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Part 111: Update CVII: An Apprentice and the Exhaustion

Well, this is going to be quite the scatter-brained update, but that's mainly because we really need to run the tables and get everything before Makina taken care of this time. It's not as bad as it sounds. We're just about done with Strong Meruru and the Potion of Youth business, but we still have the monstrosity that is the Hot Springs to take care of. Oh well.

We resume just after bringing down the G... Video goes until Masked G says "Now her ego has grown larger than ever!"

Th-This can't could I have lost to a little girl?

Woooohoooo! I beat Masked G! I'm stronger than anyone in Arland!

W-Wait! I wasn't ready! You caught me off-guard! Once more!

N-O, NO! Don't go making excuses just 'cause you lost. Where's your pride as an ex-champion?


Hehehe, it sure feels good to be the world's best. I'm the toughest princess around. Strong like a Tera Bomb!

Incidentally, this little callback won't be the last time we'll be hearing about Tera Bombs before this thread is over.

*Meruru leaves*

Grr...I was trying to nip her arrogance in the bud. Now her ego has grown larger than ever!

The next step in Strong Meruru B is a scene with Sterk that happens in the atelier. Until then, just be patient.

After returning, I finally finished up Architect. Phew.

A few days later, after some filler syntheses, a new bulletin. I wonder what dragon Hanna is referring to...but as you can see, I've been on quite the warpath lately. And I'm not finished yet, no sir. But like I said, here's the important scene with Sterk.

Hello? Is anyone here? ...Oh, there you are.


What's wrong, Princess? All that must have something on your mind.

Uwah! Mr. Sterk! When did you come in?

Just now. Nobody replied, so I just let myself in. Listen, if there's anything I can do to help, I'd be more than happy...

So that's it, huh? That is exactly why I came to see you today.


I'm not sure I even know,'s just not the same anymore. Winning doesn't make me happy.

If that's true, you should go see him again. He's probably waiting for you.

But...I already beat him! And in the world of combat, isn't winning everything?

Please forgive me, but...isn't it rather impudent of you to think that way after winning only a single battle? He who loses often aims to get stronger. In fact, at this point he may have already exceeded you.

So...I might not be able to beat him next time?

Correct. Strength has no limit. However, winning CAN move you forward. Which is why you must continue to challenge.

...I still don't totally understand, but I can't sit here and be complacent about it. I'll try to take that to heart.

...To make me lose and teach me a lesson?

-but it looks like that won't be necessary. Please keep in mind, what you've learned today. I'll be going now.

*Sterk leaves*

Thank you so much, Mr. Sterk. I'll go find Masked G now. He might have more answers for me.

*fade to black*

I just hope she doens't start going on about him training her again or anything.

Sterk speaks as if he knows who Masked G is... Could he know something we don't? Well, we can ponder those mysteries later. Right now, just head to Hart Outpost for the final event of Strong Meruru B. Video goes until Meruru says "Masked G...I'm going to aim for a strength as great as yours!"

Masked G! I'm glad I found you. Do you have some time? I wanted to talk to you about something.

Ahh, that's excellent. I've been meaning to speak with you, too.

Oh, but before all that...I wanted to apologize for last time. I guess I got a little carried away.

You mean when you were going on and on about how you'd never lose? But at least you were able to realize your weakness.

Actually, Mr. Sterk taught me not to be so arrogant just because I beat one person one time. So...

Well then, I have nothing more to say on that subject. So, let's hear what you have to ask.

Hmph. How philosophical. But there is no simple answer. No. To say I had found a satisfactory answer myself would be incorrect. It may be that I travel now in search of that answer.

Voyaging to find the true meaning of strength...I don't think I could ever do that. Or...maybe I should.

Wait, what!?

Yeah! Maybe I should go on a wandering journey across kingdoms! Oh, wait...I feel like I've heard that before.


Huh? Jeez, why are you getting all bent out of shape?

Oh, well I...ahem! Listen, let me as you a question. Why do you fight?

Why...? I fight to protect this kingdom that I love so much.

