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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

by Sylphid

Part 37: Corporate Espionage

Part XXXVII: Corporate Espionage

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The Desmond Tapes
Subject 0 Tapes
Subject 1 Tape
Random files, and the story of Prague at the height of the 17th century
A cheater's life

Where we join our nameless, faceless protagonist as he wakes up to an...unwelcome sight, before quickly being given freedom to wander the building, searching for knowledge and computers to hack in his or her quest to gather knowledge on the mysterious corporation.

Yeah, this update is more or less a clearing house for all the extras that didn't make it into the main playthrough. The ending should be coming very shortly, but don't forget we still have Aveline and Adewale's side stories. Stay tuned. Oh yeah, and exploding mummy's here.