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Part 93: Update LXXXIX: An Apprentice and the Brothers

This update will be another fairly short one, simply because we've got about a month in-game until we head out on our next big adventure, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about in the meantime. This first scene of the update happened when I went to the Study. For the record, that's five attempts in a row.

I was just at the castle, so I thought I'd stop by and see what you've been up to.

As you can see, I'm carrying out my daily duties. So I'm sorry, but if you don't have any business with me...

Oh, sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to bother you. Good luck with whatever you're working on.

*fade to black*

Miss Totori wanted me to go get her something to drink. I should stop by the Tavern.

*fade to black*

Oh, what a surprise. Is it proper for a princess to come to a place like this so early in the day?

It's okay. I'm here on an errand. You haven't started drinking yet, have you Ms. Esty?

Rufus? Rufus is at the castle right now -

Huh? Rufus!? But how -? When did he -?

When? He's been here for quite a while now.

Indeed. I just went to get myself a drink, since the owner's not in right now.

B-But how!? Didn't I just see you at the castle like, a few minutes ago!?

I certainly was at the castle. But I do believe that was more than a few minutes ago.

Maybe he employs the same teleportation skills that Guid used.

No, it wasn't! I came straight here!

There are many paths from there to here. Perhaps I passed you at some point.

M-Maybe...but still...

Are you two finished? I'm a bit tight on time here, so if we could wrap this up...

Y-Yeah, I'm fine...I'll just head back to the workshop.

Oh, that's right. I've prepared the drink Miss Totori asked you to get. Here it is. Please take it with you.

Wh-Whaaaaat!? did you know!? Seriously,

How, indeed.

Hm...I know I said there's enough points in this game for everything, but I probably shouldn't have started construction on the Print Shop. You'll see why soon enough. Upon returning to the atelier...

Hey, Lias. Perfect timing!

Huh? Do you have something for me?

I just finished getting ready for dinner! Come on, come eat with us.

I'm fine. I usually just eat whatever.

...Yeah, maybe.

Having food left over would be a waste, so just think of it as helping us out.

Fine. I'll join you.

Tada! Today is...the mushroom special!

Wow! It looks delicious. Arls has some pretty good mushrooms!

Ahem! Actually, Arls has the best mushrooms in the world!

Why are you acting all proud! But...mushrooms...

Ohh, that's right. You can't eat mushrooms.

Huh? Wh-What!? Ohh...haha, yeah, I kinda remember that happening.

I guess Merru has never been very princess-like. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Lias...

Wh-Why are you apologizing? I didn't mean any harm, I swear!

But it's not the mushrooms themselves you have a problem with, right? Why don't you give it a try?

That's true, but...

Today's mushrooms are totally edible, and we're all gonna eat them together. You'll be fine!

...I guess it can't hurt. I'm pretty hungry too, so I'll give it a shot. goes nothin'. *munch chew swallow* *burp*

What do you think, Lias? Good?

...Yeah, it's delicious! Man, so good... It's been so long since I had them, I forgot how good mushrooms were!

Thank goodness. Let's all dig in, then!

Ehehe. It's all 'cause the ingredients are so good! did turn out great, though.

Yeah, I'm a little...surprised. *chew munch bite* Grk -!

Why'd he collapse!? There shouldn't have been any poisonous mushrooms! But it IS Lias...could have have maybe...?

I'm not sure, but...that has to be it, right? I mean, the rest of us are fine... got a poisonous mushroom again? Why are you so unlucky!?

Hang tight, Lias! I'll go get some medicine!

Well, simple odds of probability, that someone would get the poisonous mushroom, but still, if Meruru bought them from Hanna, at least it's explainable... After finishing up an ingredient synthesis, a scene.

Oh, Gino. What are you doing here?

I'm gonna have to cover some serious distance for my next job. I was hoping you could prepare some things for me.

Sure, I'll round up everything you might need. Just wait here, and I'll be right back.

I'm glad you're on the ball. It's way faster to stop by here than to try and gather everything myself.

Hehe, this reminds me of when we used to go on adventures together.