Good. Strength should not be used for personal gain - it should be used to benefit others. Do you understand?


*Masked G leaves*

I knew Masked G was amazing! I'm nothing compared to him. Masked G...I'm going to aim for a strength as great as yours!

It seems like Meruru finally has found her answer. Masked G is, and always shall be, the mightiest. I told you Meruru tends to act strangely in order for some of these endings to work. Anyhow, I spent the next couple weeks synthesizing lots of new items to finally get Alchemy Master, which is for making 150 different items. That's a lot more than you might think, but I made some definite progress. Eventually, I decided to...

Make this puppy at long last. I wasn't exactly happy about using an Elixir that still had five uses on it to make this, but I did what had to be done. Video goes until Meruru says "How did things turn out like this?"

Oh, but will it really have the right effect? I guess I won't know until someone drinks it. Anyway, I'd better gather Ms. Astrid and everyone else!

*fade to black*

Kinda a weird hodgepodge of characters to gather...

S-So this is the Potion of Youth? Every human's desire...?

Meruru, you did it!

I've never seen it myself before. Ms. Astrid, how'd she do?

She followed the recipe perfectly, so of course there won't be any problem. Which means...go ahead, Pupil #3. Drink up.

Me!? Seriously!?

Who else? You made it, so you're responsible for the results.

That's not fair! I don't wanna go back to being a kid! Ms. Astrid, why don't you just -

Denied. I don't drink anything I'm not completely sure about.

Then - then -! Hanna, why don't you give it a try? We can be the same age!

Ahaha, I'll pass, thanks. Not that I don't believe you, but I think I'm young enough already.

Then how about...Ms. Pamela?

I wonder what would happen if I drank it... Would I come back to life?

We wouldn't see its true effect if Pamela used it. Sorry, but you have no choice.

W-W-Wait! Let's...let's call Ms. Esty!

Gaaaah! I don't wanna! I don't wanna be a kid again!

It's for the good of alchemy. Just do it already. Don't worry - if something goes wrong, I'll give you a proper funeral.

Don't say that! Waaah! What am I supposed to do!?

Looks like things are getting desperate...

That potion...why don't you let a big, strong man like myself give it a shot? I must admit, I'm very curious.

Oh, Mr. Hagel. Are you sure you know what you're saying? We have no idea what might happen...

Bwahaha! I have nothing to lose! I'll take the place of the princess and act as a noble sacrifice!

I-I can't let you do that! But of course...if you insist, I can't stop you...

Well now, that's certainly true. Good luck, Hagel. Your courage is a blessing to us all.

Ahhh! I take no responsibility for whatever happens!

Pheeew-wee! That was disgusting! But it's supposed to be the Potion of Youth, right?

Umm...well, yeah. That's what I was trying to make, but...

Wh-What's happening to you, Mr. Hagel?

This feeling...this is it! I've been waiting all these long years for him to return!



It doesn't look like anything's changed...

Nonsense! Can't you see it? A single strand of my friend, swaying gently atop my head!

You know, you may be right. I think there might be a single hair up there... Or maybe not.

I had given up on this reunion. I thought I'd never see him again. What a wonderful hair tonic, Princess!

It's not supposed to make you grow hair! only made a single strand of hair grow back.

That just means we have to increase its potency. I should be able to concoct the potion of fix Rorona. Thanks, Pupil #3. I didn't expect that much hair restoration. I think I can use that to make a hair tonic, too. Leave it to me!

*Astrid leaves*

S-Sure thing... Wait! Ms. Astrid, are you saying you knew something like that might happen? Grr...I worked so hard, but I just don't feel satisfied for some reason. How did things turn out like this?

Who knows? Anyway, there's a number of events related to the Potion with Hanna, Hagel, and Esty, but I may or may not cover them. None of them are too necessary, but there are a few scenes with Totori that are. Actually, just making the Potion of Youth is sufficient for Rorona Ending A. To get Rorona Ending B, just make the Potion of Youth, the Ice Cascade Bomb, and get to alchemy level 50.

Elixir grinding, as always, is the best way to grind alchemy levels, but we'll worry about that later.

