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Barbie Race & Ride

by 8BitRedMage

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Original Thread: Keep Your Eyes Glued to the Screen. Let's Play Barbie Race and Ride!



Barbie Race and Ride (also known as Barbie Race Riot) is an equestrian race based game developed by Runecraft.
This will be an absolutely comprehensive Let's Play. We will be playing the 1999 Game of the Year edition and we will cover every possible fun fact that I can manage to dig up. I'm happy to finally present this gem of a game, and I'm genuinely surprised that nobody has taken up the task before. Albeit daunting.

Barbie The heroine of our story. Raised in the nasty streets of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, Barbie has come out of her shell to start a gang on a ranch in the outskirts of town. "The Whore-ses"

Steve is the childhood best friend of Barbie, who may or may not be her alternate personality.

Blaze is our horse and will be leading us down the path of righteousness.

Are you playing the original or Director's Cut starring Milas Kunis?
I will be playing the Game of the Year edition, which has Milas Kunis featured, yes.

Is this going to be a tool assisted run? I understand the difficulty of the game at later levels.
While I do recognize that most people need save states to get past the alligator and Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School levels, I will be doing this unassisted. We're in for a rough time.

Which horseshoes are you going to be putting on your horse?
Well if you ever watched the Judgement Day special featuring this game on G4, I'm going to go ahead and go with Tommy Tallarico's suggestions.

I will be taking suggestions from you guys as to which paths to take, and will fill you in on the strategies I will be implementing. Let's have some horse fun.

Horse Episodes:

Episode 1: Horsing Around

Episode 2: Trottin' Along

Episode 3: Hop Skin and a Gallop

Episode 4: Fuck You Teresa. No Horse Pun This Time. Just Fuck You.

Episode 5: Mare-y Horsemas

Episode 6: Finale

Bonus Video:

Horse Fan Videos:

Zackcat shows us the meaning of friendship.

Horse Fan Art:



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