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Armored Core: Project Phantasma and Master of Arena

by ArclightBorealis

Part 17: Master of Arena - Chapter 7: We Fucked Up...

So last update we got our license to compete in the actual Arena. It only holds the top 15 ranked Ravens (including us), so it shouldn't take long to get to Hustler One, especially compared to the 50 rank Arena ladder in Project Phantasma.

For this next set of fights, I figured I'd mix up my weapon load out just a bit. For start, I've swapped out the KARASAWA for the WG-MG500/E energy machine gun. Yes, I'm still using an energy weapon as my primary, but this one at least is one of the new weapons exclusive to this game, and it is still one of a kind. And then I swapped out my shoulder cannon for the WM-X201 multi missile launcher. Because multi missiles kick ass.

With those preparations now made, let's get going.

Main Arena Ranks #14 - 10

Reward: 50000 C

First opponent you face in the main Arena uses the KARASAWA of all things, and moves around a hell of a lot. As always, it's easy to lose a ton of health against an AC with this weapon, which I ended up losing a good few thousand AP because I wanted to nail him with some missiles. The rifle did a good enough job cleaning it up, though.

Reward: 59000 C

A reverse joint AC, so as such it's got vertical mobility that you want to limit. It's back missile launcher has the most potential for damage, but he only really fired it once as opposed to trying to waste it all like some ACs are fond of doing with their most powerful arsenal. Also kind of pathetic for him that I got as many laser blade hits on him as I did.

Reward: 63000 C
Special Part: WX-C/4

While this guy starts with sub 7000 AP, he makes up for it with lots movement and evasive skills. It also gave me plenty of good opportunities to use my missiles, which could take about 500-600 AP or so off of him. Though the battle got especially close when I expended my energy and was stuck recharging. I was indeed very lucky to have my energy restored and finish him off with my health in the red. A pretty good fight, I'd say.

Reward: 68000 C

This guy on any other map was a pain in the ass to deal with, as Spin Kid uses a reverse joint AC and loves to hop around. Unless of course you fight him in the parking garage, in which case you can get tons of easy hits on him as soon as he lands from a jump. Not to mention laser blades deal especially big damage against his AC.

Reward: 74000 C

This fight, especially on this map, involves a lot of moving and re positioning because Fayde loves to charge at you. Either to boost right past you, or go in for a melee attack, though the latter is rather rare. It's still deadly though, as his blade of choice is the Moonlight so it is especially devastating. And while he uses his boosters to get around quickly, there are times where I believe he does use up his entire energy meter and has to make do without it. But since his weapons aren't tied to it his attack ability isn't lessened, unlike me.

Defeating Sherbert nets us another unlockable weapon, the WX-C/4. It's a double back energy weapon that fires four lasers at once. In terms of stats though, this actually has the highest single attack power of a double back weapon, in addition to fastest reload time. It does have considerable energy drain to balance it out, but it's a nice weapon to have if you can manage your meter effectively and like using double back weapons.

Anyway, after reaching Rank 10 in the Arena, we get kicked out and are given a new mail in our inbox.


An emergency situation has arisen.
We have an urgent request regarding
a mission for you. Please read the
request description for more info.

Another message directly from Progtech. Sounds pretty serious.

An emergency situation has arisen. Our Laboratory at the center of the city is under attack by unknown forces.

The invaders have divided into several small groups and are attacking via different routes. We assume their target is Elan Cubis' Lab.

There may be some connection between these units and the ones that attacked out Marine Lab, but we aren't sure.

All 4 Gates leading to the Laboratory are located in Block 7. These key locations must be defended.

So another urgent mission request from our sponsor, being sent directly by them, and we can't ignore it because our Arena registration is revoked once again.

I get the feeling that something bad will happen if we go through with this mission, but fuck it, game's not gonna keep moving forward till I do something and this is the only option.

Right from the get go, we gotta rush to Gate 3 as enemies are beginning to attack it.

The main enemies you face in this mission are Wasps, reverse joint MTs and there are always two attacking a single gate at a time. They go down pretty quickly with our regular loadout, four shots from either our back cannon or the KARASAWA. Once Gate 3 is cleared, it's on to the next one

While I started taking them out with my rifle, I switched to the back cannon for most of the enemies at Gates One and Two. The reason is because there's a surprise waiting for us at Gate Four.


Yes, this is our very first actual fight with Nine-Ball in this game, and while not fighting at his fullest capability, he has no problem firing missiles to stunlock you with impunity. Still, we're not in a large vertical shaft, so it's not that hard for me to keep a lock on him and pelt him with KARASAWA shots.

After taking enough shots, Nine-Ball bails and the mission is completed. Cost for AC repairs barely has any effect on the payout for this job (or the total amount of credits in our account).

After that event, we got two new messages now.

Sender: Elan Cubis

You've saved me once again. Please
allow me to offer my humble thanks
to you for your bravery.

I've done some research on that
mysterious MT, but so far I have
only come up empty-handed.

I thought I was at a dead end, but
the AC that appeared this time was
Nine-Ball, correct? I've decided to
conduct more research along these

My understanding is that some bad
blood exists between you and Nine-
Ball...I will keep you informed if
I should learn anything new.

Oh yeah, that amphibious MT. Though this is basically the last time that's going to be mentioned in any sort of capacity, we at least have someone at our sponsor willing to look for more details about Nine-Ball. Though the next message is, well, a bit worrisome.

Sender: Lana Nielsen

You were warned not to accept
any direct requests without
my approval.

I am no longer acting as your
contact. In fact, I'm cutting
off all support to you. Good
luck. You'll die soon enough.

You know, if what I did was really that serious and against the rules, you would think that more severe measures would be employed like, I don't know, revoking my status as a Raven and not giving me anymore access to all services provided by the Nest. Just no missions but I still get Arena access? Sounds like a bunch of bull-


...she wasn't kidding.

Well, hope you're all up for a ton of Arena battles the next few updates, because what the fuck else are we gonna do?