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Part 55: The Singer Angel: Episode 3

The Singer Angel: Episode 3

Last time on the Singer Angel: A day at school turned into an ordeal when Team Mir attacked! Lyner and Leila defeated the deadly Apostle of Mir. After the struggle Leila ran off, with Lyner in pursuit. Leila and Lyner went back to his house, where who should arrive but Aurica! And now, on with the show!


We stopped an attack by Team Mir, and we've been in a good mood ever since.
But, things have been getting worse around here. I wonder where I'll end up...

Since you saved me, I was going to cook you something nice. But, I guess I was a little late.
I made your favorite again, meatloaf! Too bad you already ate.
Wait a minute! What do you mean, "Again!?" When did you ever cook for me?
Excuse me! I cook for you all the time! Like, last year...
Since I wake you up every morning, do you want me to make you breakfast, too!?
Aurica!!!! (If only I could scream at her out loud!)
I, I'm sorry... this is all my fault...
W, wait!
You don't have to worry about me. Of course you'd prefer a normal girl. I'm just a strange girl who doesn't even know her own past.
You have such a cute girl right here. Why don't you date her? You should be more confident.
No... it's just...
It's getting late. I should go.
Then, I'll walk you home...
No, I'll be fine! You better stay with her.

Do you like her...?
It's been bothering me since this morning. You like that girl, don't you?
It's none of your business!
But, it is my business! Because... because...
Lyner... I like you...
Aurica? Why didn't you tell me before?
You really didn't notice!? I never told you, but I thought my actions made it perfectly clear.
Lyner... am I not good enough for you...?
I've been watching you. I was always there for you, but your feelings were always somewhere else.
I'm not pretty enough...

Here you get a choice. The second option ends the dive immediately and forces you to do it again next time. I'll show that some other time, but this time we'll take the right path.

I'm sorry...
It's okay... I feel better now that I told you how I feel. Thank you for being honest.
I've had a crush on you for a long time, but this is what's best for us.
This way, we can be friends forever, right? If we ever dated, we might break up and never talk to each other again. But, friends are forever.
I want to be close to you forever. So staying friends is probably best.
I'd better go home, too. Sorry for ruining your night. I hope you're not mad.
Actually, I think I helped you. She needs to know you have options.
Besides, I can tell that she still likes you.
It won't be easy, but everything'll work out fine.
I'll see you tomorrow at school.
That's easy for you to say...
I didn't know how Aurica felt about me... but to me, she's just a friend...

I see Aurica at school and still go shopping with her, but I think I made the right decision.
I haven't spoken to Togasaki since then, either. I just don't know what to do with her...
The day of the summer festival has finally arrived.

Maybe I should go to Main St. and see if she's working... If she's not there, oh well...

You're early.
I don't like being late.
I see...
(I don't know what to say to her... I have to say something...)
So, where are we going? You'll have to lead the way.
Alright, let's go. The pool's new and clean.
...I see.

There's a shortcut through the forest to get to the park.
What is it?
Are you still upset about what happened the other day?
Huh? The other day?
You know, when my friend Aurica showed up...
...No, I'm not upset. It's not like we're dating or anything. There's nothing to get upset about.
I guess you're right.
I can't wait to get to the pool! Hahaha!
I'm not so thrilled.
Well, you'll love it once you learn how to swim.
If I'll be able to swim.
Of course you'll be able to. I'll teach you!
* sigh*

Thank you for waiting.
No problem.
...What's wrong?
Nothing... you look cute...
I don't think I look that good. Please don't stare...
Oh, sure. I'm sorry. So, ready to try it out?

But, I need to know what you can already do so I know where to start.
I know that, but... well, okay...
* cough* * cough* *cough *
Are you okay?
Yes. I told you that I can't swim at all. I'm so embarrassed...
You're scared of putting your head under water. But, when you lift your head, your legs sink, which causes your whole body to sink.
I know you're scared, but you have to keep your chin tucked. Try to look at the bottom of the pool. Then, you'll just float.
What? Don't you trust me? Here, I'll show you.
Wow, you can swim fast...
Did you see how I kept my head down? Your kicks and strokes aren't bad. You just have to keep your head down.
...Okay, I'll try it.
...I'm floating!
Good job! See, you really can swim!

You think so? I think I like swimming now.
That's great! Now you have one more thing to enjoy in life.
Don't you remember? You told me that it's important to have things in life that you can enjoy.
I guess I did. I know it wasn't that long ago, but it feels like forever...
We've had stuff go down, but a lot of things have changed since then...
...I guess so. Like, how I feel about you...
Oh, nothing. I'm just a little tired.
Well, let's take a rest. Do you want some ice cream?
Oh, yes!
Okay, I'll go get us some. Wait right here, okay?

That's 400 leaf for two!
Whoa... expensive...
Actually, it's pretty cheap. After all, this is a touristy area...
Fine, here you go...
Thank you!
I better hurry back before they melt...
Excuse me...
What? Didn't I pay you enough?
Yes. But this isn't about our transaction. I thought you should know something.
What is it?
It's about that girl you're with. Another customer told me that she always comes down here with different guys.
...That's not right. They must've mistaken her for someone else.
I don't think so... I heard she can't live without holding onto a guys hand.
But, she gets bored with guys pretty fast, and she breaks up with them.
What? Holding hands?
The guy that told me is one of her ex-boyfriends. He's worried about her. You might want to leave her before she breaks your heart.
Well, that's all I had to say.

