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Original Thread: In this thread I gush about Bastion. [VLP]



Bastion is the first game by indie studio Supergiant Games. I had no idea what the game was until it came out on Xbox Live Arcade last summer, and it took me completely by surprise. Despite being created by only a handful of people, this game managed to be way better than a lot of 2011 releases. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, the music is awesome, and even the story is pretty decent!

With this let's play I'm hoping to convince more people to try out this game. It's available on Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and you can even play it in Chrome! It's pretty cheap, too.

1. Don't spoil anything! That's it.

Voice commentary on a game that already has a narrator?
My commentary is pretty sparse and I've played this enough to know when he talks, but if you want just the game with no commentary on the videos, you can check out Jouda's LP that finished a little over a month ago.

Episode 1 - The BastionC&I
Episode 2 - The Workmen WardC&I
Episode 3 - SurvivorC&I
Episode 4 - PythC&I
Episode 5 - Who Knows WhereC&I
Episode 6 - Proving GroundsC&I
Episode 7 - Build That WallC&I
Episode 8 - UndoneC&I
Episode 9 - Queen AnneC&I
Episode 10 - Famous Cookin'C&I
Episode 11 - Colford CauldronC&I
Episode 12 - Mount ZandC&I
Episode 13 - SiegeC&I
Episode 14 - Urzendra GateC&I
Episode 15 - Survivor's DreamC&I
Episode 16 - I'm Welcome HomeC&I
Episode 17 - New Game+C&I

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