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Part 97: Update XCIII: An Apprentice and the Familiar Four

Back for more, huh? Well, here we go again.

Now we have at least a presentable attack item. The Meteor, as I mentioned before, is the strongest bomb weapon in the game by quite a bit. Not only does it hit every enemy on the field, but a Potentialized Meteor is capable of doing enormous damage to enemies who even have very high defense.

Even bombs with concentrated blast radii, like the Lightning Bomb, pale in comparison to that power. Although I wish I had good enough Star Pieces to get the effect Attack M on this puppy, this will do quite nicely. Very recommended to drop a good Meteor at Pamela's for future adventures. This next scene came up right after I made that Meteor. Video goes until Meruru says "I just don't get her sometimes."

Meruru, can you help me out?

Sure, what is it?

Can you grab me the ingredients on this list? I don't have any free hands right now.

Okay, I'll get them right now!

You can't see it very well, but Mimi's face actually turns red when she says that line and her eyes do some nice subtle movements. It's pretty nice detail.

Ah, Mimi. Sorry, I'm synthesizing some medicine right now. It's kind of stinky, so please bear with me.

Miss Totori, I got what you asked for. Is this everything?

Oh, thank you. ...Perfect, it's dried just right. This will work great.

You seem busy as ever. Do you still have so much work even with an apprentice like Princess Meruru?

Even so, you should really slow down a little bit. Wouldn't you agree, Princess?

I hae been working pretty hard, Miss Totori. It might be good to take a break.

It's bad for you health to stay cooped up in your workshop. I wouldn't mind if you wanted someone to take a break with.

Hrmm...I have so much work lined up, though. Maybe when I have a little more free time. Sorry, Mimi.

Aw, Totori, don't be like that.

F-Fine! It's not like I'm not busy myself! We can just wait till we both have time. ...Bye!

*Mimi leaves*

Ah, Ms. Mimi! ...She seems like she really wanted to spend some time with Miss Totori.

Still, Ms. Mimi should have been more upfront about it, too. I just don't get her sometimes.

Oy vey. Some more syntheses got me this scene.

What is it? ...A picture book?

I used to love this book when I was little. I don't remember bringing it to the workshop...

Huh. So what's it about?

It's an old Arls legend. Once, long ago, there was this terrible demon... The demon rampaged around, destroying everything. The citizens desparied, hoping for a savior to arrive.


Wow...I had no idea something like that happened here.

Oh, well, it's just some old story. So I have no idea if it really happened or not.

Wah! Ms. Astrid! ...What do you mean, the complete truth?

I mean it's the complete truth. This is coming from the person who sealed the demon away.


Ahh, but that's just one of many youthful memories. Heh heh heh.

Did Ms. Astrid really...? I mean, I'm sure she's capable of it, but is she just toying with us?

I feel like she might have been telling the truth. Still...that's kind of scary!

You're telling me. We'll have to wait for a follow-up scene before we can go hunt that demon down.

What? You think some demon is getting away from me? Nonsense, I say. Anyhow, another scene.

What is it?

Hom...what are you saying!?

After the cleaning battle with Keina, Hom began thinking whether we can continue to exist.

We feel a sense of loss...a hole in our hearts.

That's not true! You lost the cleaning battle, but maybe it we did something else... I know! Let's have another battle right now. The next round!

If we win this battle, will our sense of emptiness go away?

Yeah! I mean, I think... Anyway, let's just do it!

*both Homs leave*

That wouldn't do them any good. They need a true confidence recovery method!

Yeah...I guess you're right. Then I'll give it an honest effort.


Assembling recipes from all eras and places, we have created the best dish of all time.

We are very confident this time, Please enjoy, Mini Master.

Mine is...just a normal dish.

Okay! Then I'll start with what the Homs made. Looks great! *chew chew eat* Ahh, so good!

As you see, it is a pie. After carefully selecting the ingredients, we synthesized using all our skill. Taking Mini Master's preferences, we settled on a Mushroom Pie.

A frog's eye, a horse's mane, a mouse's whisker, a bear's claw, and the secret ingredient... a goat's horn.

Grk -! *cough cough cough*

Uwah! Meruru!

Good grief, Homs! What are you trying to get me to eat!?

Yeah, really. You'd think, given all the stuff Meruru has made, she'd understand that in this world, at least, something can be much more than the sum of its parts.

Gh...of course I worry! I'll try some of Keina's food to cleanse my palette... *chew munch chew* Ah -! this is amazing!

It's kind of embarrassing...I just cooked the way I always do for you. But I put all my heart into it. cooking is all about heart. I have to say, I think Keina won this battle...