I was fortunate to have in my possession the materials for a Blessed Coin that led me to have an (Ingot) item with +35 Speed, and +10 to everything else. Ingots are some of the most ubitquitous items needed for accessories, and this very update, we'll be making a very potent one indeed.

Unfortunately, since the Coin counts in the Development category of items, you can't register it with Pamela. We'll have to use these two Coins I made wisely. This next scene comes up the first time you synthesize after seeing the previous big scene.

What's wrong? You've been sighing an awful lot today...'s just that I'm still so inexperienced...

Are you talking about the Potion of Youth? I know it didn't work out the way you had hoped, but... You didn't make any mistakes with the synthesis, and the ingredient quality plays a big part. It's not your fault.

But I thought I did so well! I don't know where I went wrong.


You have to stir the cauldron while imagining the person you're synthesizing for. Just...put your heart into it! Miss Rorona was always so good with that. And even now, she still operates on that kind of instinct.

I see...I was only concentrating on perfecting the synthesis itself. But I should have focused more on Rorona. Wow, alchemy just keeps on showing me how profound it is. All right, I'm ready to get back in action! There's no time to waste!

There you go! And don't worry, I'm sure it'll go great next time!

Meruru has just been all over the place these past few updates.

For now, I am resolved on making the Fire-Ice Ring, one of the recipes we got waaaaaay back from Hanna when she first talked to us about Makina Domain opening up. All of the DLC syntheses are fairly complicated, but where there is complication, there is opportunity. Or something like that. Point is, I'm now ready to undertake my magnum opus.

As you can see, a formidable line-up. The traits I had on the Rime Crystal were Hand-Crafted, Cost +2, and Stats +4. What I had on the Sun you can see above. On the Komet, just a boring Hand-Crafted and a Cost +1. And for the (Ingot), one of the Blessed Coins from above.

That, if I may say so, is hot shit. Sun Power just increases the user's Fire and Ice resistance, but Fire Pattern is the real prize: a substantial increase in HP and attack power. How substantial?

Yeah... If you could register accessories in this game, you'd be unstoppable.

Now then, finally time to pursue the hot springs. All you need to do to get started is return to the volcano...

And down at the bottom, where I fought Airshatter, is the road to the world map. This was here the first time we were here, but now that Airshatter is dead and buried, so to speak, this happens when you leave through this exit.

This opens. This is actually the final location in the game. Meaning, with 8 months left on the clock, we've finally charted the whole world map. Upon going there... Video goes until Esty says "Please, Meruru, you have to put a hot spring here!"

Huh? Water's coming up from the ground. And it's...warm? I didn't notice this last time I was here. Could this be...?

For the record, although Esty has close ties to the hot spring sidequest, you don't need to bring her along to make this scene trigger. This just feels appropriate, though.

It's just like Peter said!

The source is big enough, you could develop this into a hot spring! My dream of eternal's coming alive again. Please, Meruru, you have to put a hot spring here!

Alright, lenghtly explanation time. After this, you return to town and go to the Tavern to proceed. Peter then excitedly shows up, and tells you to gather an all-female group to head to the hot spring. You can imagine why. You have to talk to Keina, Esty, Pamela, Astrid, Hanna, Filly, Mimi, Totori, Female Hom, and Rorona. That then directly leads to the hot spring scene.

However, I must admit, I've had my fair share of hot spring scenes lately (don't ask), so I am electing not to include it in a proper update. If you're so curious, I have of course recorded and uploaded the scene here.

Music: Cheer for Arls

However, this scene when I went to talk to Keina is actually pretty good, so here you go: another DLC scene.

...No, I heard it glows really softly, or something.

Wow, really? Well someone told me you can hear a slight moan...

Well...there's a rumor going around that there's a ghost in the castle!

Gh-Ghost!? What? I haven't heard anything like that! So what's the story?

It's something that glows, or makes these creepy footsteps. Keina just told me it likes to moan...

We have to do something! ...Oh, actually, I guess I might know the answer.

Huh? Really!? You're amazing, Meruru! You're like some famous detective!

