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Original Thread: Birds, Bears, and Automobiles. Let's Play the Banjo-Triloogie!



Banjo-Kazooie was released in 1998 on the Nintendo 64 by Rare. It's a 3D platformer starring both a bird and a bear. Released when I was five, it quickly became my favorite game. And over twenty years later, I still feel the same!

This version of the game is from the Xbox Live Arcade, because it's the best version I've ever played. It features cleaner graphics, smoother framerates, and the long rumored Stop n Swop. The improvements they made will make your eyeballs pop!

My name is Ashley, and I will be playing. Rotating guests will be surveying. Join us for good times galore. I hope you don't find these videos a bore!

Part 1: Spiral Mountain
Part 2: Mumbo's Mountain
Part 3: Treasure Trove Cove
Part 4: Clanker's Cavern
Part 5: Bubblegloop Swamp
Part 6: Freezeezy Peak
Part 7: Gobi's Valley
Part 8: Mad Monster Mansion
Part 9: Rusty Bucket Bay
Part 10: Click Clock Wood, Spring and Summer
Part 11: Click Clock Wood, Autumn and Winter
Part 12: Stop 'n' Swop
Part 13: Furnace Fun
Part 14: Grunty
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