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Part 5: Chapter 4: Attack

Chapter 4: Attack

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Display all available records pertaining to Lyner Barsett for the past day.

Loading... Records found. Display first record: Surveillance Log, Airport City Nemo. Subjects Barsett and Hamilton confirmed entering city designated Nemo.

That it is. C'mon, I'll give you a tour.
So, where do you wanna go first?

Subjects entered a small park overlooking city.

The prosperity of the lower world is based solely on Grathmelding...
I've heard that Grathmelding originates from the Song Stone, which is a monument in the park.
But, I don't really know much about it myself.
Anyway, all that junk doesn't really matter.
The only thing you have to know about this park is that it's the perfect place to bring a date.
Oh yeah... you'll be here pretty often, I'm guessing.

Subjects left park. Guardian ABR-alpha dispatched to Airport City Nemo in response to Omega Level Virus Threat.

Does it matter!? We gotta save 'em!

That girl!

Guardian ABR-alpha engaged Subjects Lyner Barsett, Jack Hamilton, and unidentified third generation Reyvateil.


Look, I need your help.
But... I'm useless.
Don't worry. I only need you to sing.
I'm a Class-D Reyvateil. I can't sing that many songs.
Class...? It, it doesn't matter, just sing the way you normally do!
...No, I... don't... know what to do. What should I do?
What? It doesn't matter. Just sing something... powerful.
...Which song should I sing? Please pick one...

And here's where we have our first real battle with a Reyvateil on our side. This adds an extra dynamic to combat. At any time you can press triangle to bring up your Reyvateil's action. You then pick a song for them to start singing.

Boom is Aurica's basic Red Magic song. Red Magic songs do damage. Notice that it has an 'infinity' on the line. This means we have unlimited usage of the spell. It does non-elemental damage and is fairly powerful, and is pretty much our 'bread-and-butter' damage spell. After selecting the spell, Aurica starts charging it. A bar begins to fill up and her MP starts to decrease.

I didn't know I could do that...
Isn't now the right time to activate the Song Magic?

After your song is sufficiently charged up, hit triangle again then select 'Activate Song'. Each song is divided into 'burst levels', which are critical %'s past which the song becomes significantly more powerful. The animation will change and it will do much more damage. As songs are used, the Burst Gauge fills up. Every time it fills, a Harmo Crystal is created next to it (up to three total). As you do damage to enemies, the blue bar on the bottom fills. The red bar fills automatically as long as your Reyvateil is up. When they meet, your Harmonics increase and you fil in one of the empty crystals next to the gauge.

Higher Harmonics make our party more powerful, allow more skills to be used, and improve the items we get at the end. You always want to try and get all three filled at some point during any boss fight, as rare items tend to result.

Red Magic isn't the only type of song available, though. Blue Magic songs are healing and buffing songs. Notice the 5/5? As you use most songs a charge is expended. These recover slowly after battles, and force you to be somewhat conservative as far as your song usage on random battles goes. Blue Magic tends to be very expensive, and your Reyvateil will quickly tire using it, especially early in the game.

Guardian ABR-Alpha suffered several critical system failures as a result of damage sustained in combat and was forced to withdraw. Surveillance of area continues.

Townsperson: But, he doesn't look any different from us...
Geez! Hey, Lyner! Dial it down a bit!
You're showing off too much. People are starting to figure out who you are!
I couldn't help it. Those people needed my help.
...Okay, I warned you twice. If something happens, it's all your fault.
We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
But, I didn't do anything... I don't want to cause trouble...
You didn't. In fact, we were only able to win because you helped us.
I thought I'd have to fight it by myself. So, I owe you one.

Huh? You know them already?
Well... I met him once before, in Karulu.
We can't thank you enough. You saved Aurica's life.
If you're not too busy, will you please stop by our church?
I'm not trying to abduct you... I want you to meet someone, and to repay you.
Okay. I'll try to stop by later.

Subjects left area.

Record found: Personal log, Lyner Barsett.

Display record.

Record begins.

Personal Log, Lyner Barsett:

Today was crazy! After the ABR attacked us, Cardinal Radolf asked us to swing by his church. Turns out he wanted us to meet his bishop, who wasn't around. He apologized and offered to get us a room at the inn until tomorrow. He seems like he's on the up and up. Maybe things are looking up here.

Knight B: I'm sorry, he's not in right now.
...I see. Do you know when he'll be back?
Knight B: He should be back tomorrow.
Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry. The man I wanted you to meet won't be back until tomorrow.
Alright. So, what is this place?
Oh, I haven't told you anything about it.
This is Elemia Church, where our ancient goddesses, the Trio of Elemia, are enshrined.
The Trio of Elemia? ...I've never heard of them.
I'm not surprised. The Trio aren't very well known among the Apostles of Elemia.
Through their singing, the Trio healed people, rejuvenated their lives, and advanced human technology.
Rumor has it, the three Goddesses came from a time when people lived on Land and not in the Clouds.
The goal of our church is to revive the Goddesses and restore their former glory.

...That's a good idea.
Oh, I'm sorry to have kept you.
Since you came here for nothing, please let me arrange a place for you to stay tonight.
Tomorrow, I'll send someone over to pick you up. I'll see you then.
Do you mind escorting Lyner and his friend to the inn?
...I'll do it.

Aurica always seems so sad. I haven't found a good way to ask why.

Does anyone else feel the gloominess in the air?
I don't feel anything.
It's probably just me.
What is it?
I think I'm making him feel uneasy.
Huh...? What are you talking about?
I'll wait for you guys at the inn. Why don't you take some time to look around the city?
I would be a lot more fun if you don't have to worry...
Once you've gotten to enjoy the city, meet me at the inn. I'll help you check in.
Aurica? Wait...

