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by Didja Redo

Part 7: The Student Surpasses

You made it. I expected you'd turn back.
You're going to wish I had.
Hmph. When did you get so full of yourself? If you'd buckled down and spent this time with me, perhaps you'd be half as good as you think you are.
Maybe. But now I'm exactly as good as I think I am, so what does that tell you?
I am going to show you something. Watch closely.

If you leave now, I will say nothing. I will not mock. I will not scold. I will forget this ever happened and think no less of you.
Turn around and go. It's not too late.
Yes it is. It was too late before I even I walked in the door.
I swore I wouldn't let you cow me anymore. I won't. Not ever again.

I told you! I told you I could beat you! Now who's the novice?!
Hah. I can't believe I was nervous. That was easy. Was I really that good or have you lost your edge? Or maybe you've just been talking yourself up all this time, have you? Maybe your reputation's more dangerous than you are.
Oh. And about that technique you were using...

Something like that, wasn't it? How's my form, teacher? Do I pass?
Is that all?
The duel is over. Was there anything else, or will you be leaving now?
I just beat you without taking a scratch.
And that's it? You don't have anything to say?
What do you want to hear? That I have no idea how you did it? I doubt you need to be told.
If it's praise you're looking for, you won't be getting it. So you're more skilled than I am. Somehow. What of it?

You're just trying to save face! All you ever did was criticise me, shout at me, tell me I wasn't trying hard enough! Now I'm better than you and you don't even care? I'm supposed to believe that?
Violence was never what I wanted to teach you. Why should I be pleased that you've learned it?
I had you train with me to help you grow. It wasn't about your sword, it was about you. I wanted you to leave my care as a strong, confident, diligent man, not a killer.
Who do you think you are? My dad?
Would that be so terrible?
I don't need to be taken care of. I came here to learn how to fight. That's it.

You are a child! You exist among children! Who in your child's world would you draw swords against? Tell me! Whom do you need dead?
Bloodshed is the burden of men. I will not inflict it on a boy. I've been wasting my time here. I'm glad we got that cleared up.
Yes, then. That's all. No more excuses, no more avoiding you. I'll just come right out and say it. I quit.


If I've been harsh, it was for your sake.
Is that supposed to be an apology?
Do you think I owe you one?
Let me know when you decide.

Seems to me like you misunderstood each other.
Seems to me like it's not for you to say.
I don't wanna tell you how to feel. Just thought you should hear the outsider's viewpoint.
How about you give me that when I ask for it?
Hey. You're being snippy. I'm only trying to clear your head a little.
Well excuse me for not being in a good mood! Between dealing with that arrogant bastard and a girl who died seventy years too young, and oh, didn't you say the world was going to end? I feel like we glossed over that a bit!
I was kinda hoping you wouldn't think about it too much.
When will it happen?
Dunno. Soon.
How soon is "soon"? Soon in the grand scheme of things, or soon as in "don't make any engagements"?
...that's a little vague.
Before or after I'm dead?
Um. Before.
Ten years? Five?
Okay, look. If I knew the timeframe, I'd have already told you. But I don't, and you need an answer, so I'm going to make a guess.
I'd say anything more than a year is a long shot.
Thinking of doing something crazy?
I'm not sure what I'm thinking right now.
If you need some time, take it. I don't see anything falling from the sky yet, so, you know. We're still good for a while.
I'll just, uh. Leave you to it. Try to get some sleep.


Empty boxes. In Rhoan.

Rhoan is a city. There are houses. It is the capital of Kaleila. There is a castle.

Girl, half my age (about), pigtails never seen before must be new. More empty boxes.

Bridge southwest, unfinished for years. Rex fishes here sometimes. Rex is a frie

Fana's house, two floors. Clock broken, stuck at 9:30. Always bedtime.

Fana wasn't well today. She says I shouldn't fuss but it's hard not to. She's brave for me. I have to look after her, won't be late again. Eleven o' clock, remember remember remember

Lots of books about travel, foreign countries. Pictures on her dresser, family. Mother dead. Father missing. Doesn't talk. I don't blame her.

Helen. Grandmother.

Kamui writes novels, wasn't much help. Very shy, speech problems. Scan some more flowers for him. Flower Blazera means passion, load of rubbish. Flowers are plants.

Town centre has a market. Romaioni and Francesca run it. Twins. Stuck-up. Not here today, probably buying supplies.

Central Park, mayor knows my name, is an elf. Elves have pointy ears. Statue of King Xenonbart, no beard, out of date. Big fountain. No boxes.


Cemetery east. Very peaceful, big tree. Lots of bouquets. One headstone "Man who loved his family," name scratched out. Harsh!

"Adorable lit


Training hall, Gustav, teacher nothing ever good enough criticising yelling nitpicking almost hit me once not during practice

Beat him. Should have been satisfying.

Eleven o' clock, visit Fana.



Now that we've learned a special attack, we can go back and do an optional mission in the training area.

Mul smoke. Don't breathe this.

Like all special attacks, Whirlwind Blade must be charged by holding the attack button for a second. The spin inflicts multiple hits that, while weaker than regular attacks, come out very rapidly and will do more damage in total. It also lets you move and attack simultaneously, which is useful. In terms of combat, it's the best special attack by a long way.

For our troubles, we get a metalize recipe for a Scimitar, which I will use as soon as I get some fish. And chips.