It was tough finding playmates. Nobody wanted to play adventurer with me, and she just wanted to play with her dolls.

We had no choice. It was just the two of us, so if I was gonna be the adventurer, you had to be the monster.

Miss Totori as a monster, huh...? That sounds like a pretty weak monster.

You were always reckless, even back then. You went around picking fights everywhere you went.

You need to push your limits to get stronger. And look at me now! I'm an adventurer. Boy, we really do go back.

What!? Isn't it like, a law that you have to come up with your own super moves?

I tried, but I just couldn't do it. I'm terrible with all that "thinking" stuff. But Totori, you caused all kinds of problems blowing stuff up at your workshop.

Hey, that's a low blow. I also fail to see what that has to do with your inadequecies.

That was only when I first started! I made a lot of mistakes...and maybe a few explosions. Ceci was always mad at me.

Ooh, you did that too, Miss Totori? I can't even imagine...

Oh yeah, that's what I came for, huh? Cool, thanks. Well...see ya later!

*Gino leaves*

Alanya Village, where Miss Totori grew up...I really wanna go there someday.

Maybe you shall, but that's a bit out of the scope of this game.

The Drachen Elixir was changed quite a bit in this game. in Totori, this thing required a Dragon Tusk, so you couldn't make it until really late in the game. Here, though, it's an alright healing item, but nothing special, but it is good for some points that require you to use Drachen Elixirs in battle. Another scene after finishing that up.

Mr. Gio! Long time no see!

Hello, Totori. seems you're doing quite well as a teacher. Good, good.

No...I still have a long way to go. But come in, come in! Make yourself at home.

With pleasure. I'm curious to see how your darling pupil is doing, as well.

Yes, what is it, Miss Totori? Oh, Uncle Gio!

Ah, you seem to be doing well. I came by to see how you were doing, but I see I have nothing to worry about. So, how's it going? Are you enjoying the study of alchemy?

Yeah! It's super fun. I'm really glad I asked Miss Totori to become her apprentice.

I see, I see. That's very good to hear.

And to do that, I need to keep learning more and more about alchemy. I still have a long road ahead of me.

You're such a good girl, Meruru. I don't know if I could do what you're doing if I were in your shoes...

My royal duties don't seem quite real to me just yet...but I have to keep the promise that I made.

Royal duties...hmm...

I-Is something wrong...? You look like you're in pain all of a sudden.

Huh? Maybe you got injured...

No, no. That's not what I mean. It's...well, it's complicated.

Huh? What does Ms. Esty have to do with anything?

Isn't that a little harsh?

...Anyway, I see Meruru is doing well, so I'll just be going. Farewell.

Totori still has a knack for putdowns.

*Gio leaves*

Oh, Uncle -! ...Miss Totori, what happened just now with Uncle?

It's fine. You just worry about your studies and let Mr. Gio worry about himself.

I-I understand...but he just seemed so...fidgety. So I'm curious.

Stupid kids just can't let old folks enjoy their golden years. Anyway, another scene, coming right up.

Mm, I agree. A sunny day like this lifts the spirit.

Right? I'm glad you agree, Ms. Astrid!


Hey, um...what are you doing here?

Mm, a fine question. To the point! But the answer is long and complicated.

I already don't really care...but I'd better find out, just to be safe.

Near daybreak, I found myself famished. But my workshop doesn't have anything not related to research. Including food. Then I remembered your workshop! I figured you'd have at least enough food to satisfy my little stomach.

So you came here to steal from me!

Don't get angry. You should be thankful you get to see your master's face so early in the day.

Waah! Don't say anything weird! I get it, okay? Just stop! It's embarrassing! That's it! Time to lay down the law! Just because I'm your pupil doesn't mean you can do whatever you want here!

Heh. It's been qutie a while since someone had the guts to stand up and try to lecture me. However, you've got it all wrong. Since ancient times, there has been an unwritten law in the world of alchemy.

How can you lie through your teeth so casually like that!?

It's actually pretty easy, apparently.

