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Part 2: And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different

So that was pretty ominous. Plague, Reapers, killing the woman you love...naturally, we're not going to address any of that right now and instead go meet some new characters.

The Reaping being scheduled for the Millennium is a nice touch - it parallels medieval millennial panic, and the plagues and demons shown in the intro could come straight out of the book of Revelation.

Well, Amma just told us the reaping is going to start here. I'm sure nothing will come of that.

The Spring Equinox

8th Year of Peace Since the Last War

This must be the daughter, but who is that woman?

Meet Thorn and Gleda Brenin. They may remind you of some other characters from a different game.

: (Quietly) Gleda, are you daydreaming again?

: Yes, how did you know?

: (Patting you on the shoulder) Albius is far from the largest town. There aren't too many captains of the royal guard here. And even fewer captains' wives.

: And only one of those wives celebrates her birthday on the day of the spring equinox. Please, give her my regards.

: (With gratitude) I will, Burgomeister, though you are most welcome to stop by and do it in person.

: The Burgomeister is eager to carry on, but one of the citizens calls his name. Trobbel gives you a nod and attends to matters.

: (Smiling) I've heard he's a distant relative to the king himself.

Yes, I'm aware in the storyline we haven't seen yet that there's a red-haired archer girl who wields magic powers. Shut up. We're not there yet.

:The distance of their relation may be the secret to his longevity.

Despite being an ex-royal guard, Thorn isn't above breaking a few lese majeste laws now and then.

: Well, looks like we got carried away and aren't any closer to picking a gift for Liki.

: What are we going to get her?

Decision time!

What are we getting Thorn's wife? This has decisions for down the line, so choose wisely!

Rook and Alette portraits are from FairGame's Banner Saga LP. Check it out!