(She switches guys all the time? Well, she's cute enough for that to be true...)
Why do ice cream shops always have to ring bells to get people's attention?
(Her ex-boyfriend could just be jealous...)
(Wait a minute... she's been the Singing Angel for a while now. She probably had to hold hands with a bunch of different guys...)
What's wrong? You look so serious...
Oh, nothing's wrong...
Your popsicle's melting.

Could it be...?
Yes, that has to be a virus!
Let's go!


What's wrong? Hold my hand!
ELMA: Grrr...
Is it gone? Where's Togasaki?

...You, from the ice cream shop!
Haha, yes! I never thought it would be so easy to fool you!
So, everything you told me earlier?
It was just a lie! I made it all up!
Damn! How stupid can I be?
You're so innocent, I like you even more, now.
Too bad we can never be together...
What did you do to Togasaki!?
I don't know. You'll have to ask ELMA.
I'm tired of hearing you talk. I'll just seal your lips closed.
Huh!? Misha!?
You took her back to headquarters so you could restore her original personality, right?
What are you talking about?
Don't say any more or I'll kill you myself...
Is that so? Wanna try me?
You ran away during our last fight. So, you have no right ot talk to me like that!

She's a lethal weapon again...
She got away again...
Misha, what's going on? I have no clue what just happened...
It's your fault! Why didn't you power up her Harmonics earlier? You just had to hold her hand!
I have to go to Team Mir's headquarters to get Leila back...
I'm going with you!
You doubted her, but now you want to come? You want to save a girl you can't even trust?
I'm sorry! I was stupid. But, it won't to any good to apologize to you...
That's why I have to help you save her...
Alright. Their headquarters is right below the Park Overlooking the Sea. There's an entrance through the forest.
Alright, let's go!

...What is it?
What did Claire mean by "original personality?" Is she really a different person?
Why do you want to know?
What will you do if what I tell you is worse than anything you ever expected?
Will you dump her and run away?
No, I won't!
Really? Because, it'll definitely shock you.
...It's alright. No story can change my feelings for her anymore.
I'm glad to hear that.
Leila Togasaki is a virus.
A virus!? No way...
Yes way. Just like the A. B. R., teacher, and that ELMA beast. Leila was supposed to be Team Mir's ultimate weapon.
No, she can't be a virus...
I rescued her, erased her memory, and rewrote her programming. I gave her a new mission.
Leila Togasaki's true identity is a virus named Shurelia.
You rescued her...? Wait, who are you?

Do you want to attack me? Go ahead, I won't resist. You can do whatever you want.
But if you do that, you'll have to save Leila all by yourself.
If you hate me, then you judge people by their title, and not by their intentions.
Was I too hard on you?
But, you have to be mature enough to deal with the truth. Otherwise, you might change your mind after rescuing Leila.
...If you do that... you'll keep making the same mistake.
...Thanks for the concern, Misha. I'll be fine.
Thank you for being honest. I trust you, Misha.
We better hurry. We're running out of time...

You made this machine?
...Yes. Most of the viruses we developed are stored here.
...So, Togasaki...
Yes. This is where she was born.
What took you so long? I've already restored Shurelia.
...We're too late!?
Hahaha! I won! It's Game Over.
I know, I'll have Shurelia take care of you traitors.
...I will attack.

Togasaki! I'm glad that you're back to normal!
It's too early to celebrate.
How dare you? I guess I was going too easy on you...
Argh... that's it! I'll burn down the entire town, and you with it!
Let's go ELMA!
ELMA: Grrrr!!
No! It's going to destroy the city!
Let's hurry!
Wait! I can destroy their system now!
This should be the end of Team Mir.
...Togasaki... I'm sorry about earlier. I was stupid and didn't trust you...
We don't have time to talk now!
You're right, let's go.

We have to hurry!
...Here you are. I'll burn you into ashes.
ELMA: Grrrr!!
Harasett! Pleases lend me your power...
I'll give you everything I have!
To kill the scent of your devilish flower, I'll clear your yard like chemical power!
Like weed spray will take all of your evil plants down, Team Mir will be defeated when Singing Angel Shurelia hits town!
(I'd be too embarrassed to say that...)

This time we fight ELMA. It's not even ELMA-DS, it's just a regular ELMA. It dies really quickly.

What!? Why didn't anything come out?
...Give it up. I destroyed your entire storage of viruses.
Wh, wh, wh, what did you say!?
My... my viruses!
Togasaki... I'm sorry that I didn't trust you...
That's why I couldn't hold your hand when ELMA first appeared...
No... I'm the one who should apologize...
I doubted you up until now. I used to think that I meant nothing to you...
I thought that you were in love with Aurica, and that I had no place in your heart...
I thought you asked me to go swimming because you felt sorry for me. That's why I wasn't that excited about it.

I don't mean to interrupt your moment, but you guys are still wearing bathing suits.
Oh! Heh... I forgot about that.
No! I'm so embarrassed...

Continued in next post...