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Part 52: The Singer Angel: Episode 1

Shurelia, The Singer Angel- Episode 1

Get ready boys and girls, it.s almost time again for everyone.s favorite show: Shurelia, the Singer Angel! You all marveled at last season.s shocking revelations, and today starts the new season, with exciting new characters and astonishing action!

Seriously, though, Diving with Shurelia is a little different than the other Dives. In order to trigger the first one, you need to have both Aurica and Misha at level 7 or beyond. Rest at that point and one scene triggers. Then Dive with Shurelia. After the short scene rest again. This will let you do the real first Dive. been wanting to ask you this, Lady Shurelia, do you have a Cosmosphere?
Hmm? Well. I don.t know. the first person to ever ask me that.
I.m sorry! I shouldn.t have asked you.
No, it.s quite alright.
A system that is similar to diving has existed for many years. But I don.t know how the current system works.
The current Dive system is based on the Tower.s lost technology, so I don.t think it.s much different.
.Do you want to try it?
.Alright. We.ll give it a shot.


So, this is your Cosmosphere. It.s pretty empty.
I know. I don.t even know if this even qualifies as a Cosmosphere.
A Cosmosphere is supposed to be a Reyvateil.s bare spirit.
But, I don.t have a bare spirit, so technically this world is more like the Binary Field.
The Binary Field? You mean that information world where viruses always escape to!?
You already know that every Cosmosphere has a door that connects to the tower. This is beyond that door.
So, what saying is.
There is only a fine line between the Cosmosphere and the Binary Field. That.s why the viruses can dive easily.
I see.
Shurelia; I.m sorry. I wish this world was a little more interesting. Are you disappointed?
No. I.m glad to be here.
I.m. glad.
Let.s go back.

You told me that people of ancient times used to do something like diving, right?
So, did ancient people used to dive to craft Songs?
No. Reyvateils from that era used to craft Songs in a much more sophisticated way. They didn.t need partners to craft.
They could purchase things that are equivalent to Hymn Crystals. They used to pour it in, using an ancient style of dive machine.
.Sounds convenient. But it.s too business-like. I prefer the current way, where you craft with a partner.
I agree. I guess you can connect with a Reyvateil better. but it.s also dangerous.
Well. right. Hahaha!
.Did something happen in Aurica.s or Misha.s world?
.Oh, you don.t have to tell me. That.s too private.
But then, why did ancient people dive?

There are some positive sides to a virtual world. First, it.s not life threatening. Also, you can experience many unrealistic things.
You can even enter the story of a book.
Really? But I don.t read.
I think some of the programs are still in the Tower.
You could probably access the data through me.
Wow. that.s great.
Huh!? Why are you so impressed? It.s nothing special.
You want to play, don.t you?
What? Can I!?
.If you insist, we can try it out.
(I think Lady Shurelia is the one who wants to play.)


What kind of programs?
Well, there.s fantasy, teen drama, and horror.
Which one would you like?
Do you know any more details about them?
No. never played them before.
Then, please pick whichever one you want. I don.t care.
Okay, but you might think it.s boring.
I doubt it.
I want to try one about common, everyday life.
I want to experience how normal people live. always been the administrator of the tower.
Alright. Let.s play that kind.
Shurelia; Thank you.
I.ll try to access it. This area should be good.

If you play thinking that this is some kind of RPG, you might get hurt. So please be careful.
Also, each story is very long. If you start to feel sluggish, please consult your physician.
If you feel nausea, headaches or chills during play, please leave the Binary Field at once and return to the real world.
This program is just a bonus. You should not feel like you have to play though it to clear the game.
Do you want to play?
Okay! Are you ready? This is kind of exciting!

Shurelia.s Cosmosphere is a parody of .magical girl. type anime. It.s one of the best parts of the game in my opinion.

I was. dreaming.
That was a strange dream. Something about a Binary Field.? I.m starting to forget it already.
It.s Sunday. got nothing to do. I don.t have a girlfriend to hang out with. I.m so bored.
Maybe I.ll go watch a movie or something.
I live in Ciel. It.s a small, country town of only about 20,000 people.
I like living here. The water tastes good and the air is fresh!
But enough about that, let me introduce myself.
My name is Lyner Harasett. I.m 16 years old and I.m in the tenth grade.
I don.t have a girlfriend, but I.m determined to get one this year. Too bad it.s not as easy as flipping a switch. Girlfriend on, girlfriend off.
And, sadly, got nothing to do today. I.ll just walk around town to kill some time.

Hmmm.? The Wives of Lune Lane: Adultery/Jealousy/Murder?
Ech! What a horrible title. I.m not watching this!
Huh? Lyner?
Oh, Aurica!
Her name is Aurica Motomiya. We grew up together. Oddly enough, we had the exact same class schedule for five years in a row.
She always liked to watch after me. She used to come over every morning to wake me up. I wish she just left me alone.
Oh, are you planning on watching the movie?
It sounds so interesting! been waiting to watch it!
She always had poor taste. Especially when it came to naming things.
Come on! Let.s go!
Don.t you want to watch this movie?
No! It.s. just not my kind of movie. But, why don.t you go see it? It.s not that far.

Leave me alone! I don.t want a boyfriend.
Look, if not going to the movie, let.s go shopping. They always have good deals at Dollar-Rama.
I.ll pass. You always take forever to buy anything.
Fine. I don.t need you to come with me. Have fun doing nothing!
That was close. it.s usually not that easy to get rid of her.
Hmm. There.s gotta be something I can do. Maybe I.ll go to a tea house or something.

