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Part 23: A Persecuted Heart

So. What happened to keeping the book a secret?
I think that boat's sailed. They all saw me using it out there. So did the mayor, the princess. Word would have got out anyway.
Besides, I only wanted to keep it secret because...well, I'm not sure why. I was just nervous, I suppose. Wasn't sure what people would think. Wasn't sure what I thought. Now I know.
You certainly do. How does it feel to be a hero?
A lot nicer than being a spy.
(Are they alive or dead when you start skinning?)
Uh, could someone...?
(Just kidding. Of course they're alive.)

Daddy says I must be nice to you now. I'm still not sure you should be in my room, though.
I just thought you should know the prince is alive. I saw him after the battle.
What are you doing?
Wait, are you sure? What did he look like?
Dude, no. No he's not. If Valdo was killed, he's gone. Kullervo's just using his body.
About my age, white hair. And a crown. The crown was the giveaway, really.
That's him! I knew it! I knew nobody could hurt him!
Was he well? How's his swordplay coming along? Oh! Did he say anything about me?
I didn't talk to him. I just saw him. He was a long way away. do realise he attacked you, right?
No! No no no! Everyone's saying that and it's not true!
It's that prime minister of his. That Werman. He's behind it all, I just know it. Valdo wouldn't do that.
He'd never. He wouldn't do that.
Alright. I believe you.
...thank you. You're the only person who does.
Would you care for some cake?
(Yes. Yes you would.)

Thanks. I can't stay, though. I have a lot to do.
Oh, really? Come by again sometime, then.
If you want to, I mean. I won't mind.
Maybe. We'll see.

What the hell, man?
Well what was I supposed to say? "Oops, only joking, he's actually dead!"
She's not going to see him again either way. Just let her be happy. don't exactly owe her any favours, you know.
I'm feeling magnanimous.
Also, we got cake. It worked out.
(Oh lord. This filling. This icing. Have mercy on me.)
(This is what the world exists for. Thank you.)
(i still think you're evil)


Everyone inside!
It's just a drizzle.
Yeah, you can say that, 'cause you don't lose your power when you get wet.
We're book spirits. Paper. Water. Not good.
No. I'm sorry. Regular lame isn't strong enough. It is fucking lame.

Yumil! Come inside before you get soaked.
Is Fana...
She's in a bad way at the moment.
What? How bad? Is it serious?
No more than it usually is, don't worry. She stayed up too late last night, I think. Wore herself out.
Is she sleeping? I can come back if-
No no, she'll want to see you. Go on. Just don't keep her up too long.


Here's your flower. How are you feeling?
S'okay. Been worse than this before.
What happened? Helen said you were up late?
Yeah. Thought I could get that bear finished early. For the orphanage. Bad idea.
Don't know when I'll be able to do it now.

Where is it? How much did you get done?
'Bout half. On the table.

Don't even think about it.
About what?
Trying to finish it. You're rubbish at sewing.
I wasn't going to.
I'm serious. Leave it.
I am! Look, it's here. I'm not taking it. See?
You're right anyway. I wouldn't know where to start. I'm sure the boy doesn't want a mutant bear.
Why don't you get some sleep for now? I'll stop by later, see how you're doing.
'Kay. Sorry. Came all that way just for this.
It's okay.

I thought you weren't keeping the book a secret anymore.
I'm not.
Why leave, then? If you're making the doll for her, just make it.
I don't want her to think I got it from the book.
Because it won't be much of a present if she knows I just magicked it up, will it?

Kamui. Do you have a minute? I've got some more flowers I want to show you.

Here. Now, don't tell me the meaning. Just what it's called. I want to see if I can do this.
...Ice Lily.
Ice Lily. Okay. That has to be cold-heartedness or aloofness or something, right?


Okay. What about this one?
Dream Grass.
...daydreaming? Imagination? No, wait. Drowsiness?
An open mind.

You...don't look at names.
See the flower. Not the name. Comes from the flower.

Here. This one.
What's it called?
Just look. See the flower.

