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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

by Sylphid

Part 18: Blackbeard's Wrath

Part XVIII: Blackbeard's Wrath

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Whereupon Edward Kenway, upon meeting with old friends Edward Thatch and Stede Bonnet, plunges into the depths to find medicine for the miserable denizens of Nassua. Meanwhile Thatch continues his reign of terror over the British Empire in the West Indies. SubponticatePoster joins me as we go into the deep.

Also, just a note about the videos. This whole Japan adventure has been pretty miserably stressful so far, and I decided a couple weeks ago I'd leave soon. So, I find myself with an incredible lack of energy on my part on the weekdays. I still have Part 19 to post, but ones other than that will probably be recorded back in America. Terrible timing on my part combined with a stressful job. Oh well. Rarely things work out the way you want or even expect, I've found.