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Part 47: Update XLIV: An Adventurer and the Two Towns

Phew, sorry about the time its been since the last update. The past week has been nothing if not stressful. In any case, we resume where we left off. But first, a scene that happened during the recording of the previous update's content, but wouldn't fit in the update itself.

This scene is the reason you want to bring Marc along from Arland. You really want this scene to happen, but it won't happen with him in the party and he has to have enough friendship level for it to show up. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori sighing.

Marc? What are you doing in my village?

Shhh! I'm trying to concentrate. Don't talk to me.

O-Okay! I'm sorry. Uh, Peter?

Don't look at me.

That's very like him to say that...

I've got it! All I need now are the necessary materials to... Oh, hello Missy. Didn't see you there.

You just shushed me a minute ago.

Huh? Why me?

I told you our meeting was inevitable. Besides, this will benefit you, too.

But... um...

Meh, just do whatever...

Off you go. I won't budge from this spot until you get me those things.

It's a very good idea to do as Marc says. All you need is Pure Oil and a Bounce Stone. We already have plenty of Bounce Stones, and plenty of ingredients for a Pure Oil. I'd actually make one Pure Oil, then register it, since a lot of recipes demand it and Filly and Gerhard ask for it a lot. It's for your own benefit.
Anyway, you actually have to those two items in the Basket to hand them over, but as soon you do, you get this scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Peter yelling to stop the carriage.

Time to get to work!

Um, I forgot to ask, but what are you trying to make?

Don't talk to me. I'm trying to concentrate here.

I-I'm sorry, but would it kill you to tell me?

*fade to black*

What's going on? Did he move out of the way yet?

Peter, I don't know what's going on.

Good! All done.

What? That fast?

It's my carriage. Why would I be shy about using it? I don't know what you did, but is it going to be okay? It's not gonna explode on me, is it?

How rude. You don't trust my skills for technological modification?

Totori, do you trust him?

Oh, then I'll give it a try. Hey, everything seems lighter... Whoa!

Huh? I can't even see him anymore...

Hahaha. What do you think? That's the carriage's true speed. All I did was adjust the resistance on the wheels and the weight distribution to the back end.

Wow. But is it safe for the rider?

That would depend on the driver.

I wonder if he will... This is Peter we're talking about.

So now the carriage is super fast, and it takes us only eight days to go to Arland from here, down from more than two weeks. This is a massive help, of course, and will significantly cut down your travel time if you need to do something in either town. I decided to take Mel out again, and you get this short little scene when you bring her out on a carriage ride.

The reason it kinda starts abruptly is because there's always a short little dialogue when you talk to Peter about a carriage ride, and this just extra part happens just after the usual dialogue.

All right. I promise a safe and comfy ride to Arland.

You seem really confident. I'll hold you to that.

Gah! Melvia! You're coming, too?

I don't think you're at the age where people can call you "girl" anymore.

What was that? I couldn't hear you. Could you try speaking up?

N-Nothing, ma'am! This is going to be a tough ride.

So, back in Arland, let's have another chat with Cory.


I guess you might know... There's something I want to ask.

What? About Rorona's childhood?

No, it's not that. It's about Teacher's teacher.

Oh, her?

Heh... You want me to talk about her? You've got some nerve.

Huh? Why are you getting mad?

I just remembered a bunch of stuff I wanted to erase from my memory. Now, where do I start...?

U-Uh, never mind! I'm sorry I asked!

Atrocities? She's that bad?

If you really want to know, try asking that self-proclaimed knight.

Self-proclaimed knight? You mean Sterk?

*Cordelia leaves*

I never thought I'd see Cordelia make a face like that... What should I do now? I want to know, but I'm afraid to ask...

That's nice, but what we really need to do is rank up.Video goes until Cordelia says "I guess she wouldn't rank up so fast if she wasn't working this hard".

Thank you! I'll get going now!

Going so soon? Why not stick around and chat a bit?

No time to waste! I haev to rank up more! Bye-bye!

*Totori leaves*

I guess she wouldn't rank up so fast if she wasn't working this hard.

Indeed. Let's see what we've got...

Alrighty, here's what happened. A new location to the northwest of Arland, another one far to the northeast, a route that connects the northern path to the eastern, another path that connects the eastern path to the southeast (all linked to the big location to the east I mentioned last time), and ANOTHER path that connects the big location to the Old Path (for a total of four ways to get to that location).

