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Part 3: High Fantasy Shopping Action!

High Fantasy Shopping Action!

Mact won by one vote, so let's see what he's up to!

: There's talk of trouble on the borders, your brother could be rather busy. I hope he finds the time to send his mother a letter at least.

: I hope so too. He would have known what gift to get for her birthday!

: I'm sure you can manage on your own.

Thorn, you are literally going shopping together. What the hell are you talking about?

The camera pans through the town... reveal a familiar looking scene.

Click on the portraits to talk to the person. It's literally the same UI the Banner Saga uses for when you're in camp and you want to ask all the heroes how they're doing. I hate to keep bringing up these comparisons, but you guys could have at least made a different looking UI or something to disguise what you're ripping off of. Now you have to have a FAQ on your website that you're just "heavily inspired" by Banner Saga. Come on!

There's more to this game, I promise.

Anyway, from left to right, we have Padagang, a clothing merchant, Gleda whom we know, and Rask, a jewelry merchant.

We'll start with Gleda.

: I know what Mother really needs-good health, for her ailing heart.

: (With hope) Is there any way to mend it? Magic? Help from the gods?

: The Temple of Divine Retribution! Only fools expect any help from them. I wish we knew why they had to exact this retribution on your mother...

: (With a sigh) Then we should be content with what the market has to offer. And I'm going to win tomorrow's fencing tournament in her honor!

: Mom used to fence when she was younger!

: (Bitterly) I never could understand that. Thank the gods she never had to use that skill.

Now normally I'd base this on the votes for clothing and jewelry, but you guys tied, so I made a decision to talk to Padagang. Sorry, jewelry fans, I'll try to show off Rask on the next run.

We get a little encounter on the way to the stall.

We greet her politely.

: Not every fortress is worth the siege.

We could keep making fat jokes, but why bother?

: There is truth in what you say, friend. However, since you've rid me of a client, perhaps you'd like to buy something yourself?

: Help me pick a gift for my wife.

: Different things can make a woman's heart sing, friend. For some, the best furs are nothing, while others are content with shawls. Even a mound of gold would not be enough, yet some treasure a mere glance.

: (Shaking his head) Enough about were also talking about shawls. Let us choose one.

Remember that icon? It's decision time again!

Before we do that, let's milk Padagang for information about what this stuff is.

: Show us the wool.

: (Smiling) Friend, if the beautiful young Gleda would allow me to borrow the ring she bears on her little finger, I will spare you the speech.

: Gleda removes the ring from her little finger and hands it to Padagang. He takes a fluffy woolen shawl from the counter, and, in the blink of an eye, pulls it through the tiny ring.

: (Impressed) I didn't think it possible...though... would this shawl be warm enough?

: Show us the silk.

: I have just the thing you're looking for, my friend! This handkerchief has a strand of silver woven into it-the so-called Thread of Life. It's said that it protects the bearer from dark magic...but you don't have to believe in magery to appreciate its beauty!

: Dad, look! This is gorgeous. Imagine Mom wearing it!

Uh, Gleda? It's a handkerchief. I'm pretty sure that just goes in your pocket and gets covered in snot. The internet says ladies can wear it as a headband, I guess.


Do we purchase the extremely light woolen shawl that protects as though it were heavy wool? Or do we purchase the gorgeous silk handkerchief embroidered with silver that is maybe effective against sorcery?