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Part 17: Prepare for War

After seeing Meenya off, I asked a townsperson where to find the nearest recruitment officer, deflecting the inevitable question of my age with an imaginary elder brother. He pointed me towards the castle, where I found Rex in one of his usual moods.

Yumil. How's it going?
I came to sign up.
Same. Don't even bother. Looks like we're not good enough for them!
It's not my decision, son. No point getting huffy.
Can you believe this? One chance to make a name for ourselves and they won't even give it to us.
Of course they won't. We're the "have-nots", aren't we?
Yeah, well. Figured the haves would be happy to let us bleed for 'em. Shows what I know.
Where've you been anyway? I was looking for you all yesterday.
I...heard about the war, so I was out. Doing some training.
I know. Time well spent.
Ah, it's probably better this way. No offence, but you're a little soft for this kinda thing.
Go study your flowers or whatever it is you're doing. Least that won't get you killed.

Why are you friends, exactly?
We grew up together.
That's basically it.

I'll tell you the same thing I told him. You're too young to make a difference out there. If you want to help, stay at home, look after your mother and don't talk to any strangers. Can you do that for us?
I could cut you in half.
Did you just threaten me?
I'm telling you what I'm capable of. I am not too young to make a difference. My little finger could make more of a difference than anyone you've recruited so far. old *are* you?
It doesn't matter. Let me help you and you win. It's that simple.
Right. Listen, you need to go now. There are other people waiting.

Any ideas?


I didn't think you'd be back so soon. Have you made your decision?
Yes. Here's how you can apologise to me.

I'm sure you know about the war by now. I went to sign up just a minute ago, but they won't let me join.
Of course not. What did you expect?
That's where you can help. Everyone in town knows how good you are, and you know how good I am.
If you recommended me to-
Absolutely not. I made myself clear on this.
It's too late for that. I just got back from Granatum Forest and I've been killing monsters all day. Look at my swords.
See? I already know what a real fight is like.
Do you.
Yes. I do. There's no use sheltering me anymore, so let's make the most of it. You know I can help win this.
And how will you handle your superiors?
You think I was too strict? Any officer in that army would have you flogged for disobedience. Will you duel them as well?

What if there are archers on the field? Will your sword protect you from a hail of arrows? And what of your fellow soldiers? You may go unscathed, but they won't. You will see them hacked apart, gurgling blood. You will hear them screaming for aid that you cannot give and it will wrack you forever. Will you cut down your nightmares?
You are skilled. I admit it. But no amount of skill will prepare you for war. I know that better than anyone alive.
You're still a child, Yumil. So for your own sake, please. Go home and be a child.

You really should listen to him.
Yeah. I did.
I need a shield.
He's right, isn't he? I can't fight arrows, no matter how good I am. I'll have to find someone with a shield I can scan.
But what about everything else?
I won't have any "superiors." They can't order me around if I'm not a soldier.
Wait, so you're not going?
Oh, I'm going. Just not officially. Who's going to stop me?
And I can help anyone who gets hurt. I have the book.
You'll get in trouble for this.
Maybe. They'll change their minds when I win the war for them.
Hell yeah! How's that for "adjusting"? Told you this guy was awesome.


No ma'am, I do not. But I'm on patrol at the moment. I'm sure someone else can show you.
Do you think I haven't tried? You're all completely useless!
Yes, well, I need to go and be useless somewhere else right now. Have a safe evening.
Come back here immediately!

Bloody worthless,! You, human!

Did you hear any of that? I'm here looking for my father. I don't suppose you know where he lives.
I might. Mayor Georg?
That's him. You will take me to him, er...

Your name, human.
This is not how to ask me a favour.
Excuse me?
"Could you please show me where my father lives?"
That might work. Try it.
Are you blind? Is everyone in this place blind? I'm an elf. Of a noble clan.
Good, then you can afford a map. Town square, market, twins with red hair. I think they'll suit you just fine.
A map? Goodness. I had no idea humans were literate.
That says more about you than it does us.
Forgive me for not being a primatologist.
Alright, I don't know what that is.
One who studies primates. Apes.

...I'm Sylphy.
I've been at this all day, you understand. I'm quite frustrated.
...I'd appreciate your help.
This way.

Dadd-! ...ahem. Father.

What are you doing out of the village?! You know how dangerous it is! Did you come here on your own?!
I can cope with a few monsters, thank you very much! I came here to rescue you!
And I'm glad you're so thrilled to see me.
...rescue me from what?
Waisen. I heard they'd attacked, but nobody knew how far they'd gotten.
I was worried.
Alright. I'm sorry. I understand. It's alright, dear. I'm fine. Come here, give me a hug.
Nn! Not in front of...

Yumil, isn't it? Excuse me for not greeting you. I was rather caught off guard. I assume I have you to thank for showing my daughter here?
I was in the area. It's no big deal.
Well, I apologise if there's been any difficulty. I realise she's a bit...
I'm a bit what? Come on.
Frankly, dear? Insufferable. Have you said thank you?
...that was a hint.
Which I'm ignoring. Cheeky little brat. Do you know what he said to me?
He told me to go and buy a map. You need to train these humans better. Not an ounce of respect between them. Do they even know what an elf is?
My daughter and I thank you. Can I give you something for your trouble?
That's alright.
Is that a shield on your wall? I'd love to have a look at it.

I was given this by a friend of mine. It's almost five hundred years old, would you believe.
Wow. It doesn't look it.
May I ask why you wanted to see it?

Lying was pointless. When they saw what I was about to do, I would have nothing to explain with but the truth, and no way to disguise it.

So why bother?

Did he just...
Hit my shield with a book.
Is that a human thing?


That took longer than I'd hoped. Don't know how much writing I'll get done tonight.
What do you mean writing? It's only a few hours until morning. Get some rest while you still can.
It's alright. I'm used to staying up. I did it all the time when I was younger.
I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway. Too much on my mind.
Shouldn't you at least tell your family you're going? Where are they?
Did you hear me? I said-
I'm trying to concentrate.


People are stupid, royalty is stupid, cats are stupid.

Fortune teller Nanai tried to kill me (?) Get some answers after back from war, watch out for trapdoor. Empty boxes outside her house.

She had a tablet that

Frannelle castle has big pillars and red carpets. Things to do before I die: Punch King Xenonbart, shave King Xenonbart, feed King Xenonbart's beard to King Xenonbart and his guards

There is a lunatic living in the dungeon. He helped me escape. Not a bad lunatic.

One empty box in prison cell.

Met Duran on the plains, picking flowers. Can't fight, still goes. Probably trying to impress his dad which will never happen. Seen how Gustav treats him in class. Not like a son person.

Granatum forest has numerous trees.

Cliff, sunset, nice view.

The view from the cliff is nice beautiful

When I stood on the cliff, I saw a completely amazing brilliant incredible

orange light shined on


Dwarves assume you're hostile until you fight them and then it's okay. Mieli is looking over my shoulder, please stop it Mieli

Apparently I have lovely handwriting.

Fana looked a little better today. She got a letter from the orphans that made her a bit sad, but her flower cheered her up I hope. I told her I was sorry for not coming to see her but it didn't bother her in the first place. She didn't miss me?

Hope I don't have to be away for too long. I need to be here in case when something happens to Helen. Have to look after her. (Fana.)

Eleven o' clock.

I was wrong about flowers. Found out the flower I gave Fana was "joy". Can't be a coincidence.

what am i supposed to do about meenya, someone please write the answer here