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Part 25: Hopper Rouley and the Excellent Chance to Make Terrible Decisions

Hopper Rouley and the Excellent Chance to Make Terrible Decisions

Last time, goons elected to have Hopper try to save Gleda.

: Hopper, save my daughter.

: So she's in trouble, after all, isn't she? Thorn, you know nothing about me. You never saw me destroy the town hall. There are no witnesses to my supposed selflessness and honor.

: You learn a lot just by watching people, believe me. Besides, I know Ake quite well. Wipe that frown from your face, giant. Trust me, Hopper, if you'd been a scoundrel, he'd never have brought you here.

Wha...Ake and Thorn were friends this whole time?

: Take her to see Stakhet Vichti. We've never quite been on friendly terms, but he wishes no harm upon his grandchildren. You'll find my daughter-or at least sign of her-in Ursus, close to where the last battle with the Enses took place. I think you're smart enough to take it from there,

Friendly reminder that Gleda is in the hands of a woman who answers to a disguised Reaper.

: You've a knack for getting people's hopes up without promising anything, Hopper. Thorn, why not ask your father-in-law for help anyway? He's quite the powerful man after all!


I just want to point out that Mushom there is glitched in. I loaded the last save and it loaded me to before the dialog with the three stooges. Apparently if you click fast enough the game doesn't remove the icon. Quality! Anyway, our only choice now is to go to the inn.

: Think about asking Coronzon for help.

: Think about your own sorcery.

: Think about whether you should leave things as they are.

This part gets me. Thorn's not really being judged on his actions, he's being judged because Prince Treeg was dropped on his head as a child.

: Stop thinking and act.

Decisions lie before us!

Are we going to help Thorn? If so, how?

Also, if Andra were to attempt a prison break, do we trust her enough to go along with it? She might still be working with our arch-enemy.

A quick reminder, Coronzon is that creepy cardinal who looked like death. He is an Umbra, like Hopper, and threw Hopper into the cursed tower so we could start our stupid riddle extortion game.

That asshole.

Choose wisely!