It's just because we have a ghost living in town. Ms. Pamela, from Arland? She's a ghost.

Oh yeah...maybe it's her. I mean, she really is a ghost.

Good point. Then...yup, no idea! It must be some new mystery ghost.

There's a rumor that a ghost has been lurking around the castle at night. Do you know anything about it, Rufus?

Groundless conjecture. There are no ghosts of any kind in this castle, I assure you.

How can you be so sure?

Ever since we began developing Arls, I've been staying at the castle overnight. Between tasks, I take a break and make my rounds around the castle. And I've never seen a ghost. What more proof do you need? This castle contains no ghosts.

If you say so... But do you really work that late every night? When do you find time to rest?

No need to worry. As I walk around the castle, I find my mind oddly clear by the end. Sometimes, after I step out...the next thing I know, I'm back at my desk. And I'm especially productive afterwards.

Oh...really? But could that just mean...?

I simply get lost in my concentration. I hope you all are as focused when you're on the job.

*Rufus leaves*

But it's not even about being focused! You said you got up to take a break! You're totally changing your story.

I think I've got it for sure this time...

You think so too, Meruru? So the ghost's true identity might be...

But if he doesn't remember it...does that mean he's sleepwalking? Mr. Rufus really is talented...

That's not what matters here. I hope he's doing okay...

I'm worried about him, too. Meruru, maybe you could convince him to take a little break.

That's a great idea! If it's an order directly from Lord Dessier, Mr. Rufus has no choice but to obey.

Good call. If Rufus falls apart now, it's gonna cause huge problems for all of Arls.

Okay. I'll talk to my dad. I'll make sure to see him in secret so Rufus doesn't find out.

Cool. Okay, I guess that's it for now.

*Lias and Keina leave*

I don't think she would if she did, honestly. Rufus strikes me as someone who would be creepy when he's sleepwalking. Anyway, the aftermath of the hot spring event was that Peter wanted to go, but none of the girls knew that, and he got left behind.

Obviously, nobody wanted a creep like Peter around for understandable reasons, but this scene comes up when you talk to him the day after the trip.

What's wrong? You look really depressed.

Can you possibly understand the feeling of pain a man suffers when left behind on the wonderful trip to a hot spring?

Oh yeah, now that you mention it, why didn't you come with us?

I was so excited the night before, I went drinking by myself and had a little too much. I went till past midnight... So I didn't wake up until noon. And by then, nobody was here...

Aww, that's too bad! But it sounds like it's your own fault.

You guys were still cruel! You could have at least stopped by before you left!

I'm really sorry! I guess everyone just forgot about you for some reason.

*sniff* Am I really that forgettable?

Bathing...together? Is that what you had in mind?

Yeah. I was willing to risk everything for it. I'll never have that kind of opportunity again... I'm kind of glad you got let behind. But why don't you just plan another one.

It's not that easy. There'll never be such incredible participants ever again. And you'd probably blab my real plan!

Well, that's just how I am. I'm no good at hiding stuff.

We did find the spring, but it's too far away. If only we could move it a little closer...

Yeah, it IS pretty far. If it were closer, everyone could enjoy it. Hey, hold on...bringing it closer? Do you think there's a way we could bring the hot water to town?

What was that? That's a great idea! Let's just redirect the water to Arls!

Well, it just occured to me, so I dunno if something like that is actually possible.

Holy cow, Peter! ...Whoa, he's drawing it up lightning fast. He must want this really, really badly!

*fade for Peter drawing up blueprints*

All right, it's DONE! Follow these blueprints to the letter!

Is this it? these will let us redirect the water to Arls?

I guarantee it. But the place is miles and miles away, so you'll need a lot of them. I feel bad making you take of this, but you're the only person I can ask. Meruru, you have to do this for me!

Got it! If we could bring a hot spring to Arls, it'd make a great new attraction. Let's do this!

Whoooo boy, you better believe Peter's ambition is going to take *forever*. Let's crunch the numbers a bit...

