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Part 6: Giacomo

Hey, remember when I updated this on a regular basis? Yeah, those were good times.

Part 6: Giacomo

So far, on Baten Kaitos...

We chose to unite with some blue-haired kid...

Who lost a fight with some cats, rendering us amnesiac,'s how amnesia works.

We met a mysterious young woman, Xelha, with a mysterious pendant. This woman has decided that she and Kalas are going to be, like, totally bff even though Kalas thinks she's annoying. Oh yeah, she summoned a remnant of a dark god or something also. Not really sure what that was about yet, but it made a shiny card appear so it's all good.

But then this jerk Giacomo shows up, takes the card, and kidnaps Xelha! And he is also Kalas' archenemy anyway because he killed Kalas' family!

After getting some high-yield explosives from the local clinic...

...and doing a fetch quest for a little brat-thief...

We rescued Xelha, and now we're gonna kick wreck Giacomo's shit!


So it would really be more in character for Kalas to just run on ahead and leave Xelha to rot, but...

There's a set of statues blocking the path that we need Xelha's help to get past.

I want to make a penis joke here, but it's just too obvious.


I have to say, it's really refreshing that the game remembers that the characters have wings and can, in fact, use them to fly short distances, like to a retreating airship. Granted, there are plenty of times when the game forgets, but I like that it isn't just an aesthetic thing. Although having said that, one of the sequel's main advantages it that it utilizes the wings aspect much more.

Video: Giacomo battle

Sweet Jesus, that is a huge fucking scythe.

Giacomo! You don't know how long I've waited for this moment!

I could have transcribed this line, but this is one of the only pictures I could find where Kalas' face looks similar to a human face.

Music: Chaotic Dance

I haven't really talked a whole lot about elements yet. There are six elements that come in pairs: fire and water, light and dark, wind and time. I have no idea why wind and time are opposites, but they are. As you may have guessed based on previous RPG experience, enemies tend to be resistant to some, but weak to their opposites.

Giacomo is resistant to fire and darkness, but weak to light and water. Xelha is very capable of ripping Giacomo apart, having easy access to water and light AND having a Light-based finisher...with the offset being that she also has several fire/dark magnus that aren't all that helpful (pictured). Obviously, you want to stack your deck so it is predominantly filled with elements that your opponent is weak to, although you won't always know what elements those are without a guide.

Oh yeah, Giacomo has hip jetpacks. Walking is soooo mundane. He needs a cooler method of moving about.

This has an unfortunate side effect of making it take about ten seconds between when his turn starts and when he actually perform his first attack, though. It gets kind of old after a while, especially since he frequently gets two turns in a row and returns to his starting position in between them.

Giacomo's special attack is not all that dangerous. He can do...oh...about 80 damage with it if you don't use any defense magnus. Since Kalas and Xelha both have 200+ HP, it's not really a problem. It's worth mentioning that he will sometimes use it on both of his two-in-a-row turns, though, so he can rack up the damage if you don't get any defense cards in your hand.

Three light attacks in a row wrecks Giacomo pretty hard.

Kalas' Shadow Wings attack is significantly more powerful than Xelha's Dance of Light. Despite this, Kalas' combo ends up doing 115 damage – exactly the same as Xelha's – because Kalas didn't get a good anti-Giacomo elemental lineup.

Incidentally, elements apply to your character's defenses as well. I didn't get a great example of it in this fight, so I'll go over it more later. But basically, if you are fighting an enemy that likes to use fire attacks, then you want to have a lot of water based defense cards to counter it.

A bit more pounding on him, and...

The Emperor is expecting me. I'm sure His Worship is eager to see what I've obtained. The relic of a god, long lost!

One End Slasher later...

Despite not really winning, we do get some spoiler of war. A photo of Giacomo, a Chronos Blow card, and one of the very best cards in the game: Sparkle of Life, Xelha's level 2 finisher! In case you didn't read the description, it's basically a Holy Meemai Cannon. And it's awesome.


Are you all right, Kalas? We can't stay here!

