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by Sylphid

Part 40: EX Update 2 - Aveline

EX Update 2 - Aveline

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This is the second, much more minor, DLC add-on to Black Flag, originally available exclusively on PS3 but later available on PS4 / Xbone / PC, telling the story of Aveline du Granpre's visit up to Rhode Island and the liberation of the slave Patience Gibbs. It's about 40 minutes long and you're not particularly missing out on anything earth-shaking if you gloss over it, but here it is.

And at long, long, looooong last, it's the end of the thread, everyone. This thread went on much, much longer than I was really intending it to. Black Flag is a pretty long game, but there's no particular excuse I can offer for it taking this long. I thank everyone who has stayed with this thread and watched the videos for their patience, and I'm glad to have revisited this game, occasionally taxing as it was. As we decided on in the final main game video, next Assassin's Creed I'll revisit is Brotherhood, probably for the PS4, once I actually have the Ezio Collection and time to play it again for myself and the forum.

Once again, everyone who has kept up with this thread and watched the videos has my thanks, and in particular, SubponticatePoster and Toffile / unpronounceable name / exploding mummy / exploded mummy for their commentary and support for this thread. Thanks a million, you two.