Uh, I.d like a Dokkoi Set, please.
One Dokkoi Set coming up.
One Dokkoi Set, please!
You again!
Excuse me?
.I hope she.s alright.
Thank you for waiting! One Dokkoi Set.
Please allow me to pour your tea.
(Wow, nice service.)
(Oh no. I.m about to sneeze.)
Ah. ahchoo!
Hot hot hot! Tea on my leg!
Oh, I.m sorry! Are you alright?
.You again.

I.m sorry our waitress poured scalding liquids on you.
(Whoa! The manager looks scary! I better not complain.)
No, it.s okay. Really.
No. She must be held responsible.
You! Take our nice customer out and buy him a new pair of pants!
Why me!? the one who spilled tea on him! It.s the least you can do.
Take him out and buy him a pair of pants that he likes.
That.s really not necessary.
Please, don.t feel bad for her. It was her fault. She should be held responsible for what she.s done.
Please come with me.

What is it?
It was all your fault for sneezing!
Hey, I couldn.t help it. Besides, I don.t really want you to come with me.
I have no choice. My manager told me to.
My Sunday is ruined. First, I had to come in to work, and now I have to go shopping with a loser like you.
Excuse me!
Oh, what a lousy day.
Why don.t we go to UN-Q? We can find something cheap over there.
Look, I don.t really care.
What a strange café. That manager looks scary.
Oh, she is. Did she surprise you? I only started working there because the pay is good and the uniform is cute. But, my manager is really strict.
Maybe I should quit.
Say, what.s your name?
Me? I.m Lyner Harasett.
I.m Leila Togasaki. Do you live around here?

No, neither.
Hm. Yeah, I didn.t think you.d have a girlfriend, but I thought you.d have a hobby.
You really should have a goal in life.
You only live once, you know. If you waste all your time, it.ll be over before you know it.
How .bout you, Togasaki? Do you have a boyfriend?
Oh, no. I.m too busy with my mission.
What.s that?
It.s the café where I work. We better go!

Sorry. I have to go .round back.
It.s an emergency! A robot appeared out of nowhere and is rampaging through the city!
And, some people got hit by the beam that collapsed!
I don.t know what.s going on! We better get out of here like everyone else!

Whoa! It ran into the building. Isn.t that the café!?
Aurica, I.m sorry, but you have to get out of here without me! I have to check on the café!
But, it.s too dangerous!

Togasaki, okay! I.m so glad!
What are you doing here?
I saw the robot come inside the shop, so I was worried about you.
You were worried about me? Why!? Shouldn.t you be worried about yourself?
Let.s get out of here together!
I can.t.
Why not?
Don.t worry about me! Just go!
ABR: ..... Shurelia detected. Initiate termination protocols.
Damn! We can.t get out anymore. an idiot! You escaped when you had the chance.
But, I couldn.t. It.s like leaving my friend in a fire. I just can.t do that. too nice.
ABR: Alignment. set.
Will you promise me something?
What is it?
ABR: Sonic Scrambler. energizing.

ABR: Harmonic Power Absorber. set.
Do you promise? It has to stay a secret!
Okay, okay!
ABR: Standing by.
Hold my hand.
Huh? But we just met.
You idiot! I don.t mean it like that! Just grab it!
ABR: Fire.

What happened to my clothes? What.s going on?
I.ll tell you later! We have to destroy the robot first! Are you ready?
Ready!? I have to fight, too?
Of course. stuck with me now. Let.s go!

In each of these levels there.s a small, easy battle. It.s pretty much just a formality.

What.s going on?
Leila; Do you promise not to laugh?
This planet is being threatened by viruses.
These viruses absorb Harmonics, the source of all human energy, and turn it into their own energy. strong.
There.s a group called Team Mir. trying to manipulate the viruses to take over the world. been fighting them all by myself.
You don.t get it, do you? I never told you.
But, you can.t tell anyone about this.
Can I still help you?

.Do you know what asking? It could cost you your life.
I know.
But, I can.t just ignore what.s happening.
Fine. Do whatever you want.

Why do I have to fix up the store.?
It.s not so bad.
You think so? What are you doing here anyway? just a customer!
.Well, I just happened to be passing by. too nice.

I can.t stop something once I.m in the middle of it.
It.s like trying to stop eating a snack after I already opened it, you know.
What? I don.t get it. But, you are pretty funny!
Me, funny? Why, did I say something strange?
No, not that kind of funny. You just make me laugh. Hahaha!
Okay, I guess I don.t get it. But, I better get going. Where do you live?
The totally opposite direction.
Oh well, I.m sorry about today.
Me, too. I didn.t mean to get you involved.
That.s alright. I.ll come by the café sometime to see you.
See you around.

I can.t believe I was attacked by a cartoon-looking robot.
And. she transformed. and so did I.
I should stop by the café after school tomorrow.
Boy am I sleepy. That was some good exercise.
Zzzzz. zzzz. zzz.

Wake up sleepy head!
Oww! What are you doing here! gonna be late!
Oh, no! I have to hurry!
Don.t you get tired of waking me up every morning?
You should be thanking me. Without me, you.d be late for school everyday.
I would?
Yes. Everyday.
I wouldn.t be late everyday. More like every other day.
But, we better hurry!

I wonder who stopped it. It happened pretty quick, didn.t it?
Yeah! I wonder what happened to it. hahaha!

Again!? I.m not your tutor, you know?
Oh, are you a student here?

.What happened?
I guess that was the first episode.
What!? That.s kind of weird.
I know, but it used to be normal.
Whatever. I.m just curious about the rest of the story.
Next time, we.ll continue where we left off.
Oh, I linked the data for A.B.R.
You can now use A.B.R. as Red Magic.
I can? I didn.t know that.

Pretty much all of the songs we get from this are bosses turned into Red Magic.

What horrors await Leila and Lyner? Can they stop Team Mir.s evil machinations? Tune in next time for Shurelia, The Singer Angel!