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by TooMuchAbstraction

Part 56: Emergency Patch Update

It has been brought to my attention that our friends missed a section of the Giant Castle basement. Thank you, TheDavies.

See that switch on the wall next to Kane? I missed it earlier. Sometimes they do blend in and aren't easily noticeable.

Three Spectres, no real threat any more.

"This is a lot of work to go to just to hide some ghosts."

"...okay, some ghosts, a few crystals, and a bolt of cloth. What the hell."

More interesting is the other secret I missed.

This time the switch is behind Elly.

"Just an ordinary cave demon? That's it?"

"I remember the days when cave demons were dangerous. Ahh, the innocence of youth."

Really, this guy's trivial; if you can't handle cave demons then you have no business whatsoever here. He does have a special drop though!

Oh my yes. Spellcraft makes all of your spells a bit better. Byff gets it.

"Now to learn the secrets of the giants!"

"I bet it's something like ''HEER BE HOW WE SUMUNS DA DEEMANS.''"

" to learn some interesting tidbits about giant culture that I will never try to put into practice!"

...well that's not right! For the sake of completionism, let's fix this real quick.

On the main menu of the game, there's a Character Editor option:

If you click on it, you'll get prompted for confirmation twice, then told the editor is activated. Just load any save, hit shift-D (almost certainly for "Debug"), and...

...we have unlimited skill points to train our characters with! We'll just give Kane a crash course in priest spells and arcane lore real quick.

"Ha! I wield unlimited powers of holy legalism!"

"Yeah, but you're still too dumb to cast spells effectively."


"Man, why does Kane get to read the book?"

"'Cause I'm awesome. Also this entire update isn't canon."

"I'm keeping my new hat anyway."

"Mm, not to worry, Byff. Nothing new here anyway, except that Grah-Hoth's supposedly in some Basalt Fort."

My guess is that that Incantor human we killed earlier is the one that put this book here. The giants certainly don't have any use for it.