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Part 29: XXIII: Pages of Inescapable Fate, Part 2

Chapter XXIII: Pages of Inescapable Fate, Part 2

Pretty short chapter, if you only stick to plot-important stuff, but for us, it's going to be very long, because we'll finally be making Ultimate Equipment, with all the preparation that entails. We'll also be wrapping up tons of character events and unlocking different endings. Duty calls

You shouldn't have said anything, Mana. It is my responsibility to fix it, isn't it? Saying unnecessary things, confusing Lulua! Stop with all the meddling!
I'm well aware of what I'm doing. Stia, haven't you realized? You do realized why you are so bothered by it, don't you? Your loss will hurt Lulua. You understand that, right?
That's... That's not true. I'm an Operator. I must fulfill my duty. *goes back to the terminal*
I see. The basic structure is the same as Orthogalaxen. Hmm. There's no mistaking how terrible the situation is. ...But some hope remains. We may be able to buy a small amount of time.
Yes. Listen, Lulua. You must make your decision, while you still have time.

Yes. I don't even know if it exists. But I'll keep an eye on things here. You should return to your atelier. You won't be able to think things through calmly here. Off you go.

Let's head back for now, like Mana said... All right, Lulua?

This is getting heavy all of a sudden... Well, for what it's worth, Mana will be hanging out in the control room, so nowhere to go but home... Her Choice

U-Um, look! Mana said we still have time, right? So... I think we should try to find another way! That's what Mana said, right? We just have to stop the collapse of Fellsgalaxen... We'll definitely find a way, somehow...
We won't.
You can't just "find another way" that easily. We don't even know if it exists.
Th-That's not true! We've made it this far...somehow! So... Don't give up! We'll find another way! We'll make it work somehow this time too...! Th-That's right! "Alchemyriddle" will start glowing any minute...!
I'm afraid not. It's like before, isn't it? There are times when even "Alchemyriddle" can't help. Now is one of such times. I'm almost certain... There's no other way.

You've showed me so many things, taught me so many things... I... I'm so grateful to you, Lulua. That's why... I want to protect your beloved Arklys. Please, Lulua. Will you hear my selfish request?
Stia...! No, I don't want to...! To never be able to talk with you again... No... Arklys and Stia... I can't pick one over the other!!
But, you must! Only you can choose, Lulua. Worry not. I'm...ready. So...Lulua. Please, make the right choice.

If you try to do anything that doesn't involve talking to Dragon or saving, you'll get this short little cutscene where Stia tells you to not do anything else before you've made a decision.

Of course, that involves leaving the atelier. No way out but to face things head on. If you haven't seen the alternate course of events, or if this is your first playthrough, be sure to save before talking to Stia and making your decision.

Yes, I have. I've decided, Stia.

Remember in the OP I said that the Bad End was intentionally easy to avoid? Here you go. We're an Atelier Protagonist, dammit. That type does not lightly take "No" for an answer, and Lulua is not about to make an exception here, especially when it comes to a girl she is head over heels for. But, let's just say...