Cooking takes heart...we have no such spice in our possession...

An utter defeat...Mini Master, Hom will retreat into the wilderness now.

What!? No, wait! Can't we talk about this?

Wh-What should we do? I feel like I really messed up...

The Homs won't be able to move on until they win and get their confidence back.

The last synthesis moved my alchemy level up to 35, so let's see what's on the selection tonight.

Hm, nothing too great. 40, though, is where the good stuff is. Another scene.

...Is my excuse for coming. I'm really here to ifnd out how your situation is going.

My situation? How what's going with what?

You know, that thing with Rufus...? How you like him? Any progress there?

Huh? So that's all in the past, then? Well, as long as you're over him...

Nooo, my feelings for him haven't changed. But I...I like someone else too now.

Whaaat!? Another one!? So who is it this time...?

Oh Pamela.

Oh, yeah, Lias. ...Wait, you like Lias now!?

Lower your voice! Nobody else knows about this! ...So, his name is Lias...

Y-Yeah...he's a childhood friend of mine, and just so happens to be Rufus' brother.

Oh, really? What a coincidence. Two brothers battling for control of my heart...

Are you...going to wait for Lias until his life has come to an end?

You're still so young, Meruru. You have to modify your love strategy according to the opponent.

I...see. That's really nto something I need to know about just yet...

What are you planning to do...specifically?

Well...every day, in the dead of night, I'll appear near his pillow and enter his dreams and say, "I curse thee!"

Err...I'm positive you're going to give him nightmares.

Lias will become undeniably attracted to the beautiful woman he sees in his dreams, and then...

I-I guess...IF he becomes attracted to the nightmare lady in the first place.

So now I'm torn. Do I want passionate love with Lias, or romantic love with the butler? They're both so attractive...ugh! What do I do? I'm such an extravagant woman...

Okay, sure, but still...which is more important to you - my eternal happiness, or being able to shop here?

Being able to shop here!

Meruru and I, on this matter, think very much alike.

You're so mean...Meruru, are you trying to make me cry?

Uwah! Wh - no, don't say that! But I have my own tasks to take care of...

Hmhmhm. I'm just joking, anyway. Of course I'll make sure to keep my store running.

Well, Pamela certainly seems to be enjoying the afterlife. Anyway, in our long conga line of events, another one at the castle. Video goes until Rufus says "Everything I do is for the good of the princess!"

These are our kingdom's problems. They do not concern you!

Those's those two. Are they arguing again?

*fade to black*

Hey. Hey! What are you two bickering about now?

Ah, Princess...

It's something dumb again, isn't it?

I can't tell you what the issue is. But I will say that on this matter, I will not compromise!

That's your problem, I'm telling you! Your "common sense" can't fix everything, you know! You need to loosen your grip and let her do as she wishes.

You're wrong about that. She might look like she doesn't think, but don't you trust her to make the right choices?

She looks like she doesn't think? I will not allow you to speak about her like that!

I'm just telling you the impression that she gives off! guys are arguing about me, aren't you?

We're just...

I have no excuse for my actions...

Well I just felt like I had to say something. His teaching method is way too suffocating!

What good does your liberal approach do? Look at your former king. He has abandoned his duty as-

Stop fighting over me! ...Why do I have to yell like the girl in some lame tragedy? It makes me feel stupid. And they're not going to stop till they reach some crazy agreement. Fine then, see you two later!

*Meruru leaves*

I understand that better than you ever could! Everything I do is for the good of the princess!

Man, those two are just at each other's throats. This next scene was a little odd. I went into the Study, which triggered it, but it clearly it supposed to happen after you bring Sterk out again. Whatever.

Knighthood? Well, we have soldiers. But no, no knights.

I see...what a waste. Why don't we establish one now, then? I'll take on the responsibility as its head.

Rufus is the one who decides stuff like that. But do we really need knights out here in the countryside?

Indeed, it's absolutely necessary.

Nnonetheless, a knighthood is a must for any kingdom. Please, give me your permission...!

But...won't we be part of the Arland Republic pretty soon? that you mention it, that's quite true.

Besides, how many people do you think would even be interested in joining a knighthood?

Well, we'd still have to ask Rufus...

Uwawa! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything... Umm...Mr. Sterk?

Worry not, Princess Meruru. I shall establish a powerful knighthood, more powerful than any other before!

That's not what I was worried about. I...I...fine, I don't care anymore!

Bloody hell, another scene. Video goes until Meruru says " All right then, I'm off!"

Near Mt. Velus...? I'd really rather you stay away from that area.

