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Part 13: Episode 11 - Conspiracies

Episode 11 - Conspiracies

This time around we have JamieTheD and Rafza around to talk over Zio being all next on the fuckup train.

Nell Aulter posted:

Zio Matrix's Conspiracy
The Mars Division's trump card was the activation of that large Disorder unit. It seems their initial goal of acquiring new technologies has shifted and now they strive towards controlling Mars.

We're concerned about what they'll do next. They're running out of options and we believe that they have no choice but to use their last resort. Please read the mission parameters for more details.

Clearly they're in dire straits. They've come under pressure from both LCC and you.

Sometimes I'm afraid for you. I'm afraid of what awaits you on the path you have chosen.

LCC posted:

Mars Unification Declaration
Unchecked corporate competition has taken its toll on Mars, just as it had on the Earth years ago. however, now that the battles have ended all corporations will fall into line under LCC's control.

With the cessation of a series of senseless battles, we, the LCC, hereby make a declaration:

We have achieved the unification of Mars, and have brought order and peace to this planet.

Leos Klein posted:

To All Ravens
Corporations, the Government, LCC...
We Ravens have too many restrictions.

Those who wish to create a world where Ravens are totally free, come with me.

Earth Government posted:

To All Ravens
This is the Earth Government. The LCC is no longer functional due to the mutiny of the Special Forces and the lack of a command system caused by the absence of a leader.

Given the circumstances, we, the Earth Government, will be taking temporary controls of Mars. Our current objective is to suppress all rogue elements, starting with Leos Klein.

We ask for your understanding and support.

Nell Aulter posted:

Klein is asking all Ravens to join his revolt. Those who have responded gather in various locations across Mars. The Special Forces are about to become the most powerful force on the planet.

If Klein's goal was to control Mars, perhaps all he's done up until now was in preparation. By that I mean entering the Government's service and creating the fiercest fighting force ever.

But is this really the case? I don't think this is his true intention. It's too much like a dream.

Nell Aulter posted:

Research Reports
I've already told you that Klein was a member of the Mars Research Team, but as I searched through the files I found something of interest. It's a report filed by Klein himself.

According to the report, a "central control system" exists on Mars, and all information regarding the history of Mars is stored there.

The ones that have access to the system are the armored machines unique to Mars. These machines are most likely the Disorder units we have been discovering.

A similar report was found in documents from before the Great Destruction, but it seems many thought them too far-fetched. Under the current circumstances, it's a little harder to dismiss.

If Klein's goal is to access the "central control system," where does this system exist? And does Klein know something about its location already?

Holy shit, Nell. But yeah, so Klein is up to some suspicious shit, keeping busy for a guy who's probably into his nineties at this point. Starting up his own Outer Heaven rebellion, going on treasure hunts, some people just don't retire.