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Part 67: The Real Deal: Part 12: Thou Shalt Not But Thou Must


I'm sorry, I feel like we've seen this before. A character inexplicably having and withholding critical information?

Oh. Yes.

I won't ask how Ur knows Kullervo is skewered down there. They'd just be the same questions I asked when Ellie did this, so what the shit ever. According to Matrix Software, being smart or wise means becoming omniscient when the plot demands it.

But again, why didn't he mention this SIX CHAPTERS AGO? We could have popped in, lopped his head off and spared ourselves all this trouble! Time better spent than on that fucking tournament!

He even had another, better opportunity in chapter 7, when we were already at the spear. A half-hour detour, Ur. That's all it would have taken to solve the problem. have us four spirits.

The camera pans to each of them in turn, presumably to remind us that yes, these are the spirits, and there are four of them.

That page...
(They were taken alive...into the Book of Prophecy.)
That's right. But if you can perform a miracle...there may be a chance at saving them.
Let's do it, then!
Do you remember, Yumil? You may make a miracle at Sunny Hill. That's where the Book first appeared to create the world. There may be some power left over from during creation. Much time has passed, so the chances are very slim.
This brings back memories. I first met you there!
('s okay. You can make...a miracle.)
Ha ha ha! Well, Neaki! It's rare to hear something so cheery coming from you!

Remember that one time in the post-war celebration scene, where Mieli had to translate Neaki's weird breathy noises for Rempo? Neither did Matrix Software.

All right! Here we go! Yumil!

Another localisation quibble. English-speaking people do not call their siblings "brother" except as a joke, and I don't think Francesca's in the mood right now.

Oh! Yumil! What are you doing here?
The stars fell and hit the castle tower! The tower's fallen and now monsters are attacking!
I've got an idea! Maybe you can make a miracle! Please! Use your power to save us!
Yeah! He's right! Only you can save us! Please, Yumil! I mean, great Yumil!
Listen, I always believed you from the start! The others called you a traitor, but only I trusted you! Honest!
He's telling the truth! No matter what, we know you're the Kaleilan hero, Yumil!

You know what's sad? You're probably going "No shit, Rempo", but I don't know if he's right about this.

Looking back at the interrogation scene, it's not clear if these two believed you did it. Maybe they just accused you because they're mean-spirited. Romaioni seemed pretty smug about it, and Francesca sounded like she was feigning distress. I mean, look at this:

I was so scared, brother! Pretending to be a hero...only to do this instead!

"Oh, I was so scared! However could he do such a thing?" Come on. There's no way that's meant to be sincere, right?

Actually, it's Avalon Code, so maybe it is. But assuming she was faking it, and they were doing it for giggles, that means Romaioni and Francesca are telling the truth here. They're the only ones in Rhoan who knew Yumil was innocent, and therefore the only ones with functioning brains.

Does that make them more or less redeemable than the other townsfolk? Sure, they're petty and selfish, but that's typical teenager shitheadedness. You grow out of it. Terminal stupidity, not so much.

There are monsters all over! Please, save us!

And so it begins. Rhoan's people confront you in succession to beg your help, and while it doesn't affect anything, you are allowed to respond however you like. For now.

I want to get to the end of this part before commenting, so bear with me.

Yumil, you can't mean that!
Please don't abandon us!

...Yumil. I doubted you, and drove you out of town! Even with you gone, the chaos and monsters grew! We were wrong, all of us. I know I have no right asking...but would you please save us?

...I see. We were so bad to you. This is what we deserve.

Hey, mister Yumil! With the tower down and Rhoan in chaos, you have to save us! Please don't tell me you're still upset about before. It was all a misunderstanding! I'm sorry! I mean it!

I see...this is a grave end.

I know that incident wasn't your fault. But the townspeople wouldn't hear otherwise! I'll do whatever it takes to protect this town. That's the duty I've done for hundreds of years. Now the very sky is falling! The town's in utter chaos! We've lost many civilians. I wasn't able to save Rhoan.
...Yumil! But I must beg you!

I see...I'm so sorry...

This town's full of jerks! Yumil, I heard all about...

See? Why should you save their hides?!
Something sad must've happened here.
(When things get tough, they cling to miracles...spineless cowards. They should die with the world!)
Neaki, that's just how powerless people act.
What will you do? Will you save the town?

Long time no see! Looks like you got back what you lost. I always knew you could do it. I just finished up, too. Take these, Yumil.

Now it's back together again!
Too bad you had to come this!
The old me would've just laughed it off. I hated everything. My world, country, and town...but being like that didn't change anything. Right, Yumil?
You're going, aren't you. We're friends. 'Course I know. I'm coming with you.

Humans are capable of change.
Then, let's go already! If it's Yumil's new world, I'll follow!
Me, too!
(...! A-and me...)

My poor castle and subjects!

What are you doing here?! Did you make all this happen?

