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Part 78: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 9 Part 2

Supplemental- Misha's Soulspace, Level 9 Part 2

So now let's get to the second half of Misha's Level 9. We'll start with making the Ocarina.


I should bring it to Misha.
Misha, can I speak with you?

This!? You really made it for me!? Oh... I'm so happy.
Yes... but I need to apologize about something...
You might get mad at me again, but... I couldn't remember what kind of thoughts I put into making it...
So I put my current thoughts into this ocarina. It's not the same as the old one...
I want this ocarina to support you emotionally. I want to support you emotionally, as well. That's what I put into it.
I haven't been able to support you much, so I put my wishes in this.
...Lyner, thanks. You've been supporting me enough.
Thank you for being with me all the time...
I'm glad to see Misha happy.
I wonder if it made any change in her Cosmosphere. I should go dive later.

I didn't die... Don't forget, I live in Misha's mind.
As long as Misha wants me, I'll always be there.
I guess I could come back this for you. I owe you one, so thanks.

Now we get Hama as a Red Magic.

What's wrong? Are you still hurt from before?
You... You really let people down in the way you're expected to.
I get that sometimes... A lot.
Whatever the case is, I owe you my gratitude. Thank you for reviving me as Misha's mind guardian.
No problem. Misha wanted it.
And I was the one who brought you to life, right? I can't just let it go...
...Hmph. You didn't even remember.
W, well... That's true too but...
Anyway, level 9, huh? Misha must really trust you.
It gives me mixed feelings...
N, nothing!! Stupid dad!

Here comes the best scene ever in a Dive.

Well- ... I thought maybe there might be something more... Ahaha!
...You're amazing. There really isn't anything else.
By the way, how far have you gone with Misha?
...Wh, what do you mean... how far?
You're so thick skulled! Have you kissed yet?
What!? No! Misha and I aren't in that kind of relationship...
In other words, you haven't. *sigh *...
What do you mean, *sigh *...
...!! N, nothing!! You sometimes comment on the sharpest things so you scare me...
...Do I?
Well, that's that. And you haven't kissed Misha yet, right? You're so slow.
I'm telling you, I feel Misha is important to me but it's not that kind of lovey dovey feeling... It's more... Grand...
But if you're going to continue to say with her, it might happen. Misha can be pretty bold, and she might approach you.

K, kinda...
...Do you want to practice?
Huh? ...W, what?
...W... With me.
Huh? What are you saying!? Wait a minute!
W, why are you blushing!? You're so stupid!!
You and I have like... Kissed so many times... Why all of a sudden now...
Eh? Seriously!?
Like the other day. You tested it out after you completed it.
Are you talking about the ocarina? But, that's the ocarina.
I, it's only the shape that changed. That's all... And you're all nervous.
You get nervous around me. Are you... a pedophile? ...You're so stupid.
N, no! That's not it! But, I just can't...

It was a joke!?
S, shut up! ...Of course it was!
Anyway! I don't think you would ever cheat on Misha and make her cry, but be careful not to make her cry by being too hard-to-get.
...See you later!

Misha, I can't believe you've grown this much. Congratulations.
Hama! Thank you. I missed you.
I'm so happy Lyner made you again. That was my last regret.
I was always in your heart, even after you broke me. Who else could've motivated Lyner?
Oh, don't be sad if your new ocarina breaks, 'cause I'll always be with you.
...Thank you.
But, if you do break it again, you can always ask this chump to make you a new one.
You're so right. Hahaha!
Mystery : Are we ready?
Mystery : Misha is here today because she has overcome many obstacles, and traveled through many Paradigm Shifts.
She finally reached her deepest point, the access point to the Tower, Ar Tonelico...
Access point to the Tower?

Mystery : By connecting her to the Tower directly, she can boost her power significantly.
Now, she can access the Tower directly. It's their greatest power!
Mystery : Now, let's begin the ceremony.
*ahem *
Misha Arsellec Lune...
Mystery : Do you promise to love and support Lyner, and stay by his side forever?
...I... I do.
Mystery : Lyner Barsett...
So, now it's my turn to make promises?

Mystery : Good. Now, hug Misha to solidify your vow.
Do I really have to hug her?
Mystery : Yes. It is of utmost importance.
The Cosmosphere is very delicate. It'll leave a huge scar on her psyche if you don't.
Misha needs to maintain a strong, healthy connection with the person who helped her develop.
Where a man and woman help, support, and improve each other...
That is the kind of relationship you and Misha must create.

Yes. We're in the deepest point of my Cosmophere. Which means... you've seen every part of me.
I want everything to stay like this forever...
I feel so safe when I'm with you... like I'm in a cradle. I know you'll always protect me...
Please... stay with me... forever.

Mystery : No. First, she must touch the Tower. Come on.

Mystery : Yes. This tower acts like an umbilical cord, connect Reyvateils to Ar Tonelico. The Binary Field is just around the corner.
Really? I thought the Tower has always been here...
Mystery : You may have seen it on a lower level, but you couldn't access it before.
It may have seemed close, but you couldn't reach it. But not any more.
By touching the Tower, Misha can access her greatest power.
She'll be able to access the Tower directly.
...Access directly?
Mystery : Yes. She used to absorb power from the Tower to turn into Song Magic. But, she couldn't affect the tower.
But, that's all about to change. She'll be able to affect the Tower by crafting her feelings.
Mystery : Now, Misha, go touch the Tower.
I'm connecting with the Tower! I've never felt anything like this before...
Congratulations, Misha.

Yeah, you're right.
I can go on forever.

So we get Tower Connection, which is Misha's Ar Tonelico. We also get the ability to go to Level E.

Mystery : Misha is finally connected with the Tower, right? Now she's capable of creating any world she wants.
Any world? What do you mean by that?
Mystery : I mean like a playful world that has nothing to do with her mind.
I see.
Mystery : So I want to create a gate to that world using this Stonehenge. We have no use for it now, so... what do you think?
It sounds interesting.
Mystery : I knew you were going to say that.
It's no fun to just create the door, so let's play a game.
I'll create some challenges for you to clear. And if you successfully clear them...
I'll become one of Misha's Songs.
You're a Song, too!?
Mystery : Not quite. To be precise, I'm the one who governs Misha's mysterious side.
But, that's not important right now. Let's open the gate.
You can get to that virtual world by jumping in here. You can come back to this side at any time...
Whenever you like.

So next time we Dive it'll be Level E, with a second Atelier Series callback. It'll be our very last Dive of all time so look forward to it.