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Part 12: Episode 10 - Death of a Corporation

Episode 10 - Death of a Corporation, once again featuring nine-gear crow, who is currently in LP startup limbo, before beginning his Ace Combat 2 LP. Which pretty much seems to consist of him being upset he can't play the 3DS remake.

For today's episode though, Emeraude gets exactly what's coming to it, and we get exactly what's coming to us.

Nerves Concord posted:

Murakumo Millennium
The Mars Research Record, left behind by the Murakumo Millenium Corporation, states that Disorders are guard units created by an ancient Martian civilization.

The record also indicates that the Disorder units aren't acting on their own behalf. Rather, their actions are guided from some remote "control tower."

At this time no such device has been located.

If such a system is discovered and the Disorders could be manipulated, it would be relatively easy to conquer and control Mars.

Nell Aulter posted:

Takeover of Emeraude
An agreement has been reached where Emeraude will surrender to and come under full control of the LCC. Their Earth Headquarters has also announced they will oey the Earth Government.

Through gradual governmental pressure, Emeraude will be stripped of its power. For all intensive purposes, Emeraude is finished.

Great changes will occur on Mars depending on how Zio and Balena play their cards. Either way, a Raven can only carry out orders. Once a path has been chosen, it must be followed to its end.

Nell Aulter posted:

Zio Matrix Earth HQ
It seems the relationship between Zio Matrix's Earth Headquarters and its Mars Division is deteriorating rapidly.

Their Earth Headquarters does not want to damage its ties to the Earth Government, but the Mars Division's only concern is consolidating power. Our informants say they're about to split

The Mars Division has always conducted itself in a devious manner. What are they planning to do? We will contact you if we learn anything new.


Balena Product Announcement
This is an announcement in regards to a new part added to the SHOP. It is the very best, the culmination of Balena know-how. Head over to the SHOP and see our superb creation for yourself.

Technology is the key when designing weapons; technology is the power that changes the world. And it is Balena that has the most technological prowess.

And in other news, holy shit, we finally have some new music! And they're really good too.

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