen to what I have to say?

Then your daughter will wake up normally.
Yes, all you have to do is sing "that Song."
That Song... You mean...?
You think I would sing it because you tell me to?
You will.
You sure look down on me.
You'll sing, I know so. For your dear daughter.
I'm sure the others will save Luca, I know...
I believe your daughter is currently in... Rakshek, was it?
Oh dear dear... What a shame. What moths to a flame they are...
What did you do to Luca!?
My my, I didn't say anything.
And I still haven't done anything. Yet, I should say...

Your daughter will wake up, and be completely unharmed.
So, you will come, will you not?

We might finally be out of the weeds here...

Nana, I will... sing Metafalica for you!

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