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Part 57: Chapter 32: Part 2- The Child of Light

Chapter 32: Part 2- The Child of Light

A few quick things. I've got a bunch of Reyvateil Talk that 'goes' with this update but which will be put up as a short 'bonus' update after Singer Angel 4 because that's what it really goes with. I recorded a version of the main boss fight of this update with all the commentary and questions answered but I didn't feel like the quality was present in the finished product, so I'll answer the questions in an upcoming bonus video.

We continued on towards the Plasma Bell. We had to hurry, if the Bell is destroyed all is lost. On the way we ran into a group we didn't expect.

Ah, Lyner and Krusche. What a surprise.
Yeah. I didn't know you were looking over here.
Well, we are. Have you seen our new machine?

We don't have much to offer, but take your time and get some rest.

We didn't have time to rest, though, and continued on to the entrance of the Plasma Bell. There was a problem, though. Ayatane had sealed the door tight.


...What!? How did this happen?
Let me take a look.
We've come so far... I can't be stopped because of a stupid door!
I expected to be able to use this door, since Ayatane just passed through here.
Isn't there another way in?
No. There's only one Dividing Wall that starts with the letter "A" on each floor...
Lady Shurelia, do you know of an alternative route?
Actually... I don't know much about this area...
Lady Shurelia is bad at directions. We have to go outside and walk.
She's right... I'm sorry. I'll try to get better...
Lady Shurelia...!
Well, looks like we have no choice but to break down the door.
That's easier said than done. We need a strong weapon to do that.
...Oh, I might have something. Just wait!

...You've calmed down, a lot.
When you were trying to get back to Platina the first time, you were frantically rushing.
Yeah. I can tell that you've really grown as a person.
...They're right.
Huh? You think so? ...Hahaha, I don't know what to say...
Huh!? What's that energy!?
...Now, he's back to his old self.

Something big was coming this way. Krusche's not great at subtlety.

Krusche told me about the door! It's the perfect time to show off the real power of Ikaruga Mk. II!
...Hey, yeah! That'll break open the door!
What should we do? Just move to the side?
I got it. Go, Ikaruga Mk. II!
What is that...!?
No! It's out of control...
Stupid piece of junk!
No, that's not it.
Someone is controlling it!
Could it be Ayatane!?

Boss Battle: Ikaruga Mk. II-

And now we get to refight Ikaruga. It's got a few different attack styles, but this fight should be over before they cycle. After it's strong offensive phase it will become incredibly vulnerable to attack, and any substantial song magic or level 3 attacks should take it out quickly enough. It can hit the entire party for decent damage, has the standard 3 Stored Attack, and will summon waves of robots. It's nothing new and nothing terribly interesting or difficult. That's coming up next fight...

The Ikaruga robot was strong, but was no match for our teamwork. As it fell to the ground it shuddered and sparked, then exploded!

It blew up! What a surprise.
But, the door's open...
I'm sorry, President Ayano. We destroyed your new machine...
Don't worry. We can always make a new one.
Weren't you in a hurry? At least, that's what Krusche said.
Go! Hurry!
Thank you very much...

We headed into the Bell.

But, now that Bourd's gone, Tenba's really changed.
There is no such thing as an evil organization. There are just organizations with evil leaders.
Evil leaders...

You find an SC: Picking on Kids if you explore the Bell. It gives you some sage advice.

Installing Rust/Jelly Weapon in Shurelia's Primal Word song is pretty key to the fight coming up. You will need to have completed her fourth Cosmosphere level to do this. You don't technically need it, but it makes the upcoming boss battle much more manageable.

We reached the heart of the Plasma Bell, where we discovered the worst was in progress.


I traveled around the world to get to understand you and Mir better...
Ayatane... are you attempting to destroy the Plasma Bell?
Just like when Mir was sealed...!
...Did you even have to ask?
My mission is to destroy the Plasma Bell, taking down the Wings of Horus...
Ayatane... What's that supposed to prove?
...Prove? I don't know, and I don't care.
I was ordered to do it by my Mother. I have no choice but to do it. I can't refuse my creator.
But, what do you want to do?
I... just want to make a world where my mother can live happily. That's all.
I'll do anything for that.
Then, our goals are the same. I also want to create a world where Mir can live happily.
...That can't be true.
But, everyone in this world has to be able to live happily, as well.
Ayatane, try to understand me. I don't want to defeat Mir.