Why? I mean, I know it's a volcano and all, but I don't think it's gonna erupt anytime soon.

It's a good thing, as always, we're operating strictly under Video Game Logic, where as long as lava doesn't touch you, you're fine.

True, it has been calm. But it's been known to erupt from time to time, and it has caused enormous damage in the past.

I'm sure there are useful materials there. However, I've been told that the volcano has been more active recently.

But I really want those materials! Pleeease!?

I mean, it's not like we won't be seeing lava and getting very close to it. This is the end of Resident Evil 5 all over again if you go there. Boulder punching not included, unfortunately.

Oookay, I will. All right then, I'm off!

Like I said before, it's basically pointless to go to the volcano right now. We'll get there in good time.

Ent's final stop (its previous location was north of Quelei Forest). But it looks so out of place there, don't you think? Again, we'll wait until it stops by Arls again to settle the score with the giant tree. Oh, and when I got back, I got a short little scene where Hanna left some not-so-valuable materials for me. That's nice of her, but it's not worth it to recap it.

Speaking of which, Hanna has come to pay us a visit for the next scene.

Wow, thanks Hanna! But I feel bad getting all this free stuff from you...

Don't sweat it. I need you to keep working harder so the town, and my store, and grow bigger!

Okie dokie, I can do that! By the way...I know you travel far and wide to gather your goods, but...

I'd never get any business done if I spent all my time being scared of caves or monsters or whatever.

Huh? Where'd that weird voice come from?

Weird voice...? That's so mean! It's just me. Meee!

!?!?!? Wh-Wh-Where'd just -!

Oh, it's Ms. Pamela. Say, didn't I ask you to use the door when you stop by?

But this is so much faster...

Oh no, I can't do magic or anything. I'm just your garden-variety ghost.

Gh-Gh...ghost... Ah-hahaha... Y-You're just teasing me! ...So, May. Who is this person? Really, I mean...

I'm telling you, I'm Pamela. I'm a ghost. Nice to meet you!

No. no no no. Nonononono. No more fooling around.

...Uwaaaah! Y-Your''re really... F-For really real...

I couldn't believ eit at first either, but everyone from Arland confirmed it. So I'm sure it's the real deal.

KYAAAAAAAH!!! A GHOST!? ...Stay away! Don't come any closer! I...I can't do ghosts...

Hanna! That's a very rude way to react!


It's been so long since I scared someone like this. It makes me glad to be alive...or dead, I guess!

Evil spirit, begone! Evil spirit, I compel you! Don't touch me! Don't curse meee!

That's more of a vampire than a ghost...

Nope! Nope, no way, no! I'm going hooooome!

*Hanna leaves*

Uwawa! Hanna! Ms. Pamela, please stop! No more!

Aww, she left. I still had a few more ghostly tricks up my sleeve...

Hey! You better go tell her you're sorry later! Although that might backfire, too...

*sigh* I wonder if she really does understand. I just hope Hanna can get over it before long... (But...I guess Hanna does have a weakness, after all. It was kinda cute.)

We've sure been seeing Pamela a lot lately, no? Anyhow, bumping Rorona's friendship level past 35, I think, got me this next scene.

Wow, thank you so much! But...why only "decently" tasty?

I know...I'm no match against Miss Rorona when it comes to making pies, so I can only call it decently tasty. Before she was turned into a chid, she was the true master of alchemy-based pie making. She loved pies so much, before she knew it she was pumping them out left and right with her alchemy.

Might have said it before, but I'm picking up way more errors than I normally do in playing the game. For example, the game misspelled "child" as "chid" on that line.

Alchemy pie...I had no idea you could do that.

*chew chew* This pie is real good!

Hmhm. She hasn't forgotten how much she likes pie, at least.

Nope! Rorona wants to make pie, too! I bet I could make an even tastier one!

Really? Does that mean you remember the recipe?

I dunno anything about a recipe...but I know a bunch about making tasty pies!

Absolutely. Miss Rorona, go ahead and make whatever pie you want!

Yeah! Rorona's gonna do her best! Hmm...what kind of pie should I make?

*Rorona leaves*

Let's just watch and see what she does. I hope this goes okay...

More scenes. How many has it been just this game? If it weren't for video LPs, I probably would have gone insane by now.

You mean since the cooking battle? Umm...they're still helping me out, but their confidence is totally shot.

I see...I feel partly responisible for this. So I was just wondering if there's anything I can do to help.

Oh yeah? Well, we just have to continue with the battles until the Homs are satisfied! Hey, Homs!

Yes, Mini Master?

