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Part 16: Mini-Update: The Best Character

Mini-update: The Best Character

Music: Castle in the Sand

Video:: Trail O' Souls

Time to get off of Anuenue. I'm not too broken up about getting out of here, especially since the next island is fantastic. Sadly, between here and there we have a lot of dialogue to get through, so let's get the bulk of that out of the way here.

The Trail of Souls is Baten Kaitos' answer to Rainbow Road. It's not very exciting, if you don't mind the risk of falling off course and getting lost in a bizarro dimension that might not even have oxygen.

It's been a while since I left...Hey, Legion, what do you say we take a stroll around the ship? It's getting pretty stuffy in here. Let's go.

This is Kalas-speak for “I feel like being a douchebag to the other party members”, as you will see shortly.

I hate being cramped up in small rooms. Not enough fresh air. Besides, I always get a little clammy going through the Trail of Souls. I don't know why.

Hang in there. It'll pass. We don't have much of a choice now, anyway. How are you doing, Legion?

Well, there isn't much we can do until we reach Mira. Might as well get some rest while we can.

Oh come on, you didn't even respond to me that time!

It seems Meemai is getting a little airsick...Don't worry, little one, we're almost there.

I couldn't get a great screenshot of it, but this is one of those bizarre cases where Meemai is out in the world, and yet Xelha's character model still has Meemai in her jacket hood. Not that there's anything wrong with that; more Meemai = better!

You'd think they would be chomping at the bit to get the End Magnus. They need all five for the Emperor's plans, don't they?

Don't ask me! Maybe they don't need to worry about us anymore. Or MAYBE one of us is an Imperial spy.

...This is no laughing matter. I...can't help but wonder about Savyna. She just seems a little...something's not right.

I know what you're getting at. She is a little on the shady side, I'll give you that. But I'm not sure about you either, Lyude.

Not cool, Kalas. Not cool at all.

I don't blame you. 'Til recently, I was indeed an Imperial officer...Legion, what do you think? Do you trust me?

I apologize on behalf of the idiot I am bound to.

You really trust him, huh? I'd say you need to be more discerning...keep your eyes open for wolves...

Really, Legion? Thank you. That's good to know.

Oh, nothing really.

...Well, okay, Savyna. No offense, but I don't totally believe your story. I'd say the others feel the same way.

Figures. But it's not important. I don't care whether you believe me or not. Just don't stand in my way. Friend of foe, stand in my way and I'll take you out. You may not believe my story, but you'd best believe my warning, for your own good.

Hey...just because I don't fully trust's not like I hate you.

I rarely think of the concept of trolling outside of the internet, but that's the only word I can think of that describes Kalas in this scene. I have to give Savyna some respect for how she handled it, although I can't say I'd be too broken up if she punted Kalas off of the ship.

You have to talk to Gibari last, so that the game can easily segue into the next scene.

Gibari...I've been thinking about Savyna and Lyude...

Huh? What about them? Is it the trust thing? Once you doubt someone once, it grows and grows. That's human nature, kid. One could have similar doubts about Xelha, or you, ya know. It ain't like we really know who you are.

…!! You don't trust me?!

Ha ha! Just making a point. Don't take it personally. If you ask me, I'd say trust them. I'd rather give my trust and risk being deceived than live alone, trusting no one my whole life. Of course, you gotta think twice if folks keep betraying you. It's you life. Live it as you like.

Yeah, I see what you mean...

Music: Flighty Spirits

That looks...disheartening.

Damn! It's the Goldoba!

What's going on?!

Dive! Take her under the battleship, lose them in the clouds!

All right, let's see what this baby's got!

That didn't go so well.

Lighten up! I'm just having a little fun. When can we take 'em out?

Why don't we just blow them to bits, and sift through for the End Magnus later?

No! Cease fire, you fools!

Dude, you already shot us down. I don't think ceasing fire is going to make us stop falling. Actually, why were they still firing in the fir-oh, right, Ayme.

The Divine Child is on that ship...

What? That's impossible! It died two years ago...

But Kalas survived. They were both mortally wounded...yet somehow he lives.

