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by Geop

Part 14: Episode 14: Bleeding Out

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- In a second recording (missed the Lucy conversation and had to zip through a save real fast), the first switch I picked was on ground level, and a quick jog around the corner. I just find it funny that in the recording, Desmond merely strolled around the corner and Lucy praised how he was retaining Ezio's abilities

- Desmond referred to Maria as "that woman from Acre". I did a pretty coarse summary of the PSP game at the end of AC1, and the gist of it is that Al ran in to Maria a second time in Acre. That was at the beginning of the PSP game. The first time, of course, was when she was a stand-in for Robert de Sable. The PSP game evidently has an Animus interface, but Desmond isn't attached to it at all. I find it funny that Desmond evidently followed the whole PSP game's story, which ends strongly hinting at their romance, only to see them alone. At the top of a tower. At night. And all he can say is "hey hey uhm what're you guys doin'? "