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Bad Mojo

by Vakal

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Original Thread: Let's play Bad Mojo -- Animals were harmed in the making of this LP.


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Bad Mojo is a part FMV, part 2-D puzzle, game that was originally released back in 1996. Loosely based on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the game puts the player into the role of a common cockroach and tasks them with making it through a series of household areas while trying to avoid the various traps and hazards they contain.

Although the game is pretty short (It can be beaten in about an hour if you know where to go) it sold well enough when it first came out to warrant a re-release in 2004. Titled Bad Mojo Redux, the revamped version contains better support for Windows XP, remastered cut scenes, and some developer commentary.

One of the main reasons the game was popular was due to its creepy atmosphere and graphic scenes of gore. So if you're squeamish-- suck it up.

Personally, I can't stand roaches, despite actually never having seen one in real life. Roaches may be able to survive a nuclear war, but the Canadian winter sure does a number on the little fuckers.

Anyway, the style of this LP is video with subtitles. Enjoy.


Basement StartViddler Download
BasementViddler Download
BathroomViddler Download
KitchenViddler Download
The BarViddler Download
Roger's RoomViddler Download
FinaleViddler Download


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