I looked. I saw a flower. Just a picture of a flower on a page. Any words I attributed to it were mere guesses.

That, it occurred to me, was my mistake.

Words. The foundation of this world and countless worlds before. I fabricated my own when I should have been seeking another's.

Someone before me had written this flower into being. The words were theirs. Their idea. Behind the idea, intent. Understand the petals as you understand the sword, as you understand your dreams. See a meaning where there is one.

No more guessing. Abandon conscious thought and allow the word to come.

Really? I got it right?
Yes. Stone-Cutter. Persecuted Heart. Given for, to end relationships. End of friendship, end of love. Stone-Cutter.

Yours. Your flower now.
This is my flower?
Yes. First one you saw. Important. Remember. Your flower.
Huh. I'd have preferred something a bit happier.
Don't get to pick.
Which one's yours?

...would you have preferred something else?
Don't get to pick.

Is that who I think it is?
Let's find out.

What's he up to?
Don't know.
It's a graveyard. I'm sure he's just paying his respects.
Like hell. The book wouldn't have shown us this if he just came to put some flowers down. Something's up.
Also, he doesn't have any respect to pay.

That's the passage you escaped through!
(Escaped what?)
(Hah! So he's a convict. I was right.)

What do you take me for? That's the market price.
I take you for someone who doesn't have many options. The only place you'll find this cheaper is dreamland. Wanna buy a pillow?
Fine. If I find so much as a scratch on it, I'm bringing it straight back.
You do that. Doesn't mean I'll...

Oh. Heya.

Didn't think I'd be seeing you again.
Yumil! What are did you...
You find your way out okay? Or have you been lost this whole time?
How much of that did you hear?
About enough, I think.
Don't worry. I always thought you were a crook anyway. Now it's just more literal.
Yes, and I wonder why I might have had to resort to this. I wonder.
Hey. If you're going to gamble, you have to accept that you might lose. Fifty times in a row. Don't blame me.
Still not convinced you didn't cheat.
If you want to try and win some back, I'm game. Bound to be some crates down here somewhere.
Your "generosity" is appreciated, but I'll have to decline.

For your silence.
Ten jewels? That's it?
Haven't you taken enough from me already? What more do you want? My shirt? My sister?
Oh, keep it. I don't care.

Just so we're clear, that was a legal transaction. All this stuff is mine.
I'm the king.
I know.
(Why is there a talking afro.)
I know, it's amazing



Feeling any better?
A little bit. Still tired, though.
I won't be long. I just wanted to bring you something.

Yumil. I said not to finish it for me.
And I didn't. I went out and got this.
Today. So you've been out looking for a teddy bear. In the rain.
Thought it might save you some trouble. He gets his toy, you can concentrate on getting better. Everyone's happy.
Is there something wrong with it?
No! No. I just...don't know what to say, is all. Speechless.
I'll get granny to send it right away. Thank you.
Why don't I send it? No point bothering her when I've got it right here.
Are you okay?
...alright, well...I'll let you get some rest, then. See you tomorrow.
See you.

Hey. You know you don't have to come by every single day, right?
What do you mean? You don't like me visiting?
I'm just saying you don't have to.
I know I don't. I come here because I want to.
What's the matter?
I just feel like you let me burden you sometimes. I say I'm too sick to make a doll, and not even a day later, in you come with-
The doll wasn't a problem.
-with exactly what I was looking for, yes it was a problem, don't lie to me. You can't have found it that quickly without going out of your way. You can't have. Not in this weather.
Every time anything's wrong in my life, you drop everything until it's fixed. I can't even sneeze without you running off to save the day.
Because you're important to me.
I know. I'm glad I am. It's just that we're not children anymore. You've got responsibilities. You've got your future to think about.
You can't keep pampering me like this. You can't let me tie you down. You're a great person with a great life ahead, and I'm...
I'm not. I can't ruin that for you.
Don't say that. You're a great person too. You are.
But do I have a great life ahead?

Thanks for coming today.'re welcome.