First Tonic. Quality isn't great, Effects aren't great, but it'll do for now. Of course, in due time I'll be upgrading to a good Tonic. Registering a Tonic with Pamela is a pretty good idea, since the Homs can't make them very well, and they don't sell for much, IIRC. Could be wrong, of course. Another another scene shortly after. Video goes until Meruru says "Ahh..."

Hmm...I understand what you're saying, but even if I were to offer my advice, I don't think it would do any good.

Please...I've been thinking and thinking about htis, but I just can't seem to come up with an answer.

I realize that, but what I fail to understand is why you need to find an answer in the first place. Ah, it looks like your apprentice has arrived.

Oh, Miss Totori...and Uncle Gio! Hi! I almost never see you two together. What was the topic of conversation this time?

Just come chit-chat. I just have one last thing I need to ask.

Huh? Um, well...I know what you're trying to tell me, but...

Gah! Meruru!?

Right? If you can forget about something just 'cause someone says to, you must not have cared that much to begin with. Sure, I might talk to other people about it. But I'm the one who makes the final decision! Nobody gets to do it for me!


Ah, s-sorry. I got carried away and barged into your conversation.

Heh, it seems your apprentice already has her answer. As I said, my opinion on this doesn't matter.

Huh? What does that mean?

Me? Y-Yeah, I won't...

*Gio leaves*

I guess I spoke without thinking, but... What were you talking to Uncle Gio about?

We each decide our own path in life... Yeah, I guess that's true.


Another Gino scene, probably related to his friendship level.

Hey, Mr. Gino. What's up?

I just came to check in, find out if you're itching for adventure!

Huh? Right now...? That's kind of sudden, isn't it?

I've been bored out of my mind today. So I was hoping to go out and do something to kill some time.

Just to kill time...? I'm not sure if that's a great reason to go out on an adventure.

Well, all I know about is doing stuff like that. And I hate being bored.

Well...sword training, sword practice, sword sparring. I do all kinds of stuff, see?

Aren't those all, like...the same thing? But I guess that shows how devoted you are to building up your sword skills.

Yup. I really want to beat my master someday. Okay, I guess I'll just go train today. See ya!

*Gino leaves*

Yeah, we'll see. Anyway, let's keep this gravy train rolling, since all I did for the next few days was creating a bunch of items I haven't before this playthrough, which is good for points.

Oh, Ms. Astrid. What can I do for you?

Yes, you can. It's about the compensation we discussed earlier. I thought I should fill you in.

O-Oh...I don't really remember. What was it about, again?

Come now, don't play dumb with me. Or...have you already forgotten your gratitude for me giving you my Homs?

Giving me...? But you left them here to take care of Rorona.

Oh you haven't been utilizing them to help you with your alchemy?

Gh...well yeah, I guess, but...

Don't worry. I'm not asking for anything crazy. I just want you fulfill one tiny little wish.

*gulp* Ms. sound like you have something really evil in mind...

Do you not wish for that yourself?

Of course I do! I want to use my alchemy to keep developing Arls!

Hahaha, that's good. if you help me with my plan, you'll achieve your goal a hundred times faster. What I desire is the construction of an alchemy research facility. I have the details here in this plan...

Well, there's Rufus' signature, so it's something he signed off on. Thing is, you certainly don't *have* to construct any of these facilities, but as you'll soon see, a deal with this devil is a very tempting offer, indeed, and you'll need all three of these facilities for both endings regarding Rorona.

Also, from what I have read online, seems you need to build the Library before this scene will appear.

Hmm...yes, I see. A facility like this would definitely speed up our alchemy research. But if it doesn't benefit the kingdom, I don't think the people would agree. Especially Rufus...

Pupil #3, where is your brain? Look at the plan very carefully. A genius like me knows what she's doing.

She just puts the contents of the previous screenshot up again, so no need for a second.

Oh, it''s identical to the kinds of plans Rufus always comes up with! Does that mean...? get Rufus to say something like that... Ms. Astrid, how did you convince him?

That's for me to know. Anyway, I await the day this kingdom becomes a true nation of alchemy.

