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Part 75: Why Shakespeare Sucked (by Ice Phisherman)


Honestly, I'm thinking the book just takes the gist of what you put in it and fills in the blanks, rather than creating exactly what's in the pages and nothing else. If it took the absolutely literal approach, you'd always end up with a world where there seem to be big chunks missing, 90% of things don't happen the way they should or at all, and nothing really

makes any


Oh my god.

: I still have no idea how to describe that view. It's cool, but that doesn't seem like it's enough..

: The original world had words that could describe in full such a gorgeous vista. However, those have been edited out by a series of idiots, illiterates, lazy writers and ten year olds over the successive ends of the world. Though the world tends to be more average when you put literal world-as-myth worldcrafting into the successive hands of your average person. It's a rare thing, young Yumil, that we get someone intelligent enough to make up new words. Shakespeare was one.

: Who was that?

: A man so gifted with words that he would sometimes create his own. A playwright. We sincerely hope that we never get one as a holder of the book.

: Why? Wouldn't he make a great world?

: No, playwrights make great plays, not great worlds. Sometimes they can't even write a decent play. Poets are often terrible with swords, even the idea of a sword, err, best sword of swording that ever sworded They would expound upon one idea so fully that the universe would collapse upon itself as fiction first became law, then became reality, then collapsed on itself as contradictions caused massive self replicating errors. Conversely, other important people, places and things would be ignored as he frittered away what little time we have describing the barest sliver of this world into the next. We like to keep things simple. That way there are no errors, or at least we keep them down to a manageable level.

: So you're calling me simple, is that it?

: It isn't a bad thing. Just think of us as editors who are also the embodiments of primal forces. Primal forces can wreck your ideas too. We just do it with earthquakes and hailstorms rather than deadlines. Well, you're on a deadline too, but we're not in charge of that.

: Hey Yumil, just call it a kickass view. Don't listen to Mieli when she's like this, man. She's driven more than one person insane. Those universes tend not to turn out when people start listening to her so much and besides, I like you sane. Just tune her out.

: Kay.

: Sigh. Here we go again...