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Part 14: Episode 12 - Nine Breaker

Episode 12 - Nine Breaker

Today's guests are Motoh and JaimeTheD once again, hitching a ride on the fame train to the top of the Arena with me, as we fight a series of complete and utter shitbirds.

The Animal posted:

Nine Breaker
Nine Breaker...he's not just another powerful opponent, he is the best of the best. Even though I gave it my all, I still couldn't defeat him.

But I know you can! Please, defeat Nine Breaker in my stead. Here,take this with you.

Ares posted:

I've been waiting. The sole purpose of my existence is to defeat you.

Nerves Concord posted:

To Nine Breaker
You're now ranked number one in the Arena.
As an acknowledgement of this most impressive feat, we hereby bestow upon you the title of "Nine Breaker".

But the battle isn't over.
It can be lonely and boring at the top.

We truly hope a new and powerful opponent will come before you, and that you'll once again demonstrate your skill in battle.