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Part 85: Bonus 3: Misha's Costumes

Bonus 3: Misha's Costumes

Here's Misha's Costumes, broken into young and old. I don't think I need to say that young Misha's stuff is creepy so let's just assume I said that for all of them because I did.

Oh, and I totally didn't realize that I had some crystals increasing my GD Resist on Aurica, so her numbers are a bit off. I'll go back and fix those later. These are base numbers.

Normal (Young):

MP: +0
GD Resist: 26%
Harmonics: Slow

This is Young Misha's real clothing. It's clearly made of Misha's adult clothing with a few alterations to fit her a little better when she's small. It's terrible in game terms just like Aurica's and you should switch as soon as you can.

Magical Shower:

MP: +1000
GD Resist: 42%
Harmonics: Slow

Fuck. I said it went without saying that these were creepy but damn, it's a fairy princess dress. It's the best of the three easily accessible costumes for young Misha gameplay wise. That doesn't make it not repellant though.

Sheep Sweets:

MP: +300
GD Resist: 30%
Harmonics: Slow

Okay. Japan. Here's the thing. I think it's time we started seeing other people. It's not you, okay? Well, actually, it is you. I mean god damn. The Level 6 shit might be bullshit but at least it's not on little girls. What the shit Ar Tonelico? Also, this costume is terrible and I don't really get why you'd ever use it over Magical Shower in gameplay terms.


MP: +2400
GD Resist: 44%
Harmonics: Average

Okay, so if you've ever seen this in execution you're a horrible human being because you have to force Misha to become small again to use it. You didn't see me do that because the very idea repels me. This costume has the highest + MP in the game, but honestly beyond that it's not very special. It's easy to cap Misha's MP in Kasha or White Kimono so the extra + MP is sort of extraneous and the Harmonics sorta suck for an endgame costume.

Normal (Adult):

MP: +0
GD Resist: +26%
Harmonics: Slow

Hey it's Adult Misha. She's wearing a lot of the same clothing she does as a child, with some slight alterations. As with all of the basic costumes it is actually one of the best looking items of clothing, but it's pretty terrible just like Aurica's or Young Misha's and you should never use it. It's sort of a shame only Shurelia's 'regular' clothing is usable.

China Dress:

MP: -200
GD Resist: 90%
Harmonics: Very Fast

It's a dress. From China. There's not much to say, because this is pretty much a real and comparatively tasteful item of clothing. It's got really friggin' fast harmonics so it's good for farming.


MP: +0
GD Resist: 34%
Harmonics: Fast

This is Misha as a kunoichi I guess. This isn't necessarily very tasteful but as with much of Misha's wardrobe isn't really extreme out there like Aurica's can be. Shinobi is decent, although it sucks compared with Kasha and you should use Kasha because Kasha is awesome.


MP: +1200
GD Resist: 70%
Harmonics: Fast

Kasha is the armored Misha from the Cosmosphere. It's pretty much Misha's best all around costume because it combines good Harmonics with enough +MP that you can avoid using lots of MP Convert crystals to cap out MP. It's also the best looking costume she's got, not in the least because it's clearly the least humiliating. Seriously if you use Misha use Kasha all the time unless you need to use another for a talk topic or something.

Sailor Girl:

MP: +1800
GD Resist: 10%
Harmonics: Slow

Dammit Japan, you got my hopes up with that last one that you had changed and then you go and throw this Sailor Moon shit at me. It's got a lot of MP but slow Harmonics are slow and only really a good choice on a long boss fight where you have a lot of time to cap out.

White Kimono:

MP: +1400
GD Resist: 100%
Harmonics: Slow

It's a Kimono that's white. It's Misha's Level 9 reward. If you want to use it, I strongly suggest a Harmonics boosting crystal like Glass Heart because slow Harmonics really suck. It's a shame because again this is a well designed and tasteful costume by Ar Tonelico standards.


MP: +300
GD Resist: 50%
Harmonics: Average

Okay. That's a shirt. She's just wearing a shirt. It's really average in gameplay terms. I refuse to dignify this with outrage any more. I'm just going to go on to the awesome bonus that Gust were jerks and have art for but didn't use.

Elfir (Adult):

That's right, in the scans there's art for Adult Misha as Elfir. No, you can't get this in game. They're assholes like that. It's a shame because I think it's the best of the Level E callback costumes.