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Part 48: Mt. Elious

Mt. Elious. The penultimate dungeon. Accessible via plot hole.

Normally, you can only warp to areas you've already visited. However, after you rescue Mieli, Mt. Elious appears in the book with no explanation and you're told to teleport there. It's the only way in or out, even though the first screen has what was clearly supposed to be an exit.

In the Antelobibnen video, I speculated that production was rushed for Avalon Code's second half, and at this point I'm fairly convinced. The first half at least attempted to pace itself and have some sort of logical progression. The second half is the first half backwards, without the cement. Pathways opening for no reason. A chapter consisting entirely of one boss fight and no dungeon. And now, an area disconnected from the rest of the world, which the game has to break its own rules to let you access. All of this kicked off by Ellie pulling an infodump out of her arse.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the game would have been good if they'd had the time to finish it. I just don't think it would have got this much worse.

In happier news, our mental map has finally reached its maximum size. This means I have all the code points I need for this LP, and therefore don't have to spend one more FUCKING millisecond of my life running a FUCKING little man in a FUCKING green coat around a FUCKING empty field whilst mashing the FUCKING A button in the hopes of seeing some FUCKING insipid text about the FUCKING grass or a FUCKING rock.

My elation is soured only by this happening near the end of the game, when I've found most of the hotspots already. Just a little sour, though. Little too much lemon in my otherwise refreshing, frosty glass of summer lemonade. That kind of sour.

It also means it's time to make some new toys.

When I said this is the ultimate sword, that wasn't entirely true. In terms of raw power, some swords edge it out, but no broadswords. The trivial damage increase doesn't compensate for the shorter reach, in my opinion.

A couple of swords do significantly outdamage it, but they're of the "Already beaten everything so what's the point" variety. So while Laevateinn may not be the strongest sword, I still say it's the best, taking all factors into account. Granted, this is desperate after-the-fact handwaving because I honestly did think it was superior in every respect, but my arguments still hold water!

So what about the dungeon itself? You wanna see it? You really wanna see it?

Here you go.