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Part 18: Thorn Brenin and The Great Fuckup

Thorn Brenin and The Great Fuckup

: Perhaps you could give me an idea of where I should be going?

: Why do you seek my advice? From here, the only way leads to Ursus. Try your fortune there... though I can't promise you'll find much of it.

So Ursus is the capital of Jerana, where Thorn is wanted for multiple homicide and kidnapping the prince. As Chila said, this might end badly.

: If every menhir is tainted, we'll find no cure in Ursus... Or is there something else, apart from the stone? What awaits me in that city?

: It's not "what" but "who." Look for Unda, the healer. She may be the only one who can help you.

Have Thorn and Unda met before? I honestly don't know.

: Perhaps you know a way to halt the Reaping?

: Don't concern yourself with the Reaping, Thorn. It's time each of us tended to our own woes. Especially your companion-the older one. He is weak and tired.

: Are you talking about Krieger? What's gnawing at him? Some sort of illness... perhaps something he craves? Can I help him?

Thorn, Krieger said he literally wanted to murder all of you. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS WRONG?

: Indeed you can. You have an item in your possession that can save him-The Thread of Life woven into silk.

Remember when we bought the magic hankie wayyyy back in update 3? This is what it's for.

: Is your ointment for sale?

: The strixes are melting. Are you suggesting we wander around all of Terminum looking for them until the Reaping abates?

: You won't wander long. Sooner or later, you'll return to where fate requires you-if you don't perish along the way, of course.

This is a bold statement coming from a video game protagonist piloted by votes on the internet.

: I've wandered far and wide, we could have encountered each other. At my age, details escape me. Here, wear this bracelet so that I recognize you next time-do not take it off! These aren't strixes, but they aren't pebbles either. You'll find them useful.

: Um, I will. And thanks... I guess. I'll be going now. I have to catch up with Father before he starts to worry.

That ends our conversation with Chila. We can go back to her but all we get is this.

Anyway, we should tell Krieger to wear the magic handkerchief we never got to give to our dead wife.

Clearly Krieger has never heard of the phrase "no homo", which can be used by insecure men throughout the ages.

: All right, I'll tread you like my daughter for a moment. There's an old seer, her prophecies come true. She claims that this handkerchief can protect you from curses. So stop fussing and do as I say!

: Damn, Thorn, I'm not daughter of yours. But since you've started listening to raving hags... All right, I'll wear the rag-but I ain't gonna like it.

I wonder why Krieger's wife hates him?

Anyway, let's check out the menhir.

Ramlin said we'd get something cool if we walked under it.

Sweet! Healing! Let's do it again!

I guess we used up the pain and suffering from people being randomly tortured and...wait. Is it really ethical to use these things as they're basically the fantastic embodiment of "for the greater good"? The game isn't going to explore that, and neither should you!

Anyway, mechanically speaking, this removes 1 level of injuries from our characters (the red skulls in the portrait screen). The only other way to do this other than scripted events is to rest for a day, which eats a day's worth of strixes.

IF YOU ARE PLAYING THIS GAME, NEVER REST. It's a trap option that will bite you in the ass later.

The Enses are about to attack the gate, so we go there.

: You doze off while waiting for the enemy. The sound of a horn wakes you. You'll give these abominations a proper reception.

: Before the battle begins, you notice Krieger stumbling and clutching his throat. A pang of worry hits you, but your old comrade is quickly back to normal. He tightens his grip on the hilt of his sword.

Now, you might be asking "but what if we didn't have the magic hankie?"

The Road Not Taken posted:

Krieger mutates into a monster and you have to fight him in the upcoming battle. I'll show off the whole thing in the fuckup run, but it's pretty stupid. Remember, the only way to save Krieger is to buy the magic handkerchief from Padagang. If you visit Rask's shop, you're fucked. And no, you can't go back to Padagang after visiting Rask. Again, if you don't buy the magic handkerchief a character you've never met will die.

I take the opportunity to play with my deck a little. We completed some new cards! Naturally, only half of them are good and I probably won't use them with this party. Drain replaces Rancor, and is just more evidence the optimal way to play is by sending out the protagonist to fight by themselves.

Bloody Harvest reduces defense by 20 to everyone on the battlefield - meaning everyone takes 20 more damage. Remember, the opponent gets to activate a unit the turn after you fire this off. It's shit.

Vulnerability reduces a target's defense by 15. It's not awful.

Energy Surge is just cure but heals energy by 10 instead of health.

Thirst for Destruction gives you 7 attack power but reduces you to one move. This is also shit.

We are rewarded for saving Krieger with the joy of more Ash of Gods combat.

In just a short time, we've reduced Sopp from an elite royal guardsman to a master of baiting the enemy.

Apparently the devs are making a mobile Ash of Gods tactics game. I'm not optimistic for its success.

Ramlin's energy drain attack is very similar to Lo Pheng's energy drain, if you needed proof Eikons were magic.

I manage to lose Thorn and Flitt on the easiest difficulty, proving how good I am at this game.

I end up not restarting and we get levelups for Brett, Sopp, and Gleda. Brett gets the same +1 attack Flitt got, Sopp gets a walking boost, and Gleda's Heavy Strike costs 8 less health.

: "Don't be an idiot, Krieger", you snap. "The old woman foresaw the arrival of these Enses. She also said-quite clearly-that if you remove it, you'll regret it. Do what you want, but I'm taking her advice seriously. Wear it under your clothes if it bothers you so much."

It's at this point I realize I never equipped the steel bracelet I blew so much money on. Oh well.

Time to leave. Not pictured: Me walking between the menhir trying to sneak a heal.

Well, uh...

Decisions lie before us!

What do we do about FIsk? On one hand, he's a murderous thieving asshole as reported by our old friend who has no reason to lie to us.

On the other hand, he is one of ours.

Choose wisely, goons!