You need one of these. None of the ingredients are too much of a problem to make, but look at that. 18 (Ingots). That's at least 18 days of synthing for a synth, so do the smart thing and register a basic Ingot at Pamela's. It's not a bad idea to register two slots with Ingots, just so you can buy 20 on a restock. The reason we need so many is...

This fucking item. We need 10 of these, and Alchemy Steel is a 6 day synth, which requires 3 (Ingots), 3 Polish Powders, 1 Alchemy Coal, and 1 Supplement. So, let's boil this down for the those not playing the game or following me.

The Pump is a 5 day synth. We can't register the Fireproof Plate (last seen giving one to Hagel to upgrade his furnace), so that's five days for those (the game rounds up if the day number for a synth isn't exact. In this case, 4.5 days rounds up to 5). But, we can register everything else, so for the Pump, that's 10 days minimum.

For the Pipes...10 Alchemy Steels is TWO MONTHS of synthing those alone. Add another 10 days for synthing all the Pipes. Don't even think of going after those Rubber Trees. Send one of the Homs. Wth all the downtime from making the Steel, the Hom will gather more than enough. Make sure not to withdraw the Hom until you can confirm you have 10. You don't need to waste any more time than is necessary.

So, at the bare minimum of making everything you can't register and being smart about all that, it's still nearly 3 months of synthing crap alone. On top of that, once you give Peter everything, Rufus will give you the go-ahead to construct the hot spring facility near Arls, and that's another month. That structure needs to be built for the hot spring ending flag, so in total, that's about 4 months required. As you can expect, this takes forever, and is the main reason I dislike it. Well, let's get moving...that's me, that is. You don't have to suffer through it.

On the annointed day, 12/10, we FINALLY finish up everything. At the very least, one plus of all this synthing is you end up with oodles of money from requests at the Tavern, and the revenue from the Pie Shop, Arena, and Factory Area. All that money is going straight to supplies for Makina. The scene with Peter commences. were really able to pull it off! To be honest, I still had some doubts about the whole thing. We can use these to connect the pipes and redirect the spring water to Arls.

And once that's done, we can enjoy the hot spring right in town!

Right! You really did great, Meruru. Now my dream can come true for real!

It's still too early to start celebrating. We're just getting started.

Huh? What do you mean...?

It's kind of bring just having a normal hot spring. So I came up with something way more exciting!

Whoa! I feel foolish for being so depressed before. That's really amazing!

Your dream has become part of my dream, so let's do this together!

Heck yes! Just come let me know when you're ready to built it and I'll be there to help!

I'm counting on you! Even more people will start coming to Arls if we build a nice tourist facility here.

That's...definitely a change from the normal Meruru and what she told Astrid. By the way, that reference to agriculture might be a bit strange, but it'll make more sense when we get to the endings.

And since Peter's requests were the final two, that means we've finally hit the maximum number of points possible, a whopping 3000. That's just enough to...

Get the final facility. Legendary Worker means your Popularity will increase to the max, and Lasting Popularity means your Popularity will never ever decrease for any reason. The fruits of your labor are now rewarded. On 1/10, we'll have the mightiest kingdom in all the world.

I forget exactly when I made it, but check out that item on the far right on the top row. That's the Heroic Medal. What it does is fairly simple. Depending on the quality / type of ingot you use, you get the effect Guts L, XL, or XXL. What that translates into is the odds of surviving a fatal blow from an enemy. Obviously, a Guts XXL Heroic Medal is an incredibly valuable item, especially on Meruru, since she tends to the lynchpin of your team, moreso if you're not using Rorona or Totori.

Also, Meruru currently has the Pocket Watch on. What this does is it gives anyone Pamela's ability to ressurect on their turn. Another very valuable defense-oriented accessory.

We've long had a need of Ankhs, and and Makina shall have us call upon its services again. For the Effects, Time Blessed lowers the WT between turns, and the other two should be self-explanatory. Sacred Prayer is a Defense buff, and Sure Shot gives it a 100% of a critical hit, increasing its potency further. Usage +3 doesn't actually work with the Ankh because it's an item that decreases in quality the more you use it (it recovers naturally while in the Basket or Container), but I didn't have anything better to put there, which is also why Lasts Lv1 is around.