On top of that, an isolated location northwest of the Golden Plains, another location to the southeast of the Plains, and a big location to Alanya's northwest and a connecting path to the main loop west of Alanya. I would advise not going to that big location in the southwest, though. Not quite yet, but we'll get there within the next six months. When you do have the power, though, that location, Stein Hill and the surrounding areas, are a gold mine for rank points.

Lemegeton's alright, but nothing we can use at the moment. The reason is because all those items have an alchemy level of 30+, and we are nowhere near able to make those. Like in Rorona, if an item level is significantly higher than yours, than you simply have 0% chance of making it.

Right after I went the cauldron to begin synthesizing, I get this scene. Video goes until Totori says "Mim!"

*knock on the door*

Ugh. Right when I was getting into the groove... Yes, come in!

Excuse me for a second.

Oh, Mimi.

What? You don't want me here?

I-It's not that.

I'm not here to get in your way. I just want to see how you work. Pretend I'm not here.

Why would you want to do that?

I realized I knew nothing about it.

About what?


Sh-Shut up! That's why I'm here to find out! Come on. Show me what alchemy is all about.

But I get really nervous when people watch me...

Just do it. Or are you going to tell me that you can't show me?

*fade to black*

Oh, so you put different materials into the cauldron, and... I see...

It's really hard to work when you're staring at me like that. It's kidn of embarrassing, too.

And you just mix it? You don't do anything special?

That really is mysterious. Is the secret behind that cauldron? Or maybe you're using a special stick.

There's nothing special about anything. Can you please take a step back?

I don't know. It's pretty special you can throw some random materials you find into some alchemy goop, and end up with the items. It's plot magic in the finest sense.

Come on. Just show it to me.

Ugh, but...

Huh? Uh-oh! Mimi, watch out!

Why are you trying to hide it from me? Just show it to me!

Oh, no! Get down!



*cough* Ugh, I did it again...

I was knocked out in a single blow... Alchemy, you are a formidable foe...

*Mimi leaves*

Mimi? Mimi!

Another Marc scene, courtesy of taking him on the road to Alanya from Arland. Actually, I don't believe you need to see this scene to get Marc's Ending, which is strange to me. Anyway, Video goes until the screenshot of Totori outside the weapon shop thinking to herself.

Then stop talking mumbo jumbo and explain it in words I can understand!

Those voices... Marc and Hagel? Y-You shouldn't fight!

*fade to black*

You came at just the right time. Explain this to him for me, kiddo.

That's my line. *sigh* I should never have come here.

Um, I don't know what's going on.

It's like he doesn't trust my skills!

Machines are delicate things. Not everybody can, or should make them!

Delicate, my ass. What're you, a girl? Weapons only need to be big and strong!

I don't really think either of you are being that unreasonable...

My head's full of meat? Hah! That's real flattering!

I don't think that was a compliment...

As you see, it's like we speak a different language. I'll leave you to deal with him, Missy. Farewell.

You're going to have to watch me forge something before you go!

Do you ever stop shouting? Come on, Missy. I'm in trouble here. Help your fellow comrade out?

Well... This seems like a guy's topic, so I think I'll just leave.

*Totori leaves*

Scientists have no need for souls...

*fade to black*

Unfortunately, I was wrong about Hagel being able to stock Cannons. Damn...oh well. We'll live.

Whenever you open up a new area, you start getting requests for monsters that only show up in that location (well, that we can access). It's a good idea to take the requests that have no time limit, simply because even through random encounters, you're bound to get enough, and in the case of the Fighting Goats, we'll definitely be seeing them whenever we head back those ruins.

But now it's time to take my own advice and drop off some spare Pure Oil, especially since our new objective is to make the Heavenly Parasol pretty early. I got this scene when I went to Tiffani's to register it. Video goes until Totori says "I hope she's not upset".

No, don't give up! We can at least chat with her when we're buying something!

But my wallet's running empty... I need something cheap to buy...

Those people are always here.

Yes. They're my regulars. I'm very thankful for them.

You really are popular with men...

You're flattering me.

I-I'm sorry. I was just thinking out loud.

Hehe. I don't know about being popular. My husband would be jealous if he thought I was.

Oh. Wait, you're married?

This is the first time I've heard. But you said "was"? I-I'm so sorry! I didn't know!

It's all right. It happened long ago. I'd prefer you joke about it with me.

I-I can't do that...

I-I want to buy this!

Oh, no. I need to get back to work. I'm sorry we had to cut our chat short.

N-Not at all. Good luck with your store.

