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Part 39: EX Update 1 - Freedom Cry

EX Update 1 - Freedom Cry

Part 1: Regular, Cut
Part 2: Regular
Part 3: Regular
Part 4: Regular, Cut
Part 5: Regular, Cut

Welcome to the 5-part Freedom Cry series. It's the major DLC expansion to Black Flag, and features Adewale as his arrives in Saint-Domingue at the height of the 18th century slave trade. Part 1 covers Ade's arrival in Saint-Domingue, Part 2 chronicles how Ade acquired the Experto Crede, Part 3 is sailing around the available world map and uncovering its secrets, Part 4 is the discovery of what's going on, and Part 5, is of course, the resolution to everything. I may or may not get around to Rogue at some point in the future, but it's not a huge priority at the moment. Do enjoy.

Oh, and these screenshots were sent to me by my first mate.