Hey, she brought this all on herself.
Look, she wants us to go out and see the town, right? So, let's just check out the city.

We wandered around for a while before finding ourselves at the inn. Jack wondered about my fighting style.

I'm just impressed to see you fight so well with only one sword.
Why are you telling me this now? But, you're right. I'm good.
You haven't even Enhanced yet? I can't believe it...
Enhanced? What are you talking about?
You don't even know what Enhancing is?
...I'll show you at a weapon shop. Come with me.
Hey! What's going on?
Hey, we want to enhance our stuff. Do you have any good Grathnode Crystals?
Shop: Good timing. I just received a shipment of Double Attack.
Great! You are good. So how much?
Shop: This is a rare one, so it costs 2000 leaf... but...
You guys defeated that guardian, right? So I'll give it to you for free. It's my gift to you guys!

Let's just take it already.
So, what is enhancing?
You enhance your items by giving them powers that are stored in Grathnode Crystals.
I didn't know that...
As its rank advances, the power inside the crystal gets stronger.
However, you need adequate equipment to use stronger crystals.
Try using the Double Attack she just gave you. You'll see what I mean.

From the equip screen you can access the Enhancement option for your equipment. Items have from one to four enhancement slots. Each Grathnode Crystal has a rank from one to four. The slot needs to be at least the same rank as the crystal to slot it in. When you switch equipment as long as the new item has the same slots the same crystals stay in, and they can be freely changed.

Excuse me. I need a room for two.
Man: Are you a Church Official? Because if you are, I can give you a discount.
Oh, yes, thank you.
Okay, I got you two a room. Someone should come and get you tomorrow.
Get some rest, guys.
Don't worry, we will.
Good night.
Oh, wait!
What is it?
Oh... well... thank you.
You're welcome...

Well, that is why you're so concerned about her, right?
Well... she is kinda cute.
Aha! I knew it! So, you like 'em young, eh?
Well, then, what's your type, Jack?
Me!? I like women with well defined curves and an air of sophistication...

You really think so? She's not my type...
Hey! It's a bar! C'mon Lyner, let's go check it out!
...You're not even listening to me!
C'mon, let's go!

Jack decided to put his moves on the woman. I'm not sure about his lines.

My, oh, my! Aren't you simply breathtaking?
No matter what happens, I could just stare into your eyes forever...
...Hey, how'd you learn to talk so smoothly?
Beat it kid... you bother me...
Don't you see what's going on here...?
You guys must be good friends.
Is this your first time in Nemo? What's your name?
Well, you can call me Jack. I'm just a humble gunner. So, what's your name, gorgeous?

That's right. Does that surprise you?
I bet it's a tough job sometimes.
Sometimes. Actually, I do get teased a lot.
That... is a shame. If you'd like, I could be your... bouncer.
Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass.
I have to prove to myself that I can handle this place on my own.
Wow. Impressive.
I suppose you must think I'm conceited.
No. Actually, I like you even more.
An independent woman. I like it. It's sexy.
Glad to hear it. So, what would you like to drink?
I'll just take a vodka.
Vodka... I see we have a tough guy here.

A big guy came in wanting to talk to me. I'm supposed to meet him later, although I'm not sure it's such a good idea.

Hey... aren't you...?
I need to talk to that knight guy. Can you spare a moment of your time?
With me? What about Jack?
I only need you.
I need to talk to you about something really important. I can't talk about it in here. Mind if we go outside?
I think I've seen that man somewhere before...
But, where...?
Be careful, Lyner...

What's the worst that could happen?

That's right.
...Something smells fishy.
...What is it?
Oh, it, it's no big deal. It's... just a private matter.
...I just hate Tenba.

Additional record found: Tenba Mission Log

Show me.

Tenba Mission Log:
Bourd Rade commanding.
Mission Summary: Clued into the location of a possible Apostle of Elemia by that person. She ordered his termination. Upon seeing him fight, I decided to give him a chance to join up with us. Fool decided to fight. I took him into custody, because with so few truly skilled warriors it's a waste to lose someone like him.
Mission Details:


I'm Lyner Barsett.
Tell me, Lyner. You're planning on joining the church, aren't you?
How did you know about that!?
It doesn't matter how I know.
But, if you plan on joining the church, I'll kill you right here and now.
What!? Why?
I'm just following orders. If you join, you die. It's that simple.
Orders...!? Who would order someone to do that...?
Look, it'd be a shame to waste all your potential.
So, how 'bout we make a deal?
...What kind of deal?
It's simple. Come work for me.

I'm going to ask you one more time! Do you want to join me and become a Tenba warrior...
Sorry, but I can't join Tenba.
Oh? And why is that?
I can't work for people who don't treat the Revyateil like human beings.
Reyvateil? Don't be such a baby! You're worse than I expected.
They're nothing more than singing machines.
Once we wear one out, all we have to do is replace it with a new one.
You bastard!

Or do you want to die right now?
...I'll never join Tenba!
Okay, then. You leave me no choice.

Needless to say the battle was over quickly. It's me against a little puke kid.

Dammit Bourd...
...Well, you're still alive. I'm impressed. You apostles are tougher than I thought...
He's stronger than I thought. Perhaps I can let him live a little while longer.
Knock him out and take him away.
Guard: Yes, sir!

Damn fool kid! I can't see why he'd be willing to throw his life away over those silly Reyvateils! He deserves one more chance to wise up, though. If he doesn't, I can just kill him as per the original plan.

Record ends.

That IDIOT! He was supposed to kill the Knight! I may have to take matters into my own hands...

Computer, log off and delete all records of this access.

Confirmed. Logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!