I didn't notice at all... I had no idea about that. I hope she's not upset.

But that's not the only TIffani scene. Upon speaking to her again...

By the way, isn't Pamela at your village now?

She sure is. Sh edid say she used to have a store here.

Yes. It's a few buildings down from mine.

She was that popular?

I guess all men love younger girls. It's like Pamela never ages. I think I'm a bit jealous of that.

Hehe... I think you look pretty young yourself, Tiffani.

We'd welcome you. I could show you around!

Really? I don't know when it'll be, but I look forward to that.

Sure! We'll be waiting for you!

As expected, Tiffani's selling some recipes of her own. These are all pretty cheap, and valuable for many alchemy rank points. Pick 'em up. Besides, you actually have to buy Traditional Crafts, among other recipe books, to beat the game.

But let's see if we can make this now. It's a little early, but...

Hm. Well, let's give it a shot anyway. Who knows? I may get lucky.

Damn. Well, it's not exactly a shocker, but still disappointing. What I didn't show is I went to Hagel to register the Bomb Ice, so I don't have to keep making them in the future when attempting to make the Parasol.

Well, we can start improving our odds by making all the Dried stuff. They're both quick synths, and we'll get more rank points by doing so. Hay is another good, quick synth with a surprisingly high alchemy level.

After another check-in with Filly, another Sterk scene. For the record, most of Sterk's scenes can be seen in either Arland or Alanya.

Hi, Sterk. Is this about a job again?

I was in the area so I decided to pay a visit. Am I being a bother?

No, not at all. Please wait. I'll go get you some tea...

*knock on door*

Another guest? That's rare... Yes?

Wahh! A pigeon?! You surprised me...

It's you. What are you doing here?

What? I thought we were done with that.

Coo! Coo!

What? Again...? Fine. Tell him I'll be right there.


*Pigeon leaves*

I'm sorry. It's an emergency, so I must go. If you'll excuse me.

S-Sure. What was that pigeon?

N-No, that's not what I meant.

I'll come by if I'm in the area again. Farewell.

*Sterk leaves*

Sterk... Was he talking to a pigeon?

What's so strange about that? Silly kids. Anyway...

Crimson Dye is another one of those items that I seem to always need, but never have the ingredients for. Make at least one, and drop it off at Tiffani's.

Let's give this another shot. Big money, no whammy, stop!

But, I did have to sleep a couple days, because I've been doing a ton of synthing lately. Anyway, let's try it again, with better odds...

Dammit! This is getting annoying.

Oh yeah, I hadn't introduced the new Container system. Now instead of the listing by item Rorona did, you can set a ton of different filters to find the exact item you want, or you can just search the entire Container at once. Pretty neat.

But since it's been a week since the Marc and Hagel scene, this one shows up in the Sunrise Cafe. Video goes until the screenshot of Iksel saying something.

They're talking again? They sound like they're having fun. Hello there.

*fade to black*

Hey, kiddo! Don't just stand there. Come over here!

S-Sure... Ugh! You both have liquor on your breath!

We had to drink! I just met my bestest friend in the whole wide world! What better reason is there to drink?!

Bestest friend? You two? What happened after I left?

M-Marky-boy? W-Well, it's not all the time...

It makes me jealous! You get to go on adventures with the man who contains the greatest brain in all of Arland! If he weren't with you, I'd like to keep him at my forge forever.

No, no. My brains alone can only go so far.

Your weapons are great, no, exquisite!

I do think his weapons are really good.

Calling me Marky-boy sounds like what someone would say decades ago!

What's wrong with that? It's great! So what if it sounds decades old?

A-Are you fighting again? Maybe you should stop now...

Hahaha! You're right about that. If you say so, I'm sure it's right.

Uh-huh. If you say so, I'm sure it's right!

Sure was a lot more tame than the last time we saw a drunk in Iksel's eh? Anyway...

Hay is yet another request that seems to come up constantly. It'll save you time to register it, but remember not making Hay is less alchemy experience for you. Your decision if you want to register or not. it's high time we headed back to Alanya.

When I headed back to the world map after returning, I got this scene.

Yeah, Mel is going to help me, too.

Mel, huh?

I sense jealousy. You can make that face all you want, but you can't have Totori.

Huh? Me?

I don't want her.

When you put it like that...

What else would I call her?

Then don't just call me Peter. Call me Petey! Yeah, you should do that!

That sounds weird...

You're starting to creep me out.

Why?! I'm not doing this because of some questionable motive!