M-monsters?! You fiend! Ugh, this can't happen...the history and glory...of Kaleila's 1,000 years. They can't end with me! I won't allow it!

Now let's deal with these goons!

What? Heath?! Why should a Waisen general be helping me?!
I'm not with the Empire anymore. We're beyond petty boundaries now.
Yumil, I know it may be hard to forgive him, but...people must always forgive.

You don't have to forgive me, but I can't just keep running away.

Heh. Here comes a bunch!
Great Yumil! Send us a miracle!
Yumil, the Kaleilan hero! All we can do now is cheer you on!
Yumil! I believe in you!
Yumil, please! Send a miracle to save the town!

Now let's deal with these goons!

Okay. Let's rewind a bit.

This is where But Thou Must kicks in. If you refuse, Xenonbart charges the monster, gets knocked back, and Rempo asks again if you'll help. This is pointless, because as soon as you agree, Heath immediately shows up and kills the thing.

Why can't this happen regardless of your choice? It seems like a small issue, but it ends up diminishing the whole scene.

Let's be honest. This part only works if you choose No each time. That's how it's set up. Yumil comes back, rightfully bitter, and refuses to save the people who betrayed him. But then Rex gives him the pages and vows to stand with him, everyone shows up to cheer him on, and he finally relents. If you haven't been saying no, there's no conflict. No question. Will you help them, Yumil? Um, yes. He said yes. Over and over. Weren't you listening?

And that's why this is a problem. By forcing you to say yes to Xenonbart, they hamstring the climax. When the actual decision to save the town comes, it has no weight, because Rempo's already badgered you into forgiving the person who least deserves it.

Heath comes along and says "I know it's hard to forgive him, but you must." Except you already did. The townsfolk all show up to apologise, to plead with Yumil, but it means nothing now because we've already seen his heart change.

This is supposed to be The Moment.

Not this.

And that is how a tiny thing ruins a big thing. Railroad when necessary, people. Not for fun.

You truly are a hero of Kaleila.
You know it's true, Yumil.
That's our hero!
You were great!

you sexy thing, you

And so on. You get the idea.

You're right.
(I can't stand them...)
People of Kaleila! This is no time to rejoice!
Heath, what do you mean?
The imperial army's coming. They're headed for this town! Prince Valdo is leading them! And monsters make up the ranks of the army!
What?! Then let them come! Our soldiers will show them the might of Kaleila! Ready your weapons, men!
B-but they have monsters! We can't fight them!

Stop, you cowards!
Yikes! It's a full-blown war!
Brother, wait up!
No...not another war. Aaaaah!
Yumil. No matter what happens...Rhoan will not betray you. I promise you.
Hrrrgh!! We'll have to retreat for now.

Does leaving you to face the entire Imperial army by yourself count as betrayal? If so, that sure didn't take long.

Yumil! Looks like you got back everything that was lost. I'm not finished yet. But I travelled around and gathered information. I learned something looking into Werman's background. It seems he's trying to bring back a Demon Lord of legend. Of course only a few actually believe the legend. But the Demon Lord really existed--a giant, more like it. A single giant once ruled this world...


heath recaps the story up until now with kullervo and the great spear and the prince, i'm not typing it all out it's really long and you already know it and my fingers hurt

no i don't know how he discovered all this, piss off

We once travelled with him. Like you, he was guided by the Book of Prophecy. He chose what was valuable in creating the new world.
(And this is the world he came up with...)
...enough of the old days! What we know is that the Chosen One isn't Kullervo! It's Yumil! I believe in Yumil, and that's why I'm here!
Yes! He's right!
We don't have much time. Before the army arrives...we must go to the castle basement! There should be a way into the castle from the cemetery. We'll go there first!

And finally we have freedom to move again.

We've still got the Rex/Meenya scene and the spirits' unshackling to cover before we confront Kullervo. This update's going to get unwieldy if we tackle those now, so we'll leave them until next time. I know just how to wrap this one up.

Now that the book is complete, we can go to Sunny Hill and bring Fana back. I know we didn't do it in the narrative, but you want to see it, right? Of course you don't. Let's go.

A strong power is filling the Book of Prophecy! Thoughts became wishes. Wishes became prayers. And prayers...

...Yumil? What...happened to me? I was sucked into the Book...I remember being with you all along. Thank you for saving me, Yumil. Friends like you and I stick through anything.


If Fana's girlfriend status is active, this scene is a little different. I can't remember the dialogue, but I know Yumil hugs her at some point.

That shouldn't happen if they aren't in a relationship, of course. Oh no. Hugs are purely a romantic thing. It can't just show that he's happy to see her again. In fact, you know what? Let's not even show his face. Offer no indication whatsoever that Yumil is relieved to have his friend back. Don't want people having emotions and shit.

What happened to this?!

This was cute! I know you can at least do cute! And yeah, "awww" is cheap. You can get an "awww" just by showing someone YouTube videos of kittens, but at least it's a reaction! Make me feel something!