I'm pretty sure that astronomical population count is because of Ground Breaker. Well, I shall swear ~200,000 is about a par for the course game, but I'm willing to bet Ground Breaker added 100,000. Calling it now: I'll end the game with about 350,000 in Arls. Oh, and Gino's incredibly high HP is because he's using a combination of the Soul Guard and the Fire-Ice Ring. That is quite the count.

But that's about 5 months down the line. Let's finish up Lias' events. For this final one, just attempt to bring him out on an adventure. You don't have to go anywhere. Video goes until Meruru says "I'm so happy for you, Lias."

I'm very sorry, Princess. Lias will be late due to some complications with his development-related duties.

Ohh, that sucks. I guess I can just wait for him.

What!? Rufus, do you think these are the monsters you were talking about?

It seems that way. But why now...? Princess, please don't do anything just yet.

There's no time to waste! I'm gonna go right now and see what's going on! Send Lias and the rest out after me!

*Meruru leaves*

Princess! Don't be so reckless! ...Gh, she never listens.

Rufus! I heard monsters are attacking. Is it true?

It is. We don't have time to talk about it. The princess ignored my advice and went ahead. Hurry after her.

What!? Jeez, she never thinks about anyone but herself. Fine, I'll go after her. You do your thing - figure out what's going on and send out some soldiers.

*Lias attempts to leave*



Protect the princess at all costs. I'm counting on you!

...Of course!

*fade to black*

Come now. I shouldn't have to point out how contrived this situation is, given our exploits thus far. With the amount of damage Meruru does in a single strike, I could kill each one like four times over with a single attack.

Ugh, fine. I don't even care! Come and get me, if that's what you want! Meruru's gonna bust you all down!

L-Lias! I can't help body just moves before I can even think about it.

I don't see any path for escape. We'll just have to fight our way through.

I-I'm not mentally prepared for that!

Dammit...okay, what would Rufus do?

And my job is to protect Meruru! I can do this! Huaaaaaah!

I could talk about this battle in more detail if it didn't end in a single strike from Lias using equipment that he last used against Ent. Yawn, but it does make the following part of the scene kinda amusing if you keep in mind Lias defeated the entire group with one strike.

*huff huff* Did...did I do it?

Lias, that was amazing! You took down that crazy-looking monster all by yourself!

It was a group of bunnies...

Whew...yeah, I guess it wasn't too much of a challenge. But I can't...

*fade to black*

You guys! Are you okay!?

Ah, Mr. Sterk! Lias is -

Don't worry, he just passed out. I can't believe he pulled that off. Well, there's nothing else for us to do here. Let's head back to Arls.

*fade to black*


Oh, you're awake. You passed out after that battle.

I see...I was able to defeat the monsters, but I couldn't last until the very end.

That's not true! You beat ever single one of them on your own. That's super amazing!

I was so nervous, but my body just moved by itself. I hoep i was able to at least do my job...

I see you're awake, Lias.


I read the reports. I never expected such a powerful monster to appear so close to town. It was my lack of preparation that put our princess in such danger. And...

Rufus... Well, I was just so desperate, acting on instinct...

What are you saying? You overcame your flaws and protected the princess at a critical moment.

But I wasn't even thinking about that. I just tried to imagine how you would act. And body moved on its own. I don't think I could that again if my life depended on it.

To take action in any situation, and protect the princess from any danger... That is what I expected from you. That's something I simply cannot do myself, sitting in my study. That's why I rely on you, Lias.


*fade to black*

Wow...I don't think I've ever seen you compliment Lias like that, Rufus.

That is most distressing, Princess. I appluad good work, and otherwise give a reasonable evaluation of performance.

Still got that wall up, huh? You should really be more open. You were honestly happy for him, right?

I simply thought it proper that I recognize him for acheiving the desired results. Now, if you'll excuse me...

I'm so happy for you, Lias.

Everyone in this scene needs to step back and look at what actually happened. From the way you talk, you all sound like you're making fun of Lias.

Gameplay / story problems aside, looks like things are finally turning around for Lias. That makes everyone's ending flags acheived, which also means a final scene in Atelier Meruru. I think this'll be the last scene of the update, as it's a good enough way to end things for now, I think. Anyhow, Video goes for the rest of the update

Hey there, Gino. Sorry, Totori's not here right now.

Oh, Mimi. They've got you keeping an eye on things, huh?

You got it. I mean, it's only natural since Meruru obviously trusts me more.

Oh, what? She probably just grabbed the first person she could find. If I'd been here, she would've asked me.

Keep dreaming. Anyway, why are you so concerned with Meruru all of a sudden?

Oh snap.

Wh-What the heck!? You can't talk to me like that...!

*fade to black*

It sure was. I should have asked Mimi to give us a hand, too. Sorry, Meruru.

Oh no no, it's fine. ...Huh? What's with all the yelling?

So then why don't YOU ask Totori!? And then I can ask Meruru!

No! I'm gonna ask Meruru! You're Totori's best friend, right? So YOU should ask HER!

Don't be stupid! Totori's my best friend, but Meruru's my best-BEST friend! Duh!

We need to ask either you or Totori for help. And she keeps going on about how SHE gets to ask you!

Now just hold on! You can't just -

Stop it, both of you! Miss Totori, say something.

She's right! Gino, Mimi, stop acting so childish. Meruru is my apprentice, so of course I get to ask her!

Mmhmm, yeah, that's right! That's exactly what I - whaaaat!? Miss Totori, what are you talking about?

Is that right? Well then, I only see one solution here.

It's me, obviously! How could I lose to anyone else?

Uwaah! How did things end up like this? Umm...uhh...wait! Agh, everyone! Stop this madness!

That' can I say it? It's not a terrible feeling, I have to say. Heh... It actually makes me kinda happy!'s something that bugs me with some things I know about. Basically, this new character comes along in a sequel or some such and everyone falls in love with him or her or something and totally adores them and everything to the exclusion of previously established relationships. It's not limited to Japanese media, certainly, but it's something that irks me whenever I see it.

I mean, let's take Mimi for example. You all saw her character arc in Totori, yes? After confronting her past via spending time with Totori's family, she attempts to comfort her friend with a story about her late mother in an attempt to find some common ground. She, presumably, was one of the last people her mother saw and bore witness to her last wishes. She confided in Totori a story she never told anyone else, and swore her to secrecy as proof of their relationship.

Then, as you saw right now, she drops all that and starts liking Meruru a lot more simply because Meruru...helped set up the moment where she confessed her feelings to Totori? I mean, it's certainly possible Mimi is flighty with her affections, or she was exaggerating for comic effect in that scene, but I dunno about all that. It just feels kinda hollow to me, this whole ending branch. Like, did the Cordelia-Rorona relationship come to a screeching halt in Totori simply because a new face showed up? Of course not.

I dunno, I'd say my biggest beef with Meruru is how Meruru-centric it is, as strange as that comment might be to make. I get that's the way it's supposed to be, to make Meruru the definitive main character, but the whole universe seems to revolve around her. Absolutely nothing interesting ever happens without her around, nothing gets done without her working on it, and eh...

Of course, I'm also not a huge fan of the amount of fan service in this game, as you can probably guess from my decision to completely excise the hot spring scene (should have done that with the Fishing Festival last time). Thankfully, Ayesha is much, much tamer in this regard, and all the evidence you need of that is how Ayesha is dressed. Meruru is not a BAD game, certainly not, but it definitely has some things that bug me and drag it down quite a bit in my eyes.

Man, that was a long rant there. Well, whenever I can get around to it, we finally pack our bags for Makina Domain. New and familiar foes await us, as well as the greatest challenge of this game. But at what cost will victory be achieved? We shall see... The end of the thread is three non-ending updates from here.

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Cheer for Arls
Every man's dream - a hot spring! This is the last song I made for the game, and I was like, "Well, it's the last it's okay!" And I had fun making it. Kapooon...dokkoisho! That's my favorite part of the song.