I know for a fact you don't roll that way, but... Oh, I get it.

Ugh! H-How did you know...?

You're petty and cheap, you know?

Come on. Can't a man dream a little? Won't you help me out, Totori?

I don't know what to say.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Why are you looking at me like that?! Come on!

All I really did was just check out some of the new locations on the world map, but didn't actually go to any of them. When I re-entered Alanya, I got this scene, since it's been a couple weeks in-game since the last Mimi scene. Video goes until Ceci says "Huh...?"

Hi, Mimi. Did you come to visit again? Let me bring you some tea and snacks.

Please don't mind me.

Mimi, you act so different when you're talking to Ceci.

See? Totally different.

Oh, be quiet! Is she your real older sister, Totori?

Of course. What else would she be?

My mom hasn't come home in years, so Ceci cooks and cleans and stuff. You saw how my dad is...

Huh? What was that?

Nothing. So what about you?

Huh? What do you mean?

You let your sister handle everything around the house, so what do you do?

Well... Alchemy... and adventures...

Hey, Totori! That's my thread title, thank you very much.

Oh, and for the record, I didn't name the thread after this line. I just thought "Alchemy and Adventure" were the three words that best summarize these three games, so I went with that.

I figured as much... You have to help around the house more.

I-I do help! Sometimes...

I-I'm busy with my stuff. Besides...



Good. If I stay too long I'll be a bother to your sister, so I'll excuse myself.

*Mimi leaves*

She had to go out somewhere... Ceci, I want to make dinner tonight.

Huh? What's this all of a sudden?

Please let me do it. She's going to make me regret it later if I don't.


All I did after this was go to Nuse Grove and take out some squirrels. When I arrived, this scene came up. For some reason, for the next month or so, I got tons of Melvia events. Might as well get them out of the way, I guess.

Awesome! I can probably synthesize one hundred times with this! Let's take it back... Urgh. I can't pick it up... Wahhhh!

Heh. Those scrawny arms won't do it. Here, let me help. There you go.

Wow, you make it look so easy.

Should I just put it in your basket?

Yes, please. But maybe it's too big...


*chopping noise*

Wow! You pulverized it.

Whoops. I think I went overboard. Can you use it if it's in pieces?

Oh, that's good. Let's pick up what you can use.

She's so strong, even though she doesn't really look it.

After that, you do get 20 Eiches for completely free. It's pretty great.

And since I can't have enough Mel this update, another scene when we get back.

Oh, it's Mel. Come on in.

I'm glad you're home. I got something I want to ask you...

*door breaks*

Huh?! Y-You broke the door...

What the...? I thought you pulled on this here.

No, you push! But it shouldn't break even if pulled.

Oh yeah! I forgot about this other chore I have to do. Bye!

*Mel leaves*

Wait! Mel... She's gone... Geez! How do you break a door like that? Ceci is gonna be mad...

Well, at least there's no way Totori takes the rap for that.

After a short synthesis, another scene. At least it's not another Mel one.

Hi, Sterk. I'm making it right now. Please wait. I'll finish up soon.

Hmm, it would be more trouble to come back later. I'll just wait here.

I'm sorry, I'll try to hurry. Oh, by the way...

What is it? Is there something you want to say to me?

I actually want to ask you something. But maybe I shouldn't...

I don't understand. Ask it first and we'll take it from there.

Sure... But will you get mad if I ask?

Okay. Here goes... Sterk, were you really close with Teacher's teacher?

Wahh! You got mad!

I'm not mad! I'm just surprised. Now, who told you that?

Cordelia... She said to ask you if I was curious about Teacher's teacher.

It's true I knew her for a long time. But we aren't close. Not in the slightest.

O-Oh... I shouldn't have asked...

*sigh* Why do you want to know about her anyway?

I was just curious at first... But after seeing both your and Cordelia's reactions, I"m starting to think I should just let it rest...

Oh, but wasn't she a great alchemist?

Y'know, even if Caster is a much more evil character than Astrid most of the time, she's really only a witch when she's wearing her spooky robes. If she's wearing everyday clothing, she's as cute as a button.

A witch?

Are you done working already? Your hands aren't moving.

Oh, no! The bottom of the cauldron is all messed up now... I have to start over...

*sigh* I'll come back another day.

Will the third time be the charm?

Bam! Finally. We won't be getting any use out of it for a while now, but it's the principal of the matter.

Oh, sure, I could have save scummed making it, but I'm trying to keep this as authentic a playthrough as possible. I make some sacrifices to this ideal every now and then, but it's only for the sake of content.