W-Wait! Hold on!

*Astrid leaves*

Ahh...she's gone. Ms. Astrid really is scary...

No need to, Meruru. Let's check out how exactly this plan benefits us...after another scene. This takes place the first time you head to Hagel's shop after you see the scene with the window at the castle. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru talking about the kingdom changing.

Welcome! Huh? What's the matter, young miss? Your face looks so poor.

What!? What do you mean, "poor"? I AM the princess of this kingdom, you know. Jeez.

Well I mean, you know, your atmosphere. Like something awful has befallen you. You wanna talk about it?

"Something awful", huh...'s kind of hard to admit, but... In the castle...

*fade for explanation*

Well, 'cause...I don't know a lot of people I could ask, and plus-

Say no more, say no more. I've told you before, I put all my effort into everything I do. Just leave it to me!

*fade to black*

There we are. It was in pretty bad shape before, but it should be all better now.

That was amazing! You fixed it in no time! And now it moves so smoothly.

Indeed. And I have a Chim checking the areas around the pipes, too. So if you'll wait just a bit-


Ah, it seems he's all done. That was fast! All right, let me go check that.

*fade to black*

Wooow...he's doing everything!

Yup. And he was much more delicate and percise than I was expecting. I'm very impressed.

Umm...I know you meant that as a compliment, but I"m glad he didn't hear you say that.

Really? But they say you're not supposed to judge people just by their looks.

But - you just - I mean...

Oh, you don't have to go to all that trouble. You've already been such a huge help.

No trouble at all. I'll come back whenever I get some free time. And don't be afraid to ask for my help again! Compared to what I do at the Weapon Store, this is a piece of cake. And this Chim is surprisingly useful!


Besides, I didn't come to Arls just to sell weapons. This is well within my area of expertise. Right, Chim?


How predicatble.

Ohh, thank you too, Chim. I wish there was some way I could show my appreciation...

I told you, don't worry about it! That's the whole point of helping others.

Oh, now that would be a real treat. Nothing's more refreshing than a nice drink after working so hard.


Your tea is more than enough thanks for today's efforts.

Hmhmhm. You know, Mr. Hagel, Keina's tea is the best drink in the whole wide world!

*Hagel, Keina, and Chim leave*

Yup...another scene. Video goes until Meruru says "Why can't they just be more open?"

Oh, good timing. I was just about to head to your workshop.

Oh? What's up, Lias?

I just wanted to find out your schedule so I could work around it to take care of some things at the castle.

Oh yeah, you have your soldier duties too, huh? I feel bad making you look after me all the time.

Rufus said that? I knew he was really tough on me, but I guess he's pretty strict with you, too.

Oh, it's no big deal. I just don't think he'll ever respect me if I don't show him how hard I can really work.

Well, I'd better get going, then. See ya, Meruru.

*Lias leaves*

Ah, Lias -! could have at least said hello to Rufus.

You think so? Whenever you're not around, it seems like you're all he ever talks about. Last time he was at the workshop, the first thing he asked was if you'd mentioned him or anything.

I see...perhaps he's so worried about his performance he's lost focus. I'll have to talk with him later.

*Rufus leaves*

What? No! I mean, um, I don't think that's what he meant. Heeey! And now HE'S gone. Those two are just constantly misunderstanding each other. Why can't they just be more open?

We can ponder those mysteries another time. Now let's check out what Astrid is suggesting we build.

Well...the Element Archive substantially increases alchemy experience, the Material Archive reduces the amount of ingredients needed in synthesis, and the Equipment Archive gives us better odds of success on all syntheses. Of these three, I'd say the Element Archive is the first priority, followed by the Equipment, then Material.

However, all three need to be constructed for Rorona's two endings, and it's just a good idea, in any case. Well, that's my suggestion, anyway.

Back on the road, I got the notice Ent moved. Just south of Trombe Plateau this time, but I have no business there anyway. Instead, I have business at that swamp location, a couple areas before Quelei Forest. Namely, because we have a bounty there.