Yeah...I know.

See that treasure chest? It's a cocktease. We won't be able to get it until shortly before the end of the game.

Music: Enemy Strike

Video:Sweet revenge

Oh god run away run awa-heeeey, that apple-selling asshat left his cart unattended!


(I'm so sorry)

Oh, and it stopped the Imperial soldiers too. It's a relief to know that this is the level of competence we're up against.

Music: Amid Butterflies And Moonlight

Despite clearly taking the exit out of town, we end up at the now Palolo-less hideout. I guess the idea is they left and returned later?

Emperor Geldoblame seems to be trying to revive an ancient, cursed power.

Is that what you were talking about in the forest? An evil god, or something?

Yes...Malpercio...malevolent god of old. They say his powers will cause the world's destruction. Have you ever heard of Malpercio?

No...not really.

...I see...I came here from Mintaka, the Imperial Capital. I learned that Emperor Geldoblame was pursuing some kind of dangerous scheme...I've been trying to find out what it is, exactly. I managed to steal a pendant which seemed very important to them, and then I fled...From what I managed to gather, something terrible was sealed away, deep in that forest. It had never crossed my mind they were talking about Malpercio...

Wait, so do you mean Malpercio was that water snake? 'Cause we kinda killed it. Or do you mean Malpercio is in that shiny card? That makes more sense. We'll go with that one.

Kalas, Legion, I need your assistance! I must uncover the emperor's plot and put an end to his ambitions. If the evil god Malpercio should be awakened, the world will be doomed! I can't do this alone. Please help me, Kalas, Legion!

Well, I guess it's about time for the “guy meets mysterious girl, falls in love and obeys like a slave” JRPG thing to happen. Oh well, it was nice having a sarcastic hero while we cou-

You're asking the wrong guy.


The empire's plans, the fate of the world? I couldn't care less. Be realistic here, Xelha. You alone, against the might of the Empire? How are you going to pull that off?

Holy shit. Did Kalas just blow off the female lead?

I...don't know...

You can't be serious! If you want someone to die a glorious death with you, look somewhere else. I won't be throwing my life away in a fight with the Empire.


This isn't how tvtropes told me that stories work! You're supposed to help the girl you barely know for no real reason! DAMMIT KALAS!

You've got to be kidding me, Legion! Maybe you're crazy enough to listen to her...but I'm not!

If we could warn Diadem and Anuenue, and all the other nations of the Emperor's plot...I'm sure they would join us!

You really believe that? That the lords and kings will listen to you and take up arms against the Empire? That they would actually risk the well-being of their nations on the words of a little girl?

Keep dreaming. Alone.

Christ, Kalas, you're such an asshole!


I think I love you.

Well, you can do what you want. It's your life, so you should take your own path, Xelha. I have some unfinished business to take care of. By the way, if I were you, I'd leave this island as soon as possible. Chances are you've already earned yourself a spot on the Empire's most wanted list.

Not just me. I'm sure you're right up there on the list, too, Kalas. Besides, that man you're after, Giacomo...He's from the Empire too, isn't he?

You've got it mixed up. The bone I have to pick is with Giacomo. Not with the whole Empire. I'm not that stupid. Well, so long, Xelha. Who knows, I may see you again, sometime, somewhere...

Oh for fuck's sake, Xelha, Kalas does not want to be your friend.

You're leaving the island, right? The only way out is to take a liner to Diadem, the Land of the Clouds. We'll be taking the same ship, so we might as well stick together, at least for now.

And so Xelha successfully manages to keep herself in the party. Time to get the hell off of this rock! time, on Let's Play Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean!

In lieu of a Guardian Spirit response poll, I've got a different question for you. I will be getting a third character pretty soon. Would you prefer for me to have a gameplay Q&A update right now, or wait until I get this character? Either way I should be able to cover most of the good stuff, it just might be easier to explain with a larger party.

I await your answers, and I will be back in a week or two with a new update*!

*barring further unforeseen computer or illness related complications