Gah...they're totally depressed! Okay, well, just listen! So...let's do a shopping battle! You'll just have to go buy all the ingredients for dinner. The rules are simple. I'll give you a list, and whoever comes back with everything...wins!

Very simple and straightforward. We understand.

I'm fine with that, too. I'm ready to go anytime.

Great! Ready...set...go!

*fade to black*

All our tasks are complete. Keina is still out shopping.

Hom has won without a doubt this time. I can feel my heart's temperature rising. We have finally found a reason to exist. Oh...that's...


I hear a cat...but where is it?


Go away. I cannot move if you grab hold of my leg like that.

The cat says, "I am starving. I am about to collapse. Please, spare me a little food". With the ingredients we bought, we could eliminate the cat's hunger. However...


*fade to black*

Yeah, I know. I thought I'd lost for sure this time. I wonder what happened...

We have returned. But we must apologize, Mini Master.

Welcome back! You guys were gone for quite a while. Did something happen?

We used the ingredients you requested without your permission. Hom is disqualified as a homunculus...

What does that mean, without permission? Did you eat them or something?


On our way back, this cat described how hungry we was. We considered it an emergency situation and fed him.

I see...

Our victory was guaranteed. But we felt we could not abandon the cat. We are awful homunculi, unable to follow even a single order from Mini Master. Again we have lost.

I guess Keina technically wins again, but...


I do not understand. What do you mean...?

If someone's starving, you can't just abandon them. It's really tough being so hungry. And you two understand that. It's that kind of feeling that's most important when you're helping me.

The desire to help that cat - that's true sympathy.

...I do not understand. We did not keep our promise to Mini Master and lost yet another battle.

But Mini Master and Keina are both prasing us. Should we be happy about this?

Plus, you can do all kinds of things I can't. For example, I can't do alchemy. Only you two can help Meruru with her synthesis.

It's not about who's better. What matters is that I need both Keina and you.

...I understand. Then we will stop competing with Keina to see who is superior.

Helping make Mini Master happy...we will make that our new goal.

I'll ask Dad if we can keep it at the castle. But now that this is all over, it just occured to me... The Homs are become more like people. They get jealous and depressed, they're more devoted, more thoughtful... So I have to work harder too, to improve development and make all the people of Arls happy!

I mean, I guess it's a good thing I don't have that many new games to play recently, for the sake of the thread, but I don't know how happy I should be about that. I will admit I'm skipping over a couple scenes this update, but at this rate I'm not going to have room to fit the titular scene in this update. Anyway, upon talking to Esty, and I'll explain why next update, this scene. Video goes until Esty says "Just come see me again!"

There you are. Let's get the investigation under way, shall we?

Huh? What are you talking about?

Did you forget already? We were going to observe the daily life of Arls together.

Ohh, that's right! do we do that?

Just like a real detective... I'm so excited!

Whaaat!? Keina!?

Bingo. Hmhm, we're going to reveal all of Keina's inner secrets.

S-Something about this doesn't feel right. But still...kind of exciting.

*fade to black*

I see, I, Keina has a tendency to sing while she cleans.

I can't believe how happy she looks to be cleaning. Does she ever look like that when I'm around...?

Isn't if fun to see a side of her you've never seen before? ...Ah, it looks like she's finished.

*fade to black*

Hey there, missy - out shopping? Why not swing by my store while you're at it?

Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Hagel. But all I need today is ingredients for dinner.

Aww, don't be like that. I'll even give you a discount - the Keina Special!

You seem to be in an especially excellent mood today. Is shopping for dinner really that fun?

I'm going over to Meruru's tonight to fix dinner. She's been working so hard at her alchemy and development, but there's nothing I can do to help her. So... So the least I can do for her is cook her a nice dinner.

I see...she's very lucky to have someone who cares so much about her.

I will! Thanks, Mr. Hagel.

*fade to black*

Hello there. Oh...what happened to your knees?

I don't see any blood, but stand still and let me take a look, just in case. ...There we go, all better. Does it still hurt?

Nope! Thanks a bunch.

You're welcome. But be careful going home.


Hmhm. I understand. Investigation complete. I've seen what I need to. Keina's clearly loved by everyone in town.

Arls is such a small kingdom, everyone knows each other. And Keina's really popular too, of course.

Huh? Ms. Esty, that's...

Oh, ignore me. What I meant to say was, someone like her must have boys falling all over each other to get to her. Lucky her - er, I mean, how amazing. How does one raise a child to be like her...?

Umm...Ms. Esty, you're starting to weird me out a little bit...

Oh, did I say all that out loud? Ignore that too, please, Anyway, we're all done investigating Keina.

