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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

by Sylphid

Part 36: Captain Kenway's Folly

Part XXXVI: Captain Kenway's Folly

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As this tale of revenge and redemption upon the Caribbean sails into the sunset, reformed brigand Captain Edward Kenway reflects on his actions, and the long trail his life has taken him after leaving Swansea to make his fortune. What he gained, lost, and realized during these long years, he will carry with him throughout the rest of his life. exploding mummy sails along with Kenway during this last adventure.

And yep, that'll do it, more or less, for Black Flag's gameplay. Some extras I mentioned I will record in the coming days, but finally, *finally* we're so close to the end we can taste it. Aside from the two videos I have now (Abstergo hacking / ending), Aveline + 100% completion cheat will cover a video, Freedom Cry maybe 2-3. Time to start thinking about what Creed I'll do next. Right now, Brotherhood is very tempting.