The Witch Rose. We'll show that plant who's boss.

The Witch Rose itself is pretty harmless, especially with our adorable little grenadier, Totori. His two buddies are a bit more of a nuisance, but only because they have more health.

Great. Prepare to die.

There we go. The Flora Pixies are just decoration.

Ah, I should explain. Several items and abilities in this game aren't just one shot deals. If an item or ability sticks around for multiple hits / heals, you'll see it in the turn order.

Easy as one, two, three.

And this battle's successful conclusion leads me to my next rank. We're making fine progress. Back in town and we get another Lias scene.

Ah, Lias! Perfect timing.

I refuse!

Huh!? I haven't even said anything yet...

I bet you were gonna ask me to stay for dinner, right? Just...spare me this time.

Oh, but don't worry. We didn't put a single mushroom in it this time! You don't have anything else planned for dinner, right? But I feel bad for intruding again.

Don't be so modest! Didn't I say we made too much? Besides, I know you need to be careful with your money.

Good, then it's decided! Just imagine how much you're helping us out by eating with us.

Something's still bothering me...but there aren't any mushrooms, right? So I guess it'll be okay.

*fade to black*

I'm glad you could join us, Lias. Today's theme is...tada! Let's have a fun dinner!

Huh...I don't get it. Why did you guys make so much food?

Well, for each dish, there's one piece that's really, really spicy. All the rest is fine.

Yup yup! We wanted to add a bit of suspense to the meal.

Water! W-Water!

Wow! The big red pepper-stuffed meatball winner already!? We made twenty of those ones...

Here's some water. Are you okay, Lias?

Th-That was nothing...I'll just try some of this fried stuff... *munch chew swallow* Errgh!

The big deep-fried red pepper winner!? How? I friend them all the same so you wouldn't be able to tell!

H-How was I supposed to know that!? I need water...! Water...

*cough cough cough* No...I can't back down now! This salad should be fine! *bite chew munchmunchmunch swallow* Yup, just a normal salad. Ha!

Ahh, you're safe this time -

Guess not. Just hold on! Are you okay!?


*Lias collapses*

Miss Totori! Lias collapsed again!

I wasn't expecting something like this... I'll go get the medicine!

Maybe I should stop doing weird stuff like this when I invite Lias over for dinner...

Ehhh. I guess it's an improvement, but we've still got a ways to go. You get a single recipe book for reaching Level VI, but nothing that will be too important for a bit. New development facilities include something for increasing adventurer experience, and Overhauling the Academy, which reduces MP costs for synthesis and gives you a bonus use for items, as well as Overhauling the Market, which just upgrades the shopkeeps for the final time. We'll have to wait to get those, though.

Also, a whole bunch of letters come in, including the final request for Moyori Forest. If you followed my advice and registered with Pamela Flour good enough to get the effect LP Recovery M on Homemade Pies, start buying those up, for we'll be needing a lot of pies soon.

Now then, now that we're up to VI, let's drop by Pamela's.

No, no. This is the store inventory list. It keeps our stock of items organized.

Ooh...then how come you looked so confused looking at it?

We've been getting a lot more customers lately,'s kind of hard to keep up. If this keep sup, demand is going to outrun supply, and I won't be able to keep enough items in stock.

That's no good. Miss Totori and I will be in hot water ourselves if your store isn't around anymore.

I'll do whatever I can for you, Ms. Pamela! Just ask!

Extra workers? Who might be able to do it...? Arls already has a pretty small workforce.

Oh, I've already got my eye on some workers. It's just that they're a bit...picky., about wages?

That's right. They're really particular about getting bonuses and having a five-day work week.

I see. But if it's only about money, I don't think there's anything I can do to help...

That's not true. I didn't say anything about money. I want you to take care of this right here...

That's the payment the workers are asking for. What do you think? Can you handle this? shouldn't be a problem if I just synthesize the pies. But...pies as payment? Are you sure about this?

It's fine. As long as they get that, they'll be a wonderful workforce with no complaints whatsoever.

O-Okay...if you say so. Well, I'm not sure how long it'll take, but I'll start getting them ready.