Why isn't the Child with Kalas? Where is it now?

Patience. We will have the answers in due time...

Hey...wait a sec. The Divine Child is on the ship...but the Divine Child is NOT Kalas...But the Divine child is associated with Kalas' near-death two years ago...I'm so lost right now.

But that's okay. This is just one of those things that isn't even going to be referenced again for ages, so you can safely forget this conversation happened.

There's a brief playable period where Kalas runs around helping all of the party members to their feet. It's very boring. After that...

Video: Ta-ladi-da-di-da, Ta-ladi-da (at least watch from 4:00 to 5:30)

Easy, kid. It's no use to panic. When you're in a jam like this, the best thing to do is sit back, relax, and wait. Sooner or later, something will pop up.

Looks like we've fallen into one of the otherworldy planes surrounding Mira.

If so, getting back isn't going to be easy. Then again, there must be a way out of here. Gibari made a good point. We should calm down and consider our predicament carefully...

I've never heard of anyone getting out of here alive.

Well, that's just...just...and I was so excited about finally seeing Mira again...Let's go outside, maybe we can at least get some idea of our surroundings...

O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through...the darkest pit of night.

The darkest pit of night...huh.

(that's Xelha talking, although it doesn't show her portrait for some reason)

That's my nation's prayer. The one I said in Moonguile Forest, where we first met. You know it by heart. What are you doing out here?

Nothing, really...I was just thinking about the End Magnus. Ar, Le, Che...The one we have is the one they call “Che”...What the heck are these things? So they contain Malpercio's power. “The power of an ancient, evil god.” But what exactly are they?

I don't know...Some things in life we're just not supposed to know...

Does it really matter? They're artifacts that have the power of an evil god sealed in them. Do you really need to know any more than that? I'm not sure I really understand what they're even talking about here.

By the way, Kalas, you said you're from Mira, right? Did you hear any stories back home about the End Magnus?

No...nothing that comes to mind.

I see...Which part of Mira did you grow up in?

...I don't know. I never knew my parents...My grandfather found me when I was a child. The first thing I remember is living with Gramps and Fee.

I'm sorry...I didn't know...

Hey. Don't be.

This bugs me. It would have flowed a lot better if Xelha asked where Kalas was born, or directly referenced his parents somehow. But she asked him where he grew up, and so his answer of “I don't know” followed by his bit on his dead/missing parents isn't really answering her actual question. He grew up with Gramps and Fee, and he knows where that was.

...okay, it's a petty complaint, but it just bothers me.

Squeak Squeak!

What is that...over there?

The following cannot be adequately conveyed in screenshots. Please watch the previously linked video from 4:00 to 5:30.

I'm not kidding, here. Do it.

How far shall we go tonight? Ta-ladi-la-di-da, ta-ladi-da...

O Mighty Song, scatter long...a flower fresh beco-o-ome...O Sweet Flower, bloom and shower...a guiding path in times to come...Two souls, swaying...on a sea of dreams, praying...Traviling on to kingdom come. Two small vessels of one long endeavor...Fates entwined, pressing on forever. Ta-ladi-da-di-da, Ta-ladi-da...

I be the Great Mizuti. What you be doing here?

The Great...Mizuti?

Correct. The Great Mizuti thinks, therefore the Great Mizuti be. The Great Mizuti was headed for Mira, but took a wrong turn somewhere. Just a little wrong turn.

Do the Great Mizuti happen to know the way to Mira?

Oh yes, of course! The Great Mizuti be here by accident. By mistake. By coincidence. The Great Mizuti couldn't possible be disoriented. Most definitely not.

I'm not sure I understand all this, but...We're headed for Mira as well. Would the Great Mizuti kindly take us along?

Why not? You should follow the Great Mizuti, then.

The Great Mizuti has our gratitude!! I'll go tell Gibari to fire up the ship!


Well, this is awkward.


Decision time!

Who gets to go in a wild and crazy journey through the outer dimension bordering the Trail of Souls, and also possibly into another dungeon? Remember, it's three votes out of our current five characters.

Also voting on how we feel and Lyude's trustworthiness is closed. Probably should have done that earlier. My bad.