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Part 80: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level E

Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level E

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The final curtain. The very last dive in Ar Tonelico. It's Misha's Level E, which just like Aurica's is an Atelier Series callback. This time, instead of Atelier Marie, it's Atelier Elie. I know approximately fuckall about this game, except that it was another one of the A-series that wasn't released in America. I hope, and don't want it spoiled one way or the other by the way, that any callbacks in AT-2 are for games I've actually played.


I should take a walk around.

Misha!? Why are you dressed like that?
I'm Elfir, not Misha. I go to the academy of alchemists.
Call me Elie.
What was that explosion? Are you alright?
I tried to make a Meteor, but I failed.
A bomb!? Why are you making that!?
To meet someone I admire...
Do you want me to help you with anything?
Really? Can you do me one favor?
I have a friend named Eizel at the academy. I want you to ask my friend why I can't make a Meteor.
I wish I could go, but I can't leave now... please?
Okay, fine.
Yes! Thank you!

Eizel: Who are you? You aren't a student, are you?
No. I'm looking for someone named Eizel...
Eizel: You're looking for me!? What do you want?
Oh, great, I found you!
Eizel: So... how can I help you?
Well... Misha, I mean Elie asked me to...
Eizel: Elfir!?
She wants to make a bomb called a Meteor, but she keeps failing.
She asked me to hand you this memo.
Eizel: She's making a Meteor!? She wants to beat a dragon or something. Let me take a look.
She doesn't have all the necessary materials...
I'll write a recipe for her, so wait here okay?

Eizel: She's missing the most important material, the Star Piece.
I don't think she has one. You might want to find it for her.
But, I don't know where to find one...
Eizel: You don't? It's a shooting star that falls on the Eastern Lands.
How can I get there?
Eizel: ......
Heh heh... sorry...
Eizel: It's okay. I'll take you there.
No, that's too much to ask...
Eizel: You'll probably pick the totally wrong stone. I'd better come along.
Thanks for you help.
Eizel: I'm not doing it for you!
Eizel: ......
Anyway, let's go. The Eastern Lands are far away. I want to hire a bodyguard to come along.
The Hishotei Bar... and I can probably find someone at the castle gate.
...Sure, whatever.

You can go to either to find your bodyguard. It doesn't matter.

But, this place is really crowded...
Eizel: Ah, there he is.

Ruwen: Thanks for picking me. My name is Ruwen.
Eizel: It's been a while. Do you remember me?
Ruwen: You're always with Elie...
Eizel: But, you can't remember my name... it's Eizel.
Ruwen: So? Where are you guys going?
Eizel: The Eastern Lands.
Ruwen: That's pretty far. It'll be an exciting adventure. Let's leave right away.

Eizel: Kind of.
Elie needs a Star Piece. But, she doesn't know that she needs it, yet...
Ruwen: So, you guys are looking for a materials to give to Elie?
Eizel: Then, let's find it before the sun sets.
Ruwen: I got it! Is this it?
Eizel: Did you find it?
Ruwen: Is this it?
Eizel: It sure is. Good job.
Ruwen: I don't mind doing this for Elie.
Heh, seems like everyone likes her, right?
Eizel: No, I don't!!
Ruwen: Well, I like her.
Eizel: ...!
Ruwen: She's always working hard for others. I like that.
It's encouraging to watch her work so hard.
I enjoy being with her. It's just good company.
Eizel: ......
Ruwen: You know what I'm saying, right? I mean, you're always with her...
Besides, you are trying to help her.
Eizel: ......
If you say so.
Eizel: You should go. Elfir is waiting.
Thanks for everything.

Ruwen: Don't mention it. I did it for Elie.

You were missing this stone. It's called a Star Piece.
Star Piece...
Oh!! You're right! I forgot all about that one.
Did Eizel give this to me?
I went with Eizel to look for it.
She helped me find it for you.
It's nice to have friends...
I'll do my best!
I did it!
You did! That was great!
I can finally cross the ocean!
I heard that a person I admire is in a city called Kentonis. It's on the other side of the ocean...
But because of a dragon, all ships were canceled...
...A dragon!?
Yes. So I'll beat that dragon using the Meteor.
I see...
Lyner, will you come with me to beat the dragon?