Ahh, thank you! I can't wait!

Couple synths later for Trombe Plateau II, a newspaper.

Well, she's starting to catch up, at least. Also, I never noticed Rihanna before...

I should also mention Pamela's requests. First one is for 5 Homemade Pies at C rank or greater, and the second one is for 5 Mushroom Pies at C rank or better. Do both ASAP. You'll be more than glad you did. An easy way to accomplish both is just to register one of each, then when Pamela restocks, buy five of them and turn them in. For the Mushroom Pies...

Oh, you're done? Thank you! Yeah, this should be fine. My job will get much easier now. I'll call the workers and have them get started right away. Now I'm the manager in name only!

In name only...I'm not sure that really applies here.

Ooh, really? Doesn't it mean a manager who doesn't have to manage or do any work at all?

I'll have them focus on stocking up, so from now on we should get more items in, and faster. you DO think about stuff like that. That'll be a huge help for me!

Hmhmhm. So register and buy even more stuff from me!

Pamela now stocks 10 of each item every time she restocks, saving quite a bit of time in the long run. Second request gets you this scene.

Ooh, thank you! Yup, this looks great. Now I can call on those workers.

Hopefully this should make your job a bit easier.

Yup! Now I'll have way more time for my naps.

Naps...I thought you said you were really busy.

I-I see... I feel like I didn't need to work so hard to finish this now...

Oh, no way. Now we can organize the stock faster and better, and I can increase the number of items we stock. Please buy a lot and use it all. Then you and I will BOTH be happy! Isn't that great?

Well...I guess so. Maybe I'll start coming here more often, then.

Maybe is underselling it. With 10 slots to register items, up from 5, Pamela is a lot more efficient to use.

Christmas Day sees the completion of all of Moyori Forest's requests, meaning the materials in the areas near Arls are the highest in quality and trait levels. This Cost +3 is but one trait among many vaulable others. In addition to high-quality materials, most final develpment tasks results in...

New materials showing up. This Gomphrena shows up only after Moyori Forest IV is done. A rather valuable material, especially for the high Cost of the item. Pick these up, if only as a trophy. Anyway, back in town we get an important scene to end the year. Video goes until Meruru says " Anyway, I'd better get going"

Sure, I'll head over there right away.

*fade to black*

I've been waiting for you. I have a special favor to ask of you.

Rufus, you never ask me for stuff. Do you have a crush on someone or something?

No, nothing like that. Princess, are you familiar with the ruins at the edge of the eastern border?

No damage has been reported yet, but according to historical records, Arls is within the dragon's territory. If we don't act, it will threaten not only our development progress, but our very safety as well.

I won't let that happen! It's my duty to protect the peace of this kingdom. Just leave that dumb dragon to me!

Of course, I cannot allow you to assume such a dangerous what I should say. However...

From your performance thus far, I've concluded that conquest at the hands of you and an escort would be best.

It hasn't quite hit me yet, but...maybe I really have been getting stronger. So I can even defeat a dragon now!

As I said, you AND an escort. I put a great deal of effort in assessing his ability. Please remember that.

Just to make sure everything goes smoothly, I've already made the necessary arrangements. I've invited a former knight from Arland named Sterkenburg. Please meet up with him and head out to confront the dragon.

Mr. Sterk? Waaah! I wish I had more time to get ready before having to look him in the eye...

Oh, you know him? That should make things easier. Also, please -

Don't be reckless, right? I know, don't worry! Anyway, I'd better get going.

So that's our next big objective. But certainly, we don't have time for it this time. Returning to the atelier gets us our final scene this update.

Oh, Mr. Sterk! Are you here to see me?

That's right. I came to report my success in finishing the unrelated task I was assigned earlier.

I'm glad to hear it! ...What are you talking about, again?

Oh, about how I would be assigned to escort you once I completed that task.

That is my intention. It would be my honor to serve you as your escort. That's all for today. Please come ask me for help anytime.

*Sterk leaves*

But we'll see what our old friend can do next time.

Dense Forest