So soon? But I was having so much fun...

I'm sure there'll be another chance to investigate someone new. Just come see me again!

Indeed. Anyway, more synthesizing for development in Handel, the Mines, and Modis got me to level 40, so let's check out the latest batch of recipes.

Only a few recipes, but nonetheless quite valuable indeed. Unfortunately, we don't have enough Azure Wings to make the Warp Gate, since Totori only gave us one. If I had fully developed the marketplace by now, I could buy more from Astrid, but there's another way to get Wings, and it's right in our way anyway, so we'll just have to wait.

Also of note is another bulletin.

I'm not going "Crazy". Only a fool would call what I do insanity. It's not my fault if you're not enlightned enough to understand. I still don't know the circumstances of my one retreat. Probably grinding attack items for points somewhere.

Our first stop going outside for the first time in a while is the Mines, dropping off the final bit of development here. Well, not exactly, but it is the final request that generates better items around here. There's another down the line, but that's just what it is: down the line.

I actually decided to head south again to torment our old Dragon friend. Turns out he was quite weak against Sterk and a far more powerful Mimi. He did not last long, I assure you. When I got back, one final scene for this update. Totori's friendship level has to be 80 or more to trigger this. Video goes for the rest of the update.

Welcome back, Meruru. Come on, join us.

Yeah, sure. Looks like you're having a party.

You all went on adventures together back in Arland, right?

Yup. Our time together in Arland is what binds us together. Totori always forced me to help her gather things.

Same here. Although I kinda miss it... I haven't done anything like that in a long time.

So you mentioned that you made a trip back to Arland recently. How was it?

She said, "If they consider him first-rate, I worry about the ability of other adventurers there".

That's not concern at all! Jeez...and I've learned a lot since I saw her last, by the way. If I went up against Mel right now, I'd definitely win! ...Maybe.

Keep dreaming. From what I've seen, you'd never stand a chance against her.

Nng. How can you say that, Master!?

Speaking of Mel and Gino, there's actually a scene I missed in my playthrough of Totori where Gino is talking to Totori in Alanya's square, telling her how he's so much stronger than her and such. Then Mel walks up behind him and makes him eat those words.

Totori has some strange scenes like that, where missing scenes that star the character prominently don't affect your ability to get their endings. A good thing, I guess.

Anyway, since we're all here in Arls, Melvia and the others must be especially busy.

Yeah, maybe. Most of the more talented adventurers have come here.


That's a terrifying duo I hope I never run into.

I don't know if Mel is really "duo" material... She seems to be having some trouble dealing with our carefree mother.

You mean Mel is the conservative one? How crazy must your mom be...?

I had to clean up after her myself before coming to Arls.

Miss Totori, your mom sounds awesome! What kind of person is she? put it simply, she's the personification of terror.

They say anyone who goes adventuring with her and witnesses her power has nightmares for the next three days.

And Totori was worried about Evil Face mortally wounding her. Hell, if I had more direct attack items, Totori probably could have solo'd Evil Face herself, at least with the setup I used. Using late-game equipment, for sure.

Hey! Don't talk about my mother like she's some kind of demon or something!

She really is that strong. Anyway, how's everyone else doing?

Let's see...Cordelia was complaining how the reception desk got so busy after Filly left.

Even being tied down to a desk with an official position like that, he'll still disappear in a matter of hours.

It's like his favorite hobby is just wandering off. He's traveled more than most adventurers I know.

Wooow. Arland sure has a lot of colorful people!

Oh, so does Arls. I mean, Arls is a kingdom whose only princess is also an alchemist.

You know, I'd have to disagree on Mimi with that one. Sure, Meruru is colorful, but I doubt many people would describe Lias, Keina, Rufus, and Dessier similarly. Sure, there's obviously more people around here, but just from the examples we know, it's not very convincing.

Hmph! What's THAT supposed to mean!?

And Meruru gets indignant at that for some reason. Who knows.

Hmhmhm. I'm just kidding. But anyway, you should pay Arland a visit if you ever get a chance.

Yeah, you really should. It'd be a good experience for you, and there are lots of materials unique to that area.

I used to just admire Arland as this huge metropolis, but now I'm interested in it as an alchemist, too! Arland...I sure hope I can go see it someday.

And believe it or not, that CG event marks Totori's ending flag. The first old character we met gets the first ending flag, but it's pretty easy to get Totori's ending flag, since you don't even have to bring her out once to get it.

Anyhow, another fairly quiet update, unfortunately. Hopefully next time will be a bit more exciting. I'm not sure if I can make it the battle with Ent next time around, but here's to hoping.

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