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Part 26: Episode 26: Everything is Permitted

Episode 26: Everything is Permitted

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- Random tidbit here, but I kept referring to Shalim & Shahar as Shalamar as a whole in my notes. Almost went with that, but Youtube probably would've had an issue with a music plug

- Minor correction/clarification, but the Templar Archive in Bloodlines is mentioned very early on, and Al finally reaches it in the end. If there is some sorta glaring issue with the summaries, bear in mind that this is just a loose summary, based on what I could dig up on their plots. Never played 'em But there really was almost nothing else to the DS game's plot.

- For some crazy in-depth analysis and dissection of all the stuff we saw in the final scene, look here. Bear in mind that there are some mild spoilers on the page, as it tries to rationalize some of the clues.

Geop posted:

Also, someone on Youtube pointed this out, but I remarked on something looking like an eclipse on one of the walls; honestly, it looked like a side shot of planets in alignment or something. My mind didn't click to it at all (I didn't dig too deeply in to the post-credit visions), but it's actually a sketch of a Mandelbrot set. I don't know much about it beyond a bit of a recognition, though ("ohhh, THAT's what it was"); my math background never even touched on it.

Anyhow! Props to krihan3 for the catch
- Here's the music I used for the segments, in the order they're played:

Contest results!
So, I went with a tried-and-true raffle type drawing for the names of the winners. Right around a dozen folks entered for each console's copy.
PS3 copy winner: Monicro
360 copy winner: Thistledown
Congrats! Be sure to e-mail me with your address details so I can track you down send the games your way!

And that, as they say, is that Had quite a time with this game (both uphill and downhill at times, o'course), but also gave me a nice chance to dust off and learn a couple nuances about one of my favorite periods in history. Some point soonish, I'll be starting off the Assassin's Creed 2 LP (I mentioned it in here a while back, but I ran it by RChimp and got his thumbs-up on it). Its overall format will pretty strongly resemble what I've done for these last few episodes (but I'll be able to spread out the segments more). I'll be pasting the link in here before closing the thread for good.

In the mean time? I need to refresh my Renaissance knowledge

Edit: Cleaning up the text. Jesus Christ, what was up with my grammar when I wrote this post