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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

by Sylphid

Part 30: The Ambition of Black Bart

Part XXX: The Ambition of Black Bart

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Whereupon Edward Kenway, brigand and pirate who has taken his quest for the Observatory to the coast of Africa, has returned to the Caribbean to assist the notorious outlaw Sage Black Bart in his ambitions. The dashing rogue that has made his motto "A merry life and a short one" threatens to destroy all that Kenway has built up.

With the usual suspects in tow. A blanket big thank you to SubponticatePoster for her services from here on out. I would not be able to complete this LP until...November were it not for her. Yeah, I know it's been two months, but it's been a rough couple months for me, and I'm ready for the home stretch of this game.