If Mir isn't completely evil...
Then, I believe that she'll understand me.
So... please tell me that you'll leave the Wings of Horus alone.
I'm sorry. You're too late. Then Child of Light has already been "Rewritten."
You see, the Plasma Bell can only be destroyed by its guardian, the Child of Light.
And, she's all ready to destroy the Plasma Bell herself.
Ayatane! Help us!

We were forced into combat with Kanade, the strongest of the Tower's Guardians. Never before had we faced such a deadly foe.

Mei Mei told me about you. I don't want to fight you...
Lady Shurelia, is there anything we can do?
The only thing we can do is stop her.
That's the only way?

Boss Battle: Child of Light-

Child of Light is powerful beyond compare. She's only got four real attacks, and all of them are impressive.

1) Destroy Form- Absolute Strength Impact

This attack is about to hit Jack for 4.5k, which is most of his health. It would kill Krusche in one hit, and is why we want to debuff Kanade's attack power.

2) Flowing Form- First Dance

This attack strikes with many weak hits. It's not quite as powerful as the Absolute Strength Impact though.

3) Flying Form- Rising Ring Falling Sun

This attack is a nasty combo that generally hits at least as hard as the Absolute Strength Impact. It's bad news and you want to get her attack debuffed before she uses it.

4) Ruin Form- One Shot Kill

This is her stored attack. It means what it says. If it hits your Reyvateil, they die in one hit. Luckily, when guarding you cannot be reduced below 1 HP, so this will just take your entire party to 1. Heal back up to full with items like Supernatural Ice after this. You ideally want to kill her before she can do more than one or two of these, because they hurt.

For defeating Kanade, we get 4 of an item called Genuine 100. This is an S rank Grathnode Crystal that does absolutely nothing when used to enhance gear. Its only function is to be consumed in Grathmelding.

After you defeat Kanade, you get access to something extra that I'll show off as a bonus update. You can return and fight her again. She gets more powerful each time you fight her, and awards four more Genuine 100s as well as a special reward the fifth time you defeat her, which I'll show off in the bonus update. Kanade's a nasty boss, but she's not got a lot of health. Just hit her as hard as you can as fast as you can and debuff her attack and you should be good.

No matter what we did, though, we were no match for the strongest Guardian of the Tower.

The Child of Light is the strongest guardian of the Tower. We can't defeat it with force.
Then, what can we do?
Ayatane! Help us!

Are you alright...?
...I can't believe... that I did this...
What did you do to the Child of Light?
...I don't know. I wanted to help you.
Don't say anything else!
I'll be alright. I just need to get some rest...
Lyner, my mother... Mir's heart is filled with anger right now...
But... she has crafted Songs for Humans before...
Try finding that Song for her...
Are you alright...?
Of course... I won't be defeated that easily...
What are you going to do now...?

Then, come with us and save her.
...In the end, it appears you're not as dumb as I thought.
That must be why you have so many friends who'll risk their lives for you.
I... want to be one of them. I don't know how many more days... no, how many more seconds I have to live...
Thank you. Don't worry. I won't let anyone eliminate you.
Let's be friends again.
The Child of Light is...
Don't worry. She just consumed too much of her Symphonic Power. She will be okay.
They recover Symphonic Power by sleeping. She'll wake up feeling energetic later.
...I feel kinda bad.

Let's leave here for now.

With Ayatane back on our side, things were finally looking up. He had an idea where we needed to go next.

Silver Horn!? Can we even go inside?
Normally, Humans cannot enter that area.
There is a very powerful Symphonic Power within the Horn, called the Voice of God.
If a weak person touches it, he or she will instantly evaporate...
Wait! ...Is it really that dangerous!?
Considering our current conditions, we probably won't die.
Mir was sealed and lived alone in there for decades.
Until just before she was sealed by Shurelia, she had never been outside.
Mir was ordered to craft many songs there.
The song we're looking for now is one of them.
I see. Let's go to Silver Horn.

Now we're headed to the Silver Horn. Hopefully we'll find something there with the power to move Mir's heart, or else this effort is doomed.

Computer, pause recording.