Huh. We're going to cross the ocean to meet someone...

This town is famous for its delicious fish. They have herring, snapper, mackerel, yellowtail, and shark!
Shark!? What is that?
You've never heard of shark?
No. I've never seen the ocean before. What a terrible flood.
Flood?! No, it's the ocean. And if I go across the ocean, I can finally see Marlone...
Yurika: Not you again. You'll never win. You don't stand a chance.
No, Yurika! I'll beat it this time. I have a special bomb...
Yurika: A bomb?
Yes, I made it with alchemy. It's an item for creating a meteor shower.
Yurika: A meteor shower!? Sounds scary, but you just might be able to win this time.
Alright! I'll give you one more ship!
Who are you?
Yurika: Huh? You should introduce yourself first!
Oh, sorry. This is my partner for this adventure, Lyner!
This is Yurika. She's a fisherman. I'll need to use her ship to beat the dragon! She's my only hope!
Yurika: Nice to meet you, Lyner. You're an unlucky man to go on an adventure with this reckless girl.
You're right, but so are you.

Hey, Elie... why are you dying to see Marlone?
He saved my life. He used alchemy to save my life when I was dying from a high fever. I was just a child then...
He was a traveler, so he left my village shortly after. So I didn't even know how to find him.
Later on, I found out that my life was saved by alchemy. That's why I joined the academy.
I want to help people with alchemy, just like him...
I became an alchemist because I admire him. It's been my dream to meet him.
I see.
Yurika: I'm ready.
We're ready, too! Let's go!

Marlone... Huh, that name sounds somehow... familiar. I wonder where I've heard that before. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me.

Dragon: It's you again, little girl! You can never defeat me!
Too bad! This time is different!
Dragon: What confidence! Soon you'll regret that you came!
I won't let you! Meteor!
Dragon: Wh what!?
Meteor shower!
Dragon: Aragh!
Huh? Did I get him!?
You beat the dragon with a tub...
I did, Lyner!
What the hell is this!

Yes, he should still be here. Let's check out the academy of alchemists.
I can finally meet him. I wonder what he's like. I'm getting nervous.
He's probably a good looking, intelligent man, who all women admire.
I don't think you should expect too much...

What? ...You?
You're here... oh, you entered the academy! How's Professor Ingrid?
H, hey...!
Aurica! Why are you ruining this special and touching moment!?
I'm not Aurica. My name is Marlone! Marie!
I can't believe this! I came all this way just to meet you!
Well, how rude...
You can't just show up in my world like this, you know?
You always draw Lyner's attention by looking so down! How dare you show up in my world like this!
Excuse me...
You're so bossy. You're always bossing Lyner around. Poor, poor Lyner.
Excuse me!? I'm not bossy! If you keep talking to me like that, I'll throw a Meteor at you!
Then, I'll throw a Mega Flame at you!
Whoa! The building's gonna collapse!
Lyner! We've got to go!
No, he's coming with me!
No way! He's coming with me!
I don't care! We've got to go!
Let's go to the Stonehenge. You have to leave this world!

Mystery : It's my gift to you. Enjoy.
...Now I'm back to normal.
Mystery : How was the virtual world? Did you enjoy it?
I don't even know what happened there.
Mystery : That's great. Since you did so well, I'll give you a gift.
Please accept me as a gift and craft me as your Song.
Mystery : I govern the mysterious side of Misha. It's time for me to unite with Misha.
So long, till we meet again...
It's gone.
It feels like the end...
Is it?
I've shown you everything. I'm not hiding anything.
I like that.
Me, too.

So yeah, Marlone is Marie, who of course was Aurica in her Cosmosphere. We get a Red Magic that whacks enemies with a huge tub, Meteor, and Miracle, which is Misha's random Blue Magic song. We also get Elfir. Elfir is the best Costume in the game for any character. The catch? It's a Costume for small Misha, not adult Misha. You have to go back to Tenba and remove Chronicle Key from Misha to use it. If you're a heel or a min-maxer, congratulations on your newfound power.