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Part 4: Holy shit, something is actually happening!

Holy shit, something is actually happening!

I'll be the first to admit too much hasn't happened these last few updates. Our major decisions were what to buy our wife, and whether or not the merchant was telling the truth about a pretty handkerchief. Well, today we get to make a major decision.

We get to decide how hard Thorn Brenin gets bitch-slapped by one of the greatest evil beings of the game's setting.

Unfortunately, before I can get there we have to get through a few misadventures first. You all decided by a 2 to 1 margin to get the possibly magic handkerchief over the the wool shawl. Was that the right choice? We shall see in...about 2 chapters.

As you are about to leave, the low tolling of a bell fills the market square. Bewildered, buyers and sellers alike fix their eyes upon the town hall...

: If only you had seen the fair lady I had spotted earlier! Why, she was...almost as beautiful as your daughter. Went straight to the town hall she did. Perhaps her beauty drove the chimesman mad? Or did he drink himself silly again?

: The chimesman has outdone himself... He isn't late this time, he's started early. It isn't even midday!

: (Nodding) Doesn't the bell sound strange to you? Almost like it's screaming...

Thorn Brenin: offscreen action man.

What is it with this setting and shirts? Did he get lost on the way to the BDSM club?

Something tells me the cutscene showing Baron Trobbel dying was added after this sequence. I think that's the most unnecessary caption in the game, but it kinda blends with all the times they use stage directions because they don't want to animate Hopper handing Amma a knife. This is one of the sequences where they nail the visuals - look at Gleda's face! - and fuck it up with .

: (To no one in particular) Resilient...

Again, I think the visuals do a fine job of setting up what the hell is going on. Thorn is protecting Gleda, who is terrified. Dorpkhal has trivially massacred the town for reasons known only to him, dropped the dead body of the town's leader at our protagonists' feet, and is just standing there musing what to do with these two idiots who just ran up to him like chumps. While I do understand this game was translated from Russian, whoever translated it seems to have fallen into the trap that more words are better.

And we go back to the weird mismash of stuff they are unwilling or unable to show and that stupid owl from Ocarina of Time.

: What do you want?

(The "who are you" option isn't particularly interesting, he just laughs at you, refuses to give you his name, and calls you a dumbass.)

: (Cocking his head) Nothing. The Burgomeister decided for you all.

: (Smirking) Ritual... A tribute to memory.

You use the last of your strength to keep standing. Your heart, pounding, is about to leap from your chest. Your throat tightens.

Decision time!

How is Thorn gonna get owned?

Next time: Women in refrigerators! Actual gameplay! Bad game design decisions! Murderin some dudes!

Also leave feedback on whether you'd prefer me to have fewer votes but on more important issues.