Here's another item you should register: the Living Rope. Hey, never say I don't do anything for you.

Another old area revisited, another Mel scene.

Oh, it is kind of adorable. Can you use it to make medicine?

Maybe, but it's such a waste. I mean, look! It's so cute.

You're so girly, Totori.

She might like that, but won't they wither by the time you get home?

Oh, you're right... Umm...

Really? What do you get her?

Let's see. How about a snake's slough?

A snake?!

People said they bring good fortune. So I grabbed a whole bunch and tossed them all at Ceci.

W-Wait! Does Ceci like that stuff?

Of course not. She makes a really nasty face whenever I bring her gifts.

Then it's not really a good souvenir...

It's okay. She complains a lot, but she takes them anyway.

S-Stop! I have to live with her, too! Ceci must have it tough. Where does she keep these gifts anyway?

Hey, here's something neat. Some CGs in the game, like this one, can only be encountered via random encounter. You'll never see this background in a scene, for instance.

And if you guessed I got another Mel scene at my next location, congratulations, you've been reading this update.

What are you staring at? I get it. You're another victim of my beauty.

I never imagined you'd lecture me about an adventurer's wardrobe.

N-Never mind me! Teacher said alchemists have to wear outfits like these!

My outfit is easy to move around in. It dries quick,so I can jump in the water any time.

But it's so thin and revealing. Doesn't it hurt when you get attacked?

Not a problem if I beat up the enemy first.

I guess it's okay for you then... I'd never be able to wear that.

You sound like you want to wear something like this.

I don't think that's true. It might be hard to fit around your chest...

Ugh! If that part doesn't work out, the rest of the outfit won't be right!

I didn't mean... I should've kept my mouth shut...

When we get back, another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking to herself.

Ceci, I'm home.

Welcome back. Oh, Mimi's with you. Perfect. You'll stay for dinner, right?

No, thank you. I was just...

I bought a little too much food. It'd help me a lot if you'd stay.

Well, if that's the case...

Great. I'll get it ready now.

*Ceci leaves*


Why are you so quiet?

I was wondering if I'm a bother for intruding so often.

What's that supposed to mean?

Uh-huh. So that's how you see me...

A-Are you mad? Sorry! I'm really sorry!

Hmph. I'll forgive you this time out of respect for your sister.

What? It's all right. You're a guest, so just sit back and relax.

Please, let me help. I want to learn to cook better.

Oh? In that case, sure.

And look at that, we made it to Gold without visiting any of the big locations outside of the Golden Plains. If you're Gold by the the end of the first year, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Rank Points.

But that's all for Alanya right now. Back to Arland. This shows up in the Adventurer's Guild, if Mel isn't the party, after you've ranked up a bunch. Final Mel scene this update, thankfully. Video goes until Totori says "I'm sorry!"

Oh, Mel. It's rare to see you here.

Rare? You make it sound like I never work. I am an adventurer, you know?

That's true. It's been a while since I last visited.

I knew it. You're not very serious about your job, are you?

You're more cheeky than usual. Do you need a little spanking?

Wah1 I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! So why are you here today?

I'm going to pass you in rank? No way. That can't happen.

I don't know about that. Looking at you recently, it fels like you're creeping closer and closer.

Really? What rank are you?

Huh? Are you going to be okay?

Okay? What do you mean?

I thought you had to get to a certain rank in three years or they revoke your license. Didn't you become an adventurer a long time ago?

Is that was the rules are now?

Now? It was different back then?

What? That's no fair. I'm trying so hard for it right now!

That's why they made up that new rule.

I should've gotten mine when you did...

You'd be under the age restriction back then.

I guess...

You've got a lot of lip there, buddy. It's really time for some punishment.

I'm kidding! It was a joke. I'm sorry!

Alrighty then, one final scene this update. Video goes until Totori says " I'll really do it"

Hi... What happened? You look down.

Now that you mention it, I guess I haven't accepted many. But it's not your fault...

I guess this scene triggers if you don't take requests from Filly for a period of about a month or so. But it's not my fault! I had stuff to do...

I guess I'm not fit for my job. I never wanted to do it, and now it's my fault it's all going bad.

That's not true! I'll take more requests, so cheer up!

Will you really?

Yeah... Probably...

Wahh! I don't just mean probably! I'll really do it!

Way to make me feel like a jerk, game. Anyway, another update done. Next one is going to be a doozy